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Noise from the Mawson Club

By sporran - 7 October 2007 58

I live in a flat near the Mawson Club. Tonight, as has been the case for months, the music coming from the club was stupidly loud, and got progressively louder as the night went on. Some nights it’s a faint rumble in the background which is fine, but other nights it’s so loud the bass can almost be felt as well as heard and absolutely nothing blocks it out.

This has been going on every weekend for months. Complaints to the club are pretty much dismissed with the equivalent of “you must be imagining it”. In fact, since complaining directly to the club, it has gotten worse. Originally, it was only really loud when they had a band on, and the volume would drop considerably around 11:30-11:45pm. Now, it’s almost every Friday and Saturday night, whether there’s a band or just recorded music. It kicks off between 9-10pm and generally continues (with the odd “break”) until 12:30am….sometimes longer.

Ring on the night and you just get laughed at. Likewise, complaints to the police are pointless as they apparently don’t have the power to do anything except visit them and tell them to turn it down (which would explain the “breaks”). Complaints to the EPA result in a warning letter and a visit, but after that you have to call an EPA officer out to take a reading and for some reason they want to come to my flat rather than do it at the lease boundary. Two attempts to call them out resulted in them arriving during a “break”, so there was nothing to measure.

I find it really hard to believe that the volume they are putting out after 10pm doesn’t exceed 45dB, which from my understanding of the noise standards is the level which applies to their zone after 10pm. However they are adamant it has been checked and okayed by the EPA. Mind you, they are also adamant that things have always been this way, which is a crock (they haven’t always had a bloody subwoofer installed).

It seems as if, when a venue (or rather its staff) are determined to do whatever they damn well like, there’s not much anyone can do about it. I’m pretty pissed off but I feel like I’ve run out of options.

What’s Your opinion?

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58 Responses to
Noise from the Mawson Club
Hasdrubahl 8:14 pm 07 Oct 07

Where I come from, 1 molotov cocktail through window = 2 weeks restful peace while interior refurbishment is carried out.

-Worth it.

w3st0nFTW 7:39 pm 07 Oct 07

l2 wear earplugs. imo kleenex moment ?

Meconium 6:38 pm 07 Oct 07

Hey Jonathon Reynolds, ever heard of “tl;dr”?

All your posts fall under this category. If you don’t know what I’m talking about look it up.

As for the OP – get some earplugs or move out, either way, stop whinging, nobody cares.

JD114 4:57 pm 07 Oct 07

I had the same problem a while back and I saved myself muchos aggro by buying a bagful of those earplugs that you squeeze and they fill up the ear canal. Aaaaah bliss, couldn’t hear anything from outside te unit, and yet they allowed me to hear important indoor noises such as the alarm clock and if needed the smoke detector. I realise that ear plugs won’t solve the cause of the problem but they will stop the effect, and it might be an easier road than trying to deal with a local club.

cranky 2:44 pm 07 Oct 07

Rename it the Mawson Dragway and Hopeless will close it the next day.

green_frogs_go_pop 1:39 pm 07 Oct 07

well, i can see where sporran’s coming from, i work in mawson myself, and at 10pm or so last night, i stepped outside to go home, anyway, i could hear the mawson club from like woolies/the garden shop/tab/shops around that area. and it was heap loud!

el ......VNBerlinaV8 1:09 pm 07 Oct 07

I hope the whingers enjoy the months and months of construction noise then 🙂

Jonathon Reynolds 1:03 pm 07 Oct 07

@el ……VNBerlinaV8

As I was saying about pedantism… how do you know something is more than a particular sound level without being able to substantiate it. Stating that something is louder than 45dB is going to be about as accurate at me chucking a call and getting you to accurately estimate its speed.

@Growling Ferret

Unfortunately I have to agree with your sentiment to a certain degree.

There was a similar problem around Gold Creek Homestead here in Ngunnawal (Gungahlin) a number of years ago. It was here first (established in the 1860s) and residential housing came later (1990’s). It was being used for weddings and other functions (predominately on weekends) until the residents in the newly built homes around the property complained about the “excessive” noise levels. Net result: the functions ceased