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Men on top of the Belconnen Remand Centre

By Echidna - 30 January 2009 114

[First filed: January 30, 2009 @ 08:37]

I don’t know if any others saw this, but as per the news there are a couple of “prisioners” on top of the BRC. As I was driving past to get to work I saw them: dressed in nothing but Khaki shorts.

I wonder whether they had the foresight at 4am to take water up there. Otherwise, with today’s predicted temps they’ll come down pretty darn soon!

UPDATE: The ABC have some detail online.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Canberra Times is being uncharacteristically nimble and brings word that the men are protesting the conditions, particularly the lack of air conditioning. One can only hope John Hargreaves gets down there himself to tell them how wrong they are.

FURTHER UPDATE: The CT now has word that they’ve come down. The Daily Telegraph is also across it.

Street View gives a pretty good look at the facility:

View Larger Map

ONE MORE UPDATE FOR THE ROAD: Jeremy Hanson for the Liberals is having a swing at the issue and does a good job compile recent debacles:

    “Just recently we had six corrections officers injured in a violent incident involving about nine prisoners, we had a tunnel that was only discovered by chance late last year and now we have prisoners breaking out and causing a disturbance on the roof for several hours. Meanwhile, the new prison that the government opened with great fanfare on 11 September 2008 during the election campaign remains empty,” Jeremy Hanson said.

    “I note that the two previous incidents were only made public after embarrassing tip-offs to the media and this latest incident has been so public in comparison that the Government has been forced to be open and frank about it. It raises serious questions as to what else has occurred at the BRC that this Government has not been prepared to divulge.

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114 Responses to
Men on top of the Belconnen Remand Centre
johnboy 11:07 am 30 Jan 09

I reckon the roof might be nicer than inside, at least they’d get a breeze.

Also with police giving them hats and water they’re in a great position to keep it going.

roccon 10:52 am 30 Jan 09

I thought they had just found room for more prisoners on the roof, as the new gaol is still not ready to accept prisoners………

Maybe the deck chairs, eskies and umbrellas have been delayed

Granny 10:21 am 30 Jan 09

I can’t believe they’d choose the roof over air-con! I’d practically mug someone for their air-con myself!

We could always get up on the roof once they come down ….

Pommy bastard 10:15 am 30 Jan 09

I’ll join them, I’d like the taxpayer to pay for my house to have air-con.

farnarkler 10:07 am 30 Jan 09

Not if they’re permanently unconscious Granny.

Granny 10:04 am 30 Jan 09

They’ll sue for sure!

Skidbladnir 10:00 am 30 Jan 09

Does “self-inflicted dehyrdation, heatstroke and sunburn” violate human rights?

farnarkler 9:49 am 30 Jan 09

Get a few cricket players to practice throwing at the stumps, using their heads as the stumps.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:48 am 30 Jan 09

Perhaps we could send out an open request to schoolkids with slingshots. Can you imagine 50 schoolkids with slingshots firing rocks at these guys?


Mr Evil 9:42 am 30 Jan 09

Shoot them down.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:39 am 30 Jan 09

I say wait it out. When they’re burnt to buggery and half dead from dehydration, they’ll be a bit more compliant.

MrMagoo 9:29 am 30 Jan 09

Rae street is blocked and their are police everywhere including special response team by the looks. Well that was about 8.10 this morning. It’ll be warm up on that roof soon enough.

Spectra 9:17 am 30 Jan 09

ABC News are carrying it now.

prhhcd 8:53 am 30 Jan 09

just on local radio

freddie281 8:52 am 30 Jan 09

Where in the ‘news’ did you see this?

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