Light rail shutdown to force Gungahlin passengers on to buses

Ian Bushnell 7 January 2021 38
Gungahlin Light Rail

The Gungahlin Place light rail station. Passengers travelling into the Gungahlin area are encouraged to transfer to a rail replacement bus service at Dickson Interchange. Photo: Region Media.

Commuters will have to swap some light rail services for buses for two weeks from Sunday as construction of the new Mitchell light rail stop continues.

Transport Canberra says the light rail network will partially shut down from Sunday, 10 January to Saturday, 23 January between the EPIC & Racecourse and Gungahlin Place stops to allow the work on the Sandford Street stop, which resumed on Thursday, to continue.

Replacement bus services operated by Qcity will run between the Dickson Interchange and Gungahlin Place, and rail replacement bus stops will be adjacent the light rail stops.

Light rail services will continue to run between Alinga Street and EPIC & Racecourse stops during this time.

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Passengers are encouraged to transfer at Dickson Interchange where possible. Rail replacement buses will depart from Platform 3 at Gungahlin Place, from Platform 2 at Dickson Interchange, and operate at a higher frequency than light rail, running every three to 15 minutes.

Transport Canberra urges passengers to plan ahead and allow extra time to travel during this period, but they will not be required to tap on and off when entering and exiting the Qcity buses.

Light rail services will continue to operate at the normal frequency between EPIC & Racecourse and Alinga Street for the duration of these works, and passengers will still need to tap on and off.

Passengers travelling between Dickson Interchange, Swinden Street, Phillip Avenue and EPIC & Racecourse can continue to travel on light rail or use the rail replacement bus services if they are travelling north of EPIC.

Passengers travelling into the Gungahlin area are encouraged to transfer to a rail replacement bus service at Dickson Interchange.

The EPIC Park & Ride will stay open for the duration of the works and passengers can transfer from there on to light rail services travelling to the city.

Transport Canberra has also advised changes to traffic arrangements.

Motorists will not be able to turn right into Morisett Road from Flemington Road, and a lane will be closed in each direction on Flemington Road near the Sandford Street intersection.

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The speed limit on Flemington Road will be reduced to 40 km/h adjacent to the construction site, but access to bicycle paths and on-road cycling will be maintained during construction.

All pedestrian access will be maintained, but pedestrians will have to use the northern signalised pedestrian crossing at the Flemington Road and Sandford Street/Morisset Road intersection, instead of the southern one until mid-year 2021.

There will be additional wayfinding signage and Canberra Metro Customer Service Officers on the light rail network to assist passengers.

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38 Responses to Light rail shutdown to force Gungahlin passengers on to buses
Peter Kenworthy Peter Kenworthy 10:53 am 12 Jan 21

Should have been built from the beginning trust this government to get it wrong 😡

    John Tozer John Tozer 3:03 pm 12 Jan 21

    Peter Kenworthy - It was quite deliberate. An extra stop at Mitchell would have buggered the Business Case for the whole thing so better you do it when nobody is watching.

Jamie James Jamie James 4:20 am 12 Jan 21

This is so good,sick of getting a red light every time one is within a 2 km range of a traffic light 😂

Daniel McAlonan Daniel McAlonan 2:43 pm 11 Jan 21

Might just walk

Nenah Bariesheff Nenah Bariesheff 12:16 pm 11 Jan 21

Daniel McAlonan your beloved light rail

John Edwards John Edwards 11:13 pm 09 Jan 21

Unless tracks are being removed or relocated, why cancel all tram services ????

    Kytie Mclign Kytie Mclign 7:24 am 10 Jan 21

    John Edwards Because the trams can't get through.

    Amy CJ McFarlane Amy CJ McFarlane 3:53 pm 10 Jan 21

    John Edwards also, the people working on the lines deserve to be safe too.

    John Edwards John Edwards 4:37 pm 10 Jan 21

    Amy CJ McFarlane; agree totally and thought my comment clearly addressed that # 1 priority - all work stops when trams are passing !!!!! Where's the problem ???????

    Maria Greene Maria Greene 8:22 pm 10 Jan 21

    John Edwards it wouldn't inconvenience people enough that way

    Brent Hutch Brent Hutch 9:05 pm 10 Jan 21

    John Edwards most likely to do with space and live electricity

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 9:16 pm 10 Jan 21

    John Edwards what they are doing in the next 2 weeks is clearing the site and making a safe ISOLATED from the tracks worksite so that construction can go on without disrupting services.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 8:15 pm 09 Jan 21

Remember when Katy Gallagher was Chief Minister and she pledged that if the cost of stage 1 exceeded a certain amount then she would not support it?

