Looking for a cheap Dentist..

Genie 11 June 2020 26

Can anyone recommend a good dentist that wont charge me an arm and a leg to take my teeth ?

(I did try the Ginninderra Medical and DENTAL Centre, only to be informed that they dont actually have a dentist.. )

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26 Responses to Looking for a cheap Dentist..
ozdownunder ozdownunder 11:35 pm 23 Oct 18

For cheap dentist Canberra, head to Northside Family Dental who are above Commonwealth Bank in Marketplace Gungahlin. Their website also has easy online booking https://www.northsidefamilydental.com.au

zllauh zllauh 8:50 pm 27 Sep 15

Hi Genie,

Pay peanuts and get monkeys – is a very true and old saying.

Get it done by a proper dentist. I would recommended try Jo at Just Dentistry, they are near the fountain in the city mall.

http://www.justdentistry.com.au is their web address.

Good luck.

Kdowry Kdowry 6:50 pm 05 Dec 14

I work at a dentist – don’t be silly with your teeth. You need them for life. Seen so many shoddy jobs done overseas that end up stuffed later because people didn’t want to invest the money initially. Yes it’s expensive, but they are doctors.. What the do you expect?

Fossil Fossil 6:07 pm 11 May 10

I had some good experiences with Modern Dentistry but then I had one very bad experience. I wouldn’t recommend them.

Baz Baz 5:24 pm 24 May 09

After much research and secret enquiry from former patients I discovered a high quality dentist operating out of the Philippines. I had major work done and saved at least 70% on Australian costs. Accomodation and some food costs were also included! If you want a referral let me know your proper name and I will at no cost to you provide you with any initial info you may need. My email address is macbazzy@gmail.com if you desire to take this further.

Danman Danman 6:37 am 28 Sep 07

Kinda old thread but what is everyones experiences with Wanniassa Dental surgery ?
I am traveling there from far orth today to get a tooth extracted.

They do come highly recommended by Mrs Danman but she could be biased for my benefit. My regular dentist wanted to pull it out and moujnt a prostetic (4500) or build it back up/root canals and crowns (2000) – I jusyt want it yanked out – nocturnal dental pain is no fun anymore.

I-filed I-filed 7:45 pm 24 May 07

If you don’t have money, ask a good dentist to let you pay them off. A surprising number will consider it…don’t skimp on dental work.

bonfire bonfire 9:41 am 22 May 07

i had a bad experience with a dentist located on uni ave in civic.

he dragged out a root canal for months, and didnt do a very good job. it ached for over a year until i had another dentist repair his work. he was expensive too.

this was late 90’s so he might have moved on.

Genie Genie 9:16 am 22 May 07

Hmm well for an unemployed bum on no welfare, or health insurance perhaps i should run back off to Thailand – i do have to admit they are excellent dentists.. And Mexico. hmm now if only i could afford a holiday too….

toriness toriness 9:11 am 22 May 07

I second the Modern Dentistry recommendation. Excellent practice there. And if you have private health insurance, the rebate is processed right there on the spot when you pay your bill.

Gentleman Farmer Gentleman Farmer 7:51 am 22 May 07

Modern Dentistry in Civic (upstairs from King O’Malley’s) is very good. Prices reasonable as these things go, and the dentist, Tony Bubear, is the most patient and gentle dentist I’ve ever been to. Tells corny jokes too.

boomacat boomacat 11:19 pm 21 May 07

I actually went to the Dentist at the ANU and she was pretty good.

Standard high Dentists prices but not outrageous in the circumstances.

Actually gave me the best teeth flossing lesson I’ve ever had…(I still hate blooody flossing).

Sammy Sammy 10:13 pm 21 May 07

There is a dentist in the Union building at the ANU who looks extremely dodgy, so I would imagine he/she is cheap.

The waiting room is two old chairs, the walls are painted 60’s green, and there is never anyone in there. It smells cheap and nasty to me.

Ruby Wednesday Ruby Wednesday 9:30 pm 21 May 07

I go to the Belconnen Dental Centre in the Churches Centre on Benjamin Way. There was an outstanding female dentist there, but she’s left to go back to uni in Sydney to do paediatric dentistry. The other dentists I saw there (forget his name) wasn’t bad. Price was fairly reasonable for someone with no private health cover.

emd emd 8:01 pm 21 May 07

If you’re a member of AHM health fund, there’s a free clinic at Wagga and another in Sydney (about a block from Central Station and Paddy’s Market). Why they don’t have one in Canberra, I just do not know.

Locally, I would agree that cheap and good don’t go together for dental work. I see Dr Quoy in Ainslie, and he does a great job for a reasonable price. Doing the job right first time means I don’t have to go back a year later to have fillings re-done.

Nemo Nemo 7:05 pm 21 May 07

The Dentist in the Churches centre in Belco is quite good.

shauno shauno 6:23 pm 21 May 07

Ive got a few mates that have had dental work done in Thailand and its fine. Also the odd Hernia operation done in Vietnam haha. I myself had an operation done in Pretoria South Africa after being medivaced from Angola but thats another story.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 6:17 pm 21 May 07

I am very handy with the needle-nosed pliers, and do not charge much.

The only downside is that I administer chloroform with a large cloth and a certain amount of force.

Sammy Sammy 5:32 pm 21 May 07

‘Cheap’ and ‘good’ do not typically go together.

OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 5:24 pm 21 May 07

Looking for a cheap dentist.
I know of one just up the road from the hooker with high moral standards.

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