Juvenile escapees caught

Special G 27 February 2008 13

After the daring escape from Quamby on the 23 Feb by jumping the back fence and running away Police have caught all four.

AFP media have issued seveal media releases with tidbits of information about the arrests. Two were caught on the 25th in Red Hill. The third was found later that day under a bed in Narrabundah..

Although there is a link to the arrest of number 4 the link thingy doesn’t apear to be working and no information is available.

Good work for the local plod and send the little sh#ts to Belco remand centre instead.

Can’t have been well publicised as nothing has appeared on RA prior to this.

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13 Responses to Juvenile escapees caught
Thumper Thumper 8:59 pm 01 Mar 08

Indeed, When I was teaching I often heard joking about Quamby and how easy it was….

Send them to Maralinga with a tent, I reckon…

Special G Special G 8:00 pm 01 Mar 08

I heard today there were gaps in the fence and they simply climbed through them. nice work.

Another comment was Quamby is viewed as a holiday resort by the kids. On all accounts it is a better lifestyle than they have at home with all the things that go with modern living – tvs, pool tables, gym, all your mates and plenty of food. CAll it Club Med Quamby if you like.

Every now and then someone gets voted off the island and they spend the next couple of months trying to get back into the game.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:06 am 29 Feb 08

“Would you volunteer to test out how escape-proof the 11,000 Volt fence is, Mr Evil?”

No, I’m not a stupid dropkick that would need to test out how dangerous 10 000 volts are.

Thumper Thumper 8:46 am 29 Feb 08

No need, just throw inmates at it..

barney barney 7:37 pm 28 Feb 08

Would you volunteer to test out how escape-proof the 11,000 Volt fence is, Mr Evil?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:44 pm 28 Feb 08

It probably infringes their human rights if Quamby is made escape proof.

Thumper Thumper 1:29 pm 28 Feb 08

How bloody hard is it to make a fence that you can’t get over or under without a lot of effort?


Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:27 pm 28 Feb 08

Just up the electric fence voltage to 11 000 volts, and after watching a few of their little mates transform themselves into piles of carbon, then the little c#%ts will learn to stay inside the premises.

Cameron Cameron 4:25 pm 27 Feb 08

My sister had a boyfriend once who, to our surprise, turned out to be a Quamby escapee. He did much the same thing – jumped the fence and went for a wander. Was out for a few weeks too. The dipsh*t was rearrested in our driveway not long after we figured out who he was.

S4anta S4anta 4:04 pm 27 Feb 08

One suspects it proves why they were locked up in the first place… stupidity.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 2:52 pm 27 Feb 08

One must wonder at the security arrangements when four young reprobates can simply jump the fence and saunter off into Red Hill and Narrabundah.

It certainly shows some systemic issues if the Minister responsible says there is nothing really they can do to prevent further escapes or improve security. Shows a very lax government with no real concern for community safety.

Mind you, for the 4 wee kiddies, escaping then bedding down 5 or so kms from the centre was not that bright either, could have hitched up to Sydney or Melb and be gone for good. Maybe they wanted a decent coffee and were heading to Manuka.

sepi sepi 1:54 pm 27 Feb 08

It was on WIN news too.

Katy said unfortunately one escape usually leads to a few copy cat escapes soon after – so stay tuned.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:47 pm 27 Feb 08

It was fairly well publicised, but I seem to be the only person reading The-RiotACT who routinely reads ACT Policing media releases, but have had better things to do.

Katy Gallagher claims they can’t afford to upgrade Quamby to make it secure as it would divert funds from their work-in-progress Mitchell facility.
Big Zed claims this is not good, but won’t put up an effective opposition because he has no spine.

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