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Mount Majura By Night

Danman 3 March 2008 22

Went up Mt Majura on Friday night to do what I do best – Take low light photos.

I was heading up just on Dusk.

Sorry if I scared that jogger who ran down past me then back up and back down again.
Just becuase I was wearing a hoodie does not mean I am some roustabout, maybe I was cold.

Took me 40 minutes to the summit then 2.5 hours to stroll back down, whilst looking for photo opportunities on the way down.

Some significant events that night included inadvertantly scaring single white female jogger w/ dog twice, freaking out CASA employee on Mt Majura summit, and a possum scaring the crap out of me on one of the many 2.5 minute torches off waits for the photo to be exposed on the way down.

For the propeller heads I had a D70, set on 800 ISO (going back to do 200 ISO shots), 18mm focussed near infinity and most shots ran around the 156 second mark.

Anyway, some of the shots are below.

More can be found in my gallery by accessing it via my username below.

As usual critique is encouraged – on both sides of the fence


Urban Glow

Urban Glow


Also to finish off the set, I often go on walks at night in the bush to help find myself in this crazy world.
Little did I know I what I was in for.


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22 Responses to Mount Majura By Night
Danman Danman 8:20 pm 28 Apr 08

Cheers mate, I dabble a bit with coloured gels over a brught torch (2.5 million candlepower) but play with LED’s a lot too…

Scott Scott 10:04 pm 27 Apr 08

I really like the first two shots there mate – it’s funny – was doing a similar thing the night before last – but drawing things in the air with a maglite with the focus head removed. Great results!

Danman Danman 12:35 pm 04 Mar 08

First properly exposed photo for the night ran at 156 seconds at ISO 800 so i set that as a benchmark for the night. Being up there, with no light variance, I was able to do that.

If I reduce the ISO Ill increase the exposure time.

I plan to do this soon, as lower ISO = smoother image, but = longer exposure time but a + is longer star trails.

toriness toriness 12:28 pm 04 Mar 08

very cool

jemmy jemmy 11:58 am 04 Mar 08

Is 156 secs a magic number, maybe for the star trails? Or is it just what you happened to set?

I’m yet to figure out exposure length for no star trails, but I haven’t experimented much at all.

Danman Danman 10:51 am 04 Mar 08

Naah no comet pics – Those comet pics were very cliche’d – I did however take some crap pics of the lunar eclipse late last year.

I try to take great pictures of everyday things…I sometimes take crap pictures of extraordinary things.

Swaggie Swaggie 10:29 am 04 Mar 08

I love the first 2 shots and the trig one is very clever, I may have missed them but I’m guessing you have some good ones of the comet last yaer – are they up on the web anywhere?

Danman Danman 8:39 am 04 Mar 08

RuffnReady – Ngunnawal resident here.

I just know where to go to get the good stuff 🙂

Sikkukkut Sikkukkut 11:26 pm 03 Mar 08

Nice work. I love the first two – the pale sky and silhouettes are really atmospheric. Very unusual effect.

pptvb pptvb 10:16 pm 03 Mar 08


RuffnReady RuffnReady 9:58 pm 03 Mar 08

Nice work Danman! You a Hackett resident also? I love the bush up there and walked up Majura the other day. 🙂

ant ant 9:41 pm 03 Mar 08

Ha, now I can see the first 2 shots. I like those fuzzy trees and long stars. Those 2 blokes hanging around the sign are definitely the criminal type though, no doubt about it.

junkett junkett 9:30 pm 03 Mar 08

You’re language is totally foreign, but I love the photos. Can you do a day-time follow up for the Riot of the A.C.T in Autumn?

NathanaelB NathanaelB 6:57 pm 03 Mar 08

Great work Dan!!

Danman Danman 6:35 pm 03 Mar 08

Skidbladnir – LED Throwies are what they are called.

Mike, I had tripod in hand and a lowpro backpack with camera, 3x lenses, coloured gels, water and 3million CP torch. Easy walkin from Hackett Side

Mike Crowther Mike Crowther 6:17 pm 03 Mar 08

40 min to the summit carrying gear? I am impressed.
(Lovely pics too). You didn’t get any of that cloud storm the other night? I was on Majura for that…impressive.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 5:21 pm 03 Mar 08

Offtopic, but speaking of LEDs, anyone know who is making the little magnetic battery powered LEDs I’ve seen stuck in really strange places around Civic?

Or how to make them?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:40 pm 03 Mar 08

Clever bugger! 🙂

That looks great the way you’ve lit up the trig station.

Danman Danman 4:24 pm 03 Mar 08

TRIG point was traced with colour shifting LED held in my hand – given that the shutter was open for 2 or so minutes, gives the resultant effect. The reason you do not see me doing it is because in the scheme of a 2 minute exposure, the effects of me passing through or moving within the frame would go un-noticed.

If I stood still for 30 or so seconds, that would be different..

Thumper Thumper 4:09 pm 03 Mar 08

Love that first shot!


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