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Insatiable Banalities, podcast #9 (with Roslyn Dundas)

By johnboy 25 May 2005 0

Recorded on Tuesday 17th May, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #9 features Johnboy, Andy Kaye, Jim Boots, Gertrude and special guest, Roslyn Dundas, former Democrat member of the Legislative Assembly and the youngest woman to be elected to an Australian parliament.

This may be our first ‘worthy’ cast, in that we actually discuss some serious issues, but we do chuck in a bit of porno poetry and a discussion about women peeing outdoors.

Track list
Meatbee, Quiet Room. 7:53
Alexander the Poet, She Gave Me Wood. 31:52
Randall Blair (live), The Old Folks Home. 41.53
Jason Maynard (live), Take Me Away. 45:15
Qatsi, City Son. 53:19

We introduce Roslyn Dundas and after Captain Pants forgets that he decided last week to call himself Andy Kaye, we head straight into a serious discussion about politics, so… if you think politics is boring, this may not be the podcast for you.

Gertrude trumped some in the crew by actually doing a bit of research on Ms Dundas. She queries Roslyn’s perception of the current state of grass roots political involvement in Canberra. Roslyn believes people aren’t apathetic, but that activism is largely limited to people focusing, often quite passionately, on a single issue.

The conversation ranges from there, through the perils of Work for the Dole, problems in the tertiary education sector and the improbability of people our age (30 something) ever retiring, before we seek some musical relief, in the form of Meatbee’s ‘Quiet Room’.

Meatbee, Roslyn recalls, do a version of the Transformers’ theme song in their live show. She hums a little phrase. Johnboy ponders the political ramifications of Decepticons versus Autobots. Jim Boots has never seen the Transformers but is a Kimba fan. We hum the Kimba theme song and everyone starts crying. Gertrude likes the vegetarian episode. Johnboy reveals he once went vegetarian for sex, then discloses his Mad Cow Disease conspiracy theory. Gertrude used to extract pituitary glands, part of an interesting and varied career.

Jim Boots steers the conversation towards local music asking whether Roslyn has seen much lately. She’s seen a bit besides Meatbee, including a couple of Caught in the Act shows and heartily recommends Los Capitanes. This leads into a discussion of Canberra’s music scene generally, including the closure of the Gypsy Bar. Did the old Gypsy Bar really fill up with excrement after it closed?

Jim Boots introduces Alexander the Poet, a sort of porno-poet. Everyone applauds Jim’s passionate reading of ‘Taylor Wane’ then we listen to ‘She Gave Me Wood’ read by Alexander himself. Stunned Silence. Johnboy goes fishing for some Legislative Assembly gossip. Roslyn is too canny to give much away, She stoutly defends Simon Corbell, Canberra’s Planning Minister, from Johnboy’s charges of erratic behaviour.

Roslyn now works for Ausdance and we briefly discuss the new career and her own dancing activities. She refuses to do an impromptu dance performance for us so we put on ‘Old Folks Home’ by Randall Blair, recorded live at a recent podcast. Sick of all the chatter, we throw almost immediately to another live recording, ‘Take Me Away’ by Jason Maynard.

There’s a bit of blather about blogs. Roslyn admits to being a closet blog reader, and to not being able to do such a thing herself because she’s values her privacy too much. We play a song by a New York band called Qatsi, pulled off, and then say goodbye.

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