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RZA 25 November 2009 16

[Ed – Thankfully RZA has now ben found thanks to CoffinRX2, well done]

Hi All,

Ive been reading this site for a long time now, but have never needed to post about anything until now.

This morning I have had the most unfortunate experience of entrusting my tiny Yorkshire Terrier to a mobile dog groomer, who turned his back on my little boy (who was unrestrained), enabling him to leap out of the mobile bath unit and run away.

This was at about 10:30am this morning. Upon receiving a call from my husband telling me that this had happened, I immediately left work to go looking for him.

We have spent hours today scouring the streets calling for him to no avail.

I have called the RSPCA, Domestic Animal Services, radio stations, the local vets and visted local schools and shops in the hope that if someone finds him that he can be returned safely to me.

His name is Rza (pronounced Rizza), he is 5 years old, very small, weighs about 3.8 kilos, his body is a steely grey colour and his face and paws are a golden tan.

He was last seen near the drains on the Gwyder Square side of Maribyrnong Ave. He is a very shy and skittish dog, so probably wont allow people to come very close to him, but we are very worried and would appreciate if anyone sees anything matching the description if they could contact me and let me know.

My email address is pingu1@hotmail.com



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16 Responses to Lost Dog – Kaleen Area
Mordd Mordd 7:47 pm 27 Nov 09

Thanks for the update RZA, I will be making sure I mention to friends of mine who own dogs to stay away from this company, that response is completely inadequate and innapropriate as you say. Unfortunately I doubt there is much Consumer Affairs will be able to do for you, best thing is to spread the word among as many dog owners as possible in Canberra not to use this company, word of mouth is most likely where a lot of their business comes from so the best way to make sure they improve their game if they want to business is to spread the word.

RZA RZA 1:36 pm 27 Nov 09

The person that let Rza go was actually the owner of the business, so I would hope that if he is running this sort of business he is trained well enough to control the animals in his care. He did not help us to look for the dog, simply going back to doing the other dogs that were waiting in line to be groomed, and then leaving the residence. (Myself and a couple of friends were in the habit of bringing our dogs together for the day so they could all be groomed at once.)

The groomer called my husband to apologise during the course of the day, and proceeded to claim that he could see no reason whatsoever for us to be upset with him, as he didnt believe it was in any way his fault.
My husband suggested that he should have measures in place to ensure that dogs in his care are not able to escape, and the groomer has asked “like what?” My husband suggested perhaps restraining the dogs if you are going to turn your back on them when the doors to the unit are open is one measure that could be taken.
The groomer has then responded with “Well I have learnt a lesson today.” Which I think is an inappropriate response, as we had not found our dog at that stage, and great – he learnt a lesson at the possible expense of our dog. Not good enough.

I have since submitted a complaint to the Consumer Affairs/Fair Trading in the hope that something will happen to ensure that no one else is ever put through what my family was put through, as next time, the next dog owner might not be so lucky as to find their dog.

hetzjagd1 hetzjagd1 12:16 am 27 Nov 09

RZA said :

And to hetzjagd1, yes, he is named after the Wu Tang Clan member.

kick ass!

Mordd Mordd 7:51 pm 26 Nov 09

Glad you found him, im a cat not a dog owner but when i moved back to canberra 4 years ago my little one went missing for 5 days after running away, you are lucky to have found him so quickly, good on RA posters.

You may want to give the company an opportunity to respond on here, simply by letting them know about this article, or you may not. FYI I found this on the company via google:

“Top Dog (Mobile Hydrobath) is a family owned and run mobile dog washing business servicing Canberra and it’s surrounding suburbs.”

Sounds like maybe one of their staff just isn’t trained well enough, what was their response to this occuring out of curiousity, were they as concerned as you were or did they try to bruch off the incident and duck responsibility?

RZA RZA 12:18 pm 26 Nov 09

Hi Again!

