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Living in Braidwood

By jasmine - 14 December 2009 36


We are thinking of moving out to Braidwood for a lifestyle change, possibly with one person still working in Canberra for three days per week.  Not sure if he would get sick of the drive on each of those days – probably over an hour each way.

Has anyone lived in Braidwood or currently lives in Braidwood that can provide some information about the town, the people, the happenings, the schools, job opportunities and the climate.  Housing prices seem to vary considerably from very cheap to about the same as Canberra for an average 4 bedroom house.  We quite like the idea of buying an older character home or building a new ‘character’ home.

Any information about living in Braidwood would be greatly appreciated.

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36 Responses to
Living in Braidwood
NeedHelp 8:59 am 15 Dec 09

Hello Jasmine

I lived on a property out near Yass for 6 years, commuting to Canberra and back every day for work. It aged me 10 years. No kidding. Spending 2 hours a day travelling, 155 kilometres a day, $10 petrol a day, and nightmare drives home during storms, icy roads, lunatic drivers or rain??? Oh, and a pregnant red-bellied black snake in my house on a regular basis? No thanks! Never again!

Braidwood to Canberra road is not the best. This should be a factor when you make the final decision.

Rural lifestyle? You need to be organised. Ie, you can’t just pop into Woolies at 10pm to get some Panadol or milk. Groceries in small towns are not cheap – not even the local supermarket. Yes, Braidwood has history, but that’s about it. Oh, and loads of Summer traffic for those travelling to the beaches.

The novelty wears off after a while and now I’m happily relocated back in Canberra with my own little piece of paradise that includes plenty of fresh air, essential services, Government agencies, shops, social events, and trees! This is not Sydney after all, so pollution is not a factor.

I wish you all the best and hope you make the right decision. Sometimes, you just need to do these things so you can say you’ve tried it. Wishing you well. 🙂

Holden Caulfield 8:58 am 15 Dec 09

@trevar #12 – Retiring in Braidwood is an entirely different proposition to commuting to Canberra three days a week.

wishuwell 8:35 am 15 Dec 09

Ceej1973 don’t understand your comment. The Nerriga/Sassafras road starts before Braidwood proper if your heading east. We only use Braidwood to access the old Moruya Rd. Wouldn’t want to live there again ’cause the pies are crap.

trevar 7:53 am 15 Dec 09

The naysayers are probably the same people who live in Canberra and whinge about it…

I intend to retire to Braidwood. My logic is that, being en route to the beach from Canberra, the kids will be more likely to drop in with the grandkids that way than if we went any other direction from Canberra. We’ll also be able to get to Canberra for theatres and cinemas and the airport without much hassle. The other thing that attracts me is the climate. Cold in Winter like Canberra, but a little more bearable in Summer. The locals I know tell me about the Summer mistral, which is a breeze the sweeps up through canyons to the south and straight across Araluen and Braidwood at about 3pm every day, dropping the temperature by 10 degrees or more.

But the naysayers are right about one thing; the road is terrible, and particularly inconvenient if you need to commute. Which is why I don’t really want to be there until I retire…

deejay 7:49 am 15 Dec 09

Why not Goulburn? Same distance, same character homes, same small town feel, same entry cost, but much safer road, much more amenities and conveniences (better than Canberra actually), and big enough a population that if you have a falling out with someone, you don’t trip over them and their friends every five seconds. (Hasn’t happened here, but happened in Yass, which has a smaller population, and it was ugly).

The travel is fine. You get used to it. And it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the extra housing costs you’d pay to live in Canberra.

Chop71 1:34 am 15 Dec 09

worst road ever, esp holiday season with the Canberra/Bay migration.
I’d rather live in Goulburn (and that’s saying something)

old canberran 11:29 pm 14 Dec 09

Why Braidwood? Why not Bungendore or Yass. Just about the whole of Braidwood is heritage listed which could make renovating a house a problem and it’s also a long way from specialist medical facilities and these tend to be important as one gets older. If you are really serious about Braidwood why not rent there for 6 months and find out what it’s like first hand.

arescarti42 11:24 pm 14 Dec 09

Commuting to Canberra once or twice a fortnight from Braidwood might be alright, but I would not recommend doing it 3 times a week. Keep in mind it is a 180km round trip from Canberra to Braidwood, and depending on the time of day and where you’re commuting to, it could take as much as an hour and a half each way. I find my 35 minute commute each way onerous enough, I’d really hate to be commuting as much as 3 hours each day.

Also consider that driving 180km in your average car getting say 9L/100km, with petrol at $1.20 a litre, you’d be spending $20 in fuel alone on each trip too and from Canberra. God help you if you drive a 4×4 or the price of fuel goes up.

Also Braidwood is (as far as i know) genuinely a small town, and with that you lose many of the conveniences of living in a city, that is something you REALLY want to think about. I’d suggest you look at other small towns much closer to Canberra. Yass, Bungendore, and Murrembateman are all more viable options for commuting to Canberra, and still retain a small town feel. I’m sure there are others around I’m forgetting.

Good luck

Ceej1973 10:54 pm 14 Dec 09

It might take off after the road from Braidwood to Nowra is completly sealed. Then again, that may mean the main street gets even more traffic than it does now!

squashee 10:49 pm 14 Dec 09

The pub is for sale out there – got a spare million??

jasmine 10:05 pm 14 Dec 09

Thanks for the comments so far.

We kinda do like small towns but want our cake and eat it too by being close to Canberra. My hubby would only be going into Canberra during the day – generally not those times with frost on the road.

There may be a chance he can do most of his work from home.

LlamaFrog why did you say Don’t? Be honest, this is a downshift move for us (if we go ahead) and we are looking at all pros and cons.

Holden Caulfield 9:45 pm 14 Dec 09

I commuted from Yass back in the day and that wasn’t too bad. Although, with increased traffic from Yass/Murrmumbateman and Gungahlin I don;t think it would be the doddle it used to be. Especially as Gungahlin didn’t exist when I was doing the commute.

So, I reckon Braidwood is taking the “I want to breathe the country air” thing a bit too far. Still it’s only three days a week.

I suggest driving out there and back on Saturday and Sunday for a few weekends in a row to see how long you reckon the novelty will last.

grunge_hippy 9:16 pm 14 Dec 09

i know i wouldnt want to drive on that road on a cold frosty night if you break down or god forbid hit something like a roo.

quaint, but not if you want to commute to canberra.

Thumper 9:05 pm 14 Dec 09

ok if you like that small town sort of thing..

LlamaFrog 8:23 pm 14 Dec 09


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