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Keeping Australia’s milk safe

colsim 11 November 2005 25

As seen yesterday in a Defence fridge at Russell (or so I’m told)

Keeping Australia's milk safe

Does anyone know more about this?

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25 Responses to Keeping Australia’s milk safe
Thumper 7:56 am 14 Nov 05

Be alarmed, not alert!

blossy 9:32 pm 13 Nov 05

That fridge looks too clean to be a fridge at Russell Offices.

nyssa76 7:10 am 12 Nov 05

Wouldn't there be some "problem" with the residual milk near the spout touching the padlock? It's not like it could rust but then again...I'd rather not drink metallic milk.

LurkerGal 3:56 pm 11 Nov 05

Yep, and padlocking up milk is the least of 'em.

Thumper 3:26 pm 11 Nov 05


some people there have serious issues....

Spot the wog 2:22 pm 11 Nov 05

yeah it's very strange there might be a problem if you forget it and it curdles, goes off and rusts

LurkerGal 2:17 pm 11 Nov 05

Thumper: Fraid so. Have seen milk padlocked in similar fashion in our Department's fridges. But they lock BOTH sides.

colsim 2:16 pm 11 Nov 05

I think it'd be quicker just to do it, Terubo - and I lurve Photoshop.

terubo 2:10 pm 11 Nov 05

Could be a masterly use of Photoshop?

colsim 1:49 pm 11 Nov 05

Yeah, I'm waiting for the flurry of escalating emails (a la law firm ham sandwich incident) to come through the email.

Maelinar 1:49 pm 11 Nov 05

Hmm, my work internet protocols have forbidden the photograph, but it sounds similar to something I saw a few years ago. I wonder if it's the same person...

I prefer putting laxatives in my milk and then when it is empty sending around a global email to the theif who stole my milk, but that's just personal opinion.

riotgirl 1:35 pm 11 Nov 05

it so looks like one of those "straw that broke the camel's back" moments waiting to happen !

Indi 1:32 pm 11 Nov 05

Maybe it's a case of 'in confidence' milk, with certain access rights...

Thumper 1:29 pm 11 Nov 05

And then in a dastardly fit of logic, glue it back together again!

riotgirl 1:25 pm 11 Nov 05

he he he ...I would just go and open it from the other side !! Did milk owner not think of this

Thumper 1:24 pm 11 Nov 05


it's not common to put a padlock on a milk carton!

Thumper 1:22 pm 11 Nov 05

Hmmmmm... Confidential milk?

I've got to admit, its one of the more unusual things I've seen in a fridge.

And if you've seen what lives in the back of my fridge you'd agree. I can't get it out with a stick because it keeps fighting back...

blingblingbears 12:40 pm 11 Nov 05

Don't ever need to do that with my milk as I get the low-fat lactose-free long-life milk, and EVERYONE steers clear of it!

JoeyJoeJoe 12:16 pm 11 Nov 05

Mr Evil,

Yes, cameras are banned in DoD establishments unless you have the appropriate endorsement on your pass.

As for defending Australia, a giant padlock is on order.

Mr Evil 12:10 pm 11 Nov 05

The things I'd like to know are:

A. Can't you be arrested for taking photos in Defence establishments?

B. If Defence can't protect their milk, then what chance do they have defending Australia?

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