Kingsford Smith Mega School ready to go

johnboy 3 February 2009 36

[First filed: January 30, 2009 @ 14:45]

Andrew Barr has proudly announced the on time and under-budget opening of the new preschool to year 10 Kingsford Smith School in West Belconnen.

    “Kingsford Smith School will be able to accommodate approximately 1,100 students with up to 110 teaching and ancillary staff. Enrolment will be in stages, beginning in 2009 with students from preschool to year 7, and expanding progressively each year until the school has students enrolled from preschool to year 10 in 2012.”

Apparently the $500,000 saved on construction’s been spend on smart boards and wireless internet.

Street View offers a look from the construction period:

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UPDATED: The Canberra Times brings word that Steve Dozspot does not think the school is ready at all:

    ”Mr Barr has waxed lyrical about the timely fashion with which the school has opened … why then does the back of the school still look like a construction site surrounded by barbed wire?” he said.

    ”It is quite clear that the front of the school is well and truly open for business but the back end of the school which faces Hardwick Crescent is surrounded by barbed wire, signs and activity that indicate construction is still in progress.”

    A spokesman for Mr Barr confirmed work was continuing, but on landscaping and sporting ovals.

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36 Responses to Kingsford Smith Mega School ready to go
Deadlydad Deadlydad 4:58 pm 05 Feb 09

i agree with scrappykat some people are actually doing this because they want to see the school get off the ground

just to add one thing SLOW DOWN OUT SIDE THIS SCHOOL ITS NOT A 60 ZONE drop your kids of and leave in a orderly matter rather than at over 60 km hour


Deadlydad Deadlydad 4:42 pm 05 Feb 09

my 3 cents worth well after volunteering with the 6 ladies that had offered their time bought their children and also lunches and worked for not one single cent or one single piece of clothing and spending over 80 hours of their time packing the preorders.

in which some parents couldn’t even be bothered picking up after the all the trouble the volunteers went throught packing them from December last year.

we had received enough abuse buy people and we were all ready to go home but we carried on with the volunteer work the abuse got worse and the complaints got ridiculous and to the point of where we had no choice but to be nice and explain that we were doing
our best thatwas not good enough for these people.
they still returned with attitude and reduced more than one of the volunteers to tears you as parents do you think this is responsiable behaviour we should be teaching our children


Deckard Deckard 7:42 pm 04 Feb 09

I hope Rottweiler isn’t the head of the English Department at this school.

rottweiler rottweiler 6:57 pm 04 Feb 09

thankyou Scrappycat you sound like one of the other six hard working volunteers or a member of staff

ScrappyKat ScrappyKat 6:28 pm 04 Feb 09

I agree with rottweiller. Over the past week there have been plenty of people complaining to the point of rudeness. Is it really necessary to abuse volunteers to the point of making them cry?

A school isn’t only about the buildings, its about the families whose chidren are attending there, the children and the staff. Staff who worked weekends in an to have things running smoothly.

If there is anyone to bash about the building, its the designers and the government. From what I’ve seen the classrooms have new everything. The children have shaded playgrounds, more than what was available at both Holt and Higgins. There are verandahs and shaded seating areas. If that isn’t enough for everyone, how about volunteering on the fundraising committee to help the school get more shade structures built.

The buildings I have been in have evaporative cooling and fans. Unfortunately, the only area that doesn’t have evaporative cooling is the preschool, they only have fans. The department needs to change that.

The school will get a kickback from selling the school uniforms, so how about buying your uniforms at the in school shop and help raise funds that way. The kids look so smart in them.

Every child I’ve talked to in the past few days has been very happy, and so have a lot of the parents. I know I’m happy that my child is happy.

The Brad The Brad 6:19 pm 03 Feb 09

can’t run both…………

Why did you save all the punctuation for the end of the paragraph?

rottweiler rottweiler 5:36 pm 03 Feb 09

if your a parent of KKS stop your bitching about the teething problems god all the teachers staff workers and volunteers are working too hard to get it up to scratch as quicky as possible it’s all new to them too and if your not happy with anything join the p&c first meeting will be on 17th feb i belive or go to school and ask if they need more volunteers it’s pathetic that with nearly 800 student enrolled this year only a small handfull like 6-8 parents have put their hands up each day for the past 3 weeks to volunteer their time to help out we don’t even have a canteen running yet as no one will offer to get it up and running and then run and staff it and parents in uniform shop are that stretched (and tried) can’t run both ……………

in closing parents get of your arses and get involed in your kids school instead of bitching and complaining about the first what 2 days and a bad tour you had when you get involed and nothing comes of it then bitch and complian other wise get over it and pull your head in

Granny Granny 2:12 pm 03 Feb 09

We were sent home sometimes from school in the 70s. It was cause for great excitement and celebration. We loved it! We used to hope it would get too hot.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:40 pm 03 Feb 09

tylersmayhem said :

I dunno man – I managed for over 12 years with no aircon during the 80’s. I’m sure the little darlings of today can get by just fine with fans!

Gee, the 80s must have been a long 12 year decade for you, dude! 🙂

AG Canberra AG Canberra 1:35 pm 03 Feb 09

Ah the joy of a pro-active Principal.

The primary school my two boys go to is airconditioned – in every classroom. This is because our Principal got the grants through searching around and then filling out a few applications. The money is out there for this type of thing – you just need to know who and how to ask for it.

PS we also are lucky enough to have smartborads in every classroom….

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 8:46 am 02 Feb 09

As for them being under budget… perhaps they could of spent the money on AIR CONDITIONING !!!!

I dunno man – I managed for over 12 years with no aircon during the 80’s. I’m sure the little darlings of today can get by just fine with fans!

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 9:41 pm 31 Jan 09

it would have to be a very extreme situation for kids to be sent home. the logistics involved would be insane. not to mention the fact that most parents dont even want to come and pick up their kids when they are sick, let alone if it was hot.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 8:26 am 31 Jan 09

HC @ #21: @ 40 degrees the Principal can make the call (this usually requires that most of the classrooms reach a similar temperature).

It is more usual that when a classroom becomes unbearable (such as those directly facing the sun), an alternative location is found for the class to be taught.

farnarkler farnarkler 6:03 am 31 Jan 09

My old school had over 1100 students back in the early 80’s. What’s wrong with a school of that size???

gooterz gooterz 1:52 am 31 Jan 09

If its only 1100 students why do they have to build superschools.. cant the existing schools fit that too?

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:49 pm 30 Jan 09

What is the temperature cut off for sending kids home from school? Might be a very interrupted first week back.

2604 2604 11:43 pm 30 Jan 09

So, to summarise the comments above:
– The school is ugly.
– It is too big (bring back small, unviable neighbourhood primary schools with 100 students! Sensible use of tax dollars there).
– Things were still being organised during the week before school starts.
– For some reason, no trees have grown to maturity in the 3-6 months since construction finished.

Honestly – instead of death-riding a brand new school that hasn’t even opened yet, why not show some support? The school sounds like it will have excellent facilities and if all of this energy was spent on the P&C and in fund raising, this would be a truly great school. Here’s hoping.

nyssa76 nyssa76 9:05 pm 30 Jan 09

Gungahln Al – they get litter duty, but not what you and I know as litter duty. The kids have the luxury of being able to wear gloves.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 8:40 pm 30 Jan 09

What punishment do bad kids get now in the era of smartboards? Can’t make them bang out the blackboard dusters anymore…

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 8:34 pm 30 Jan 09

As for them being under budget… perhaps they could of spent the money on AIR CONDITIONING !!!!

For the old schools perhaps, but the new ones are being designed to not need it, except in certain spots like the auditorium.

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