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Just give us the $500 grand and we’ll go away.

By johnboy - 10 December 2007 23

The Register have had the brilliant idea of figuring out their cost to the global economy and then asking for the money to go away.

Which got me wondering how much this website costs the ACT’s employers every year.

So here’s how it works.

In the last 12 months we had 722,502 visits.

We estimate that 80% of those were from Canberra, or 578,001.6

Of those our analysis suggests 60% were in work hours, leaving 346,801.

We also know that the average time on the site per visit is 4.5 minutes so that’s a total wasted work time of 1,560,604 minutes. That’s 27,510 hours.

Conservatively pricing your time at $25/hour we get a grand total of $687,751 this website is costing the ACT economy each year.

Being generous souls we’re happy to knock that down to $500,000 and be done with it.

So with one easy payment of $500,000 to fund our alcoholism, the ACT would save itself the best part of $100,000 in the first year alone with savings, savings, savings, to be had in the out years.

You know it makes sense.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Just give us the $500 grand and we’ll go away.
Jazz 3:47 pm 10 Dec 07

Most of the remainder of IP addresses come out of sydney, which can be a little misleading as at least a few canberra based users will have an ISP that uses a sydney address

caf 3:17 pm 10 Dec 07

It happens all the time at fernhill park – you see people from all the departments and big companies out there down at momos.

sepi 2:52 pm 10 Dec 07

It never happened when I worked at Russell, Campbell park, fernhill park or barton. (All places with not much access to cafes, but still) I was shocked when I started work in civic and people swanned off at morning tea time for 20 minutes.

S4anta 2:23 pm 10 Dec 07

it happens everywhere mate. I can confirm that

sepi 2:11 pm 10 Dec 07

Going out for coffee during work hours seems to be something only Civic based pubes do. I’ve never encountered it anywhere else.

johnboy 2:07 pm 10 Dec 07

Actually the 80% Canberrans is based on Google Analytics’ IP tracking.

The 60% at work is based on the time of peak activity on the site coinciding with 8am-6pm. I’m willing to bet that for every reader who doesn’t work 9-5 there’s a fair number of them also hitting the site from work.

And there is, of course, a difference between not commenting on the site and not spending time reading it.

Cameron 1:59 pm 10 Dec 07


Anyway – Mike Crowther does ask a good question re: the 80% figure. Is that a guess? It would be an interesting statistic to see the number of Canberrans that make up the total users of RA.

Thumper 1:58 pm 10 Dec 07

All very interesting, especially if you could compare posting on RA to time spend going out for 45 minute coffees twice a day, taking two hour lunches, standing around yarning about what happened on the weekend for 15 minutes every hour, which I may add, i don’t do.

I also spend my whole day in front of a computer…

James-T-Kirk 1:17 pm 10 Dec 07

This is very interesting
I was chatting to one of Australia’s police forces recently, who have a policy of “Official Use Only” for the internet – no email, no surfing, no internet banking. none. They employ staff to detect and discipline.
The interesting bit was that they can’t hold permanent IT staff – They simply leave – so they end up paying contractors 2 – 3 times the normal rates to get work done.

Simplistic maths like that only helps bean counters.

By the way, when the organisations head of HR left (after a stint of about 1 million years), as part of his speach, he said how happy he was that he could keep a lid on ever increasing staff numbers.


Mike Crowther 1:14 pm 10 Dec 07

80%? What are you basing that on? I work evenings and spend a good part of my day on and off the ‘puter (incl the-riotact)…doesn’t cost my employer a penny. Then there’s pensioners, the unemployed, the self employed, those on flexi. And anyway, if I was an employer I’d be happy knowing my staff had their finger on the pulse of whats going on in this city.

Skidbladnir 1:00 pm 10 Dec 07

RA actually improves the accuracy of my work, as I’m not confused/biased by related material.
I say we make that a tagline, and credit Maelinar.

Mælinar 12:52 pm 10 Dec 07

I worked next to Thumper a few years ago. He posts between tasks, using RA and other sites as I do to clear the mind towards focussing on the next task.

When dealing with a number of strongly related issues that have to be individually assessed for their own strengths and merits, it is beneficial to quickly switch topic so that there is a distinctive gap between the two.

Therefore, RA actually improves the accuracy of my work, as I’m not confused/biased by related material.

Cameron 12:09 pm 10 Dec 07

There’s a large portion of posting on this site during 9-5 though. Posting absolutely dies after about 5:30pm and isn’t exactly huge on weekends.

If the sum gets paid do we get a share? 😀

Meconium 12:08 pm 10 Dec 07

Me neither. Surely the regulars do though! I wonder how much, if anything, Thumper actually gets done between posts…

sepi 11:56 am 10 Dec 07

Not all of us are at work 9-5 weekdays.
I don’t post from work.

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