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Last minute laptop battery?

By BimboGeek - 14 July 2010 26

I’m due to go interstate tomorrow with my boyfriend and due to our work neither of us can really be away from a computer for more than a couple of hours. BUT – unfortunately my battery has choked and died.

If anyone has a battery for a HP Pavilion DV5 please let me know… otherwise does anyone know who stocks HP batteries in Canberra?

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Last minute laptop battery?
thatsnotme 7:38 pm 14 Jul 10

Devil_n_Disquiz said :

aahhhhhhh Apple, Why would you use anything else ?

Ahh, the irony. I’ve owned a number of Apple devices…and in each instance Apple in their infinite wisdom have decided that replacing batteries is not a task that a mere mortal such as myself should be able to carry out.

So, you can walk into an Apple store and buy a replacement battery – for a small number of things.

(I know, I know…that small number of things may well have included what BG was after and she wouldn’t have been in this mess…but I’m still outraged!)


Grrrr 7:25 pm 14 Jul 10

Devil_n_Disquiz said :

aahhhhhhh Apple, Why would you use anything else ?

.. because they don’t make netbooks, perhaps? Or because emulating Windows isn’t as good as the real thing? Or because they’re fast becoming the evil they’re trying to replace?

(Yes, I own multiple items of Apple hardware.)

BimboGeek 5:39 pm 14 Jul 10



Boyfriend, I know you’re reading this thread! We have a morning tea date. 😉

Thanks for all your ideas everyone! All the places you named can order anything but don’t carry any laptop batteries unless you’re lucky enough to want something that someone else has ordered and then cancelled after it already arrived.

astrojax 3:02 pm 14 Jul 10

if you’re going to granville, bg, pop in to el sweetie (south side of the railway stn, on the main street running north south, on your left) and have some coffee and platter of the finest lebanese sweets – baclava, etc – this side of the middle east! don’t pass up an opportunity, and then grab a kilo take away pack you choose piece by piece yourself. yum.

Devil_n_Disquiz 2:55 pm 14 Jul 10

aahhhhhhh Apple, Why would you use anything else ?

BimboGeek 2:50 pm 14 Jul 10

Yes Harris have them in stock! In Victoria. I’m literally angry with rage.

BimboGeek 2:46 pm 14 Jul 10

Battery World claim not to have any lappy batteries in stock in Canberra. In fact, even the HP repairer don’t have any in Canberra and the supplier’s nearest depot is in Sydney.

As it happens we’re passing very near to a supplier in Granville that has a beautiful 12 hour battery – I just hope we can be forgiven for any delays in our work!

In response to #8 … yes, I do need to be prepared. I might give Harris a try just to see if they can supply me with a redundant battery! I’ve tried everyone else.

la mente torbida 2:14 pm 14 Jul 10

Boy scout motto here…

ConanOfCooma 1:39 pm 14 Jul 10

Battery World advertise that they have batteries for everything “in stock”. If they can’t provide the goods, I suggest submitting a false advertising complaint.

With most laptops the power supply interfaces directly with the motherboard, charging the battery after this connection. So if you don’t mind plugging it into a wall to use, you should be fine.

Also, is it the battery that has died, 100% guaranteed?

dvaey 1:23 pm 14 Jul 10

Have you tried Battery World? They claim to have batteries for anything, and have them all in-stock.

Alternatively, you can probably get a laptop power-adaptor from battery world or some other retailer.

PURSUTE 1:20 pm 14 Jul 10
deye 12:46 pm 14 Jul 10

long shot, but try Hardly Normal at Fyshwick, Dick Smith and JB.

BimboGeek 12:41 pm 14 Jul 10

NOBODY wants to sell me a battery! I’m only buying Apple from now on!

The Canberra HP repairer is not the stockist and the stockist is in SYDNEY!

My boyfriend is laughing at me saying “I just walk into the Apple shop…”

BimboGeek 12:23 pm 14 Jul 10

Didn’t get any luck with Lapy King but they were super friendly and put me on to the official HP repair people!

One of my friends just phoned me up telling me how he usually buys 2 batteries at once. THANKS that’s great advice NOW…. (grrrr)

ps0104 12:15 pm 14 Jul 10

Give Lapy King in Civic a call. If they dont have one, I’m sure they would know where to find one.
1/4 Mort St, Canberra City ACT 2600? – (02) 6257 0177?

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