Is it possible this is the reason the Mitchell station was left off the original plan?

Tom Adam Tom Adam 6:01 pm 09 Jan 21

Pretty funny that a stop that should have been put in the first time is costing more and causing more disruption.... than it would have just putting it in THE FIRST BLOODY PLACE!

Whomever decided NOT to put it in the first time should be dismissed for incompetence.

    Roderick Saunders Roderick Saunders 6:05 pm 09 Jan 21

    Tom Adam yes, a bit like building a road then causing disruption a few years later to turn it into a dual carriageway, which should have been done at the outset.

    Charlie Karlsen Charlie Karlsen 8:45 am 10 Jan 21

    Oh don’t be silly, no idiot would ever do that, it would be wasteful and stupid.....well apart from, Belconnen Way, Barton Highway, GDE, Gundaroo Drive, Horse Park Drive....and how many on the south side.

    Adam Rath Adam Rath 2:20 pm 10 Jan 21

    Tom Adam government incompetence is a running theme at the moment. Can we dismiss them all?

    Tom Adam Tom Adam 2:25 pm 10 Jan 21

    Adam. The public servants who advised the Minister - absolutely.

    Maria Greene Maria Greene 8:21 pm 10 Jan 21

    Tom Adam the cost and time to retrofit. It's a TRAM stop ffs

    Tom Adam Tom Adam 8:22 pm 10 Jan 21

    Maria, there are some electronics, and other stuff on the track that needs to happen for the stop to work properly with the lights.

    It’s a cluster f*^k not doing it before.

    Maria Greene Maria Greene 8:23 pm 10 Jan 21

    Tom Adam or of having ancient inflexible technology just to keep Barr in power?

    Tom Adam Tom Adam 8:28 pm 10 Jan 21

    Maria, hardly keeping him in office.

    As far as I’m concerned the last election was a win for the greens - the Labor and Liberal party’s vote slid.

    Sure it may have been a protest vote - but if it makes change happen great.

    I’m the President of the Phillip Business Community and we’ve been advocating for 2 things to occur

    1) stage 2 of the light rail to terminate at Mawson (Athlon and Beasley near the Park and Ride)

    2) a stop is put in at Anthon and Shea St, Phillip (so this debacle at Mitchel isn’t replicated here).

    The Green’s Emma Davidson MLA - Member for Murrumbidgee was the only one to listen to us in the last election - and that says a lot.

    Graeme Thomas Graeme Thomas 4:36 pm 11 Jan 21

    That would be the same brain dead person that had a single lane GDE built then 2 weeks after it was opened decided to disrupt everyone for a few more years by duplicating it.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 6:18 pm 12 Jan 21

    Tom Adam all the electrical etc was put in place during the original construction including all the traffic light integration. All that was missing was the platforms and the structures on top.

    For the next two weeks they are basically doing the footings and platform edges which will then allow them to fence the site off, have service resume whilst they work on finishing it off from behind the fence. After that they should only need some night time closures to finish the stop.

    They have already got to the point they were pouring concrete today.

Ian Vesperman Ian Vesperman 12:21 pm 09 Jan 21

Should have been completed in stage one

Louise Anne Louise Anne 11:17 am 09 Jan 21

Are the buses using the old bus stops? Where do they pick up along Flemington?

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 9:17 pm 10 Jan 21

    Louise Anne the bus stops that are next to the light rail stops.

Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 10:50 am 09 Jan 21

Yes buses! Buses driving only to car parks!

Martin Budden Martin Budden 10:40 am 09 Jan 21

You mean buses can get to/from Gungahlin and we could have been using them all along??? How about that, we didn't even need the tram.

    Justin Watson Justin Watson 10:45 am 09 Jan 21

    Martin Budden Yeah but no one is going to buy an apartment on a bus route.

    Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 10:48 am 09 Jan 21

    Why have busses when we could be walking a dirt track? Don't even need a road.

    Russell Nankervis Russell Nankervis 1:27 pm 09 Jan 21

    But there isn't a tram. It is light rail.

    James Daniels James Daniels 3:42 pm 09 Jan 21

    Justin Watson except the thousands of apartments built all over the city prior to LR?

    Kytie Mclign Kytie Mclign 7:22 am 10 Jan 21

    Martin Budden You obvs weren't using the buses back then ...

Capital Retro Capital Retro 9:58 am 09 Jan 21

Back to the future?

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