Light rail and Woden interchange procurement underway

Ian Bushnell 3 June 2021 56
Light rail london circuit

An artist’s impression of the corner of the raised London Circuit and Commonwealth Avenue. Photo: ACT Government.

The ACT Government is moving ahead with its flagship public transport projects, releasing the first tender for physical works for light rail Stage 2A to Commonwealth Park and awarding a multi-million dollar contract for works associated with the new Woden interchange and CIT project.

Enabling works for the raising of London Circuit involving the relocation of utility assets are now out for contract and will show the first visible signs of work in the coming months.

The government has also contracted multi-national transport company Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles to provide energy modelling and advice for Stage 2 to Woden.

Meanwhile a $15 million contract has been awarded to local civil engineering company Canberra Contractors for the construction of bus layovers and road works integral to the development of the new interchange on Callum Street.

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The government is planning an 18-stop interchange with a central light rail platform on Callum Street, and 35 bus layovers nearby in Easty Street and Launceston Street near Phillip Oval.

Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel said the utility relocation works must be completed before other light rail projects can start, such as raising London Circuit, which is due to get underway in 2022.

He said these early works include moving telecommunications and water utilities from their current location on London Circuit between Edinburgh Avenue and Constitution Avenue, to a new location along Vernon Circle.

This would ensure that essential services are not disrupted once main works start on raising London Circuit and other parts of delivering Stage 2 of light rail to Woden, he said.

“Building light rail to Woden is the single largest infrastructure build in our city’s history, and the start of construction on early works is now very close,” Mr Steel said.

He said subject to obtaining works approval for the early works and the procurement process, construction was expected to begin as early as August.

Some short-term temporary lane closures will be required, and any traffic changes will be advised ahead of works commencing.

Mr Steel said the government was planning how to manage traffic disruption in and around the city once the broader construction works get under way.

The most disruptive period would begin in 2022, and the government would be providing clear information to business and the community throughout the project to help minimise the impacts.

“Building light rail is going to be very disruptive during construction, but the project will deliver the long-term benefits of making Canberra a more connected, sustainable and vibrant city,” Mr Steel said.

To keep up with the light rail progress go the dedicated government website.

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13 Responses to Light rail and Woden interchange procurement underway
Alicia Conley Alicia Conley 4:29 pm 05 Jun 21

It would cost less to just put an extra bus down.

I forgot that your trying to cripple the public transportation, sorry!

I forget

David Jackson David Jackson 9:49 pm 04 Jun 21

Don’t forget to mention the 93 million dollar cost just to plan it😂😂😂😂😂

    Warwick Bradly Warwick Bradly 7:36 pm 07 Jun 21

    David Jackson Which is not much less than the annual cost of running Action Buses....for all Canberra.

Stephen Page-Murray Stephen Page-Murray 8:52 pm 04 Jun 21

Get it done!

John Canevski John Canevski 5:21 pm 04 Jun 21

Should’ve gone to Belconnen,Airport,QBN before even considering Woden

    Esther McLauchlan Esther McLauchlan 10:50 am 05 Jun 21

    Why? Why should the ACT government pay for infrastructure in NSW at all in the case of Queanbeyan?

    Don't you think there are people who live in Woden, Weston or Tuggeranong?

Steve Herczeg Steve Herczeg 11:39 am 04 Jun 21

Have the results of the benefits realisation analysis and review been released yet?

Wouldn't an examination of the return on investment and overall public benefits from the first stage be an appropriate part of the process prior to committing funds and resources to any extension of the system?

Jay Kay Jay Kay 11:27 am 04 Jun 21

Whatever your viewpoint on the first stage, its now done, so thus its important to augment that value thru additional stages.

Simon Copland Simon Copland 10:44 am 04 Jun 21

Thia is great news, I'm so excited to see the construction getting started!

Anne O'Brien Anne O'Brien 10:43 am 04 Jun 21

Great news. The next stage to the lake will make a big difference to the convenience of the light rail and will open up the parliamentary zone as it's only a short walk across the bridge. It will also activate the lake foreshore, such great parkland that is underutilized.

Vander Leal Vander Leal 10:07 am 04 Jun 21


A transport system that requires that amount of adjustment to the urban design and that adds so little...

an exclusive track for an articulated electric bus not bound to a track would happen for a fraction of the cost... would not stop the whole thing if one tram breaks down... would allow the infra to be used by new technologies that are on our doorstep...

this is so outdated and falsely innovative in so many ways it's hard to look forward... but it'll happen regardless... congratulation to all involved.

    Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell 10:27 am 04 Jun 21

    Vander Leal up goes ACT Rates to pay for it and whatever they screw the ACT Residents for. It's OK public servants and politicians will get a pay rise to help with the pain of raising rates.

    Anura Samara Anura Samara 11:20 am 04 Jun 21

    This is what a forward looking government does - build infrastructure that will continue to service the community for decades to come.

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