RZA and I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to the Riot ACT team for their efforts yesterday.

Not only has your site provided me with hours upon hours of entertainment over the years, but you have now helped to get my precious little boy home safe and sound. So thank you very much, you have made my entire household very happy.

RZA is now happily getting some much needed rest in our air conditioned bedroom after his big adventure yesterday, and apart from sore paws and a bit of dehydration, he is perfectly ok.

So a big thanks to the Riot ACT team and CoffinRX2 and everyone else from the bottom of our hearts. 🙂

And to hetzjagd1, yes, he is named after the Wu Tang Clan member.

deezagood deezagood 9:49 am 26 Nov 09

This is an amazing story – yay to a happy ending.

Could I also remind all readers to ensure that your dog has an up to date microchip and just as importantly, an ID tag on their collar that has your mobile phone number on it (clear and legible). Obviously this wouldn’t have helped in this situation, but we are always finding dogs in our area that have no means of being identified. Makes it very hard to get them back where they belong. If you find a dog, take it to any vet for a micro-chip scan, and then post the dog’s description immediately on the TAMs ‘Found Dogs’ webpage. This is the first place most people should go to when they have lost or found an unidentifiable dog. If you find a dog after-hours, some vets will actually keep a dog overnight until the pound can collect them the next day, or you can take the dog home with you while you try to find the owner. You can usually (but not always) tell by their overall condition if a dog has been ‘well loved’ and their owners are the type of people to try to get them back. Or you can just take them staright to the pound yourself – if during opening hours.

hetzjagd1 hetzjagd1 11:01 pm 25 Nov 09

Is this dog named after the member of Wu-Tang?

CoffinRX2 CoffinRX2 10:38 pm 25 Nov 09

Glad you found him safe and sound 🙂

Spectra Spectra 8:40 pm 25 Nov 09

Aw, I love a happy ending.
Nice work Coffin, nice work RiotACT. Just occasionally it’s nice to have things like this to remind us that the world isn’t all dog poisoners, cyclist/motorist/motorcyclist haters and all-round-whingers 😉

Chop71 Chop71 7:49 pm 25 Nov 09

Woot Riot ACT for the rescue.
This is a fantastic result for your family and a website such as this.

Goes to show something positive can come out of online networking.

Well Done Coffin and RZA

RZA RZA 7:21 pm 25 Nov 09

Thank You SO much CoffinRX2, after seeing your post my husband went back out looking and found him.. He is now at home safe and sound.

Words cant express how much gratitude I have for your taking the time to post what you saw.

And thanks to everyone else for your kind words, im off give my dog another cuddle!!

CoffinRX2 CoffinRX2 6:36 pm 25 Nov 09

I’m not sure what a yorkshire terrier looks like, but there was a small dog walking along maribynong near the servo about an hour ago

RZA RZA 6:21 pm 25 Nov 09

luther_bendross: The mobile dog washers were called “Top Dog Mobile Hydrobath”.

anonymous gungahlian: Yep, there are many words that he responds to: “Chewy”, “Are you hungry?”, “Do you want dinner?”, “yum yums”, “chicken”, “Where’s ma?” to name a few..

We think he was sighted about an hour and a half ago near Shannon Cct, some kids and a man both said they had seen a dog matching his description around there, but we have again scoured the streets calling and nothing :o(

anonymous gungahlian anonymous gungahlian 5:31 pm 25 Nov 09

I hope you find him. Since you claimed that he is a bit shy, are there any certain words that he will respond to? For example my dog has no road safety whatsoever but if you yell out “Yum Yums” she will instantly run towards you.

luther_bendross luther_bendross 5:05 pm 25 Nov 09

I’m sorry to hear that, that’s pretty average really. What’s the name of the mobile dog washers? I hope you find him, it would be terrible for RZA to end up on the slopes of Shaolin with ODB.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:20 pm 25 Nov 09

RZA? I found him – he just put a post on RA…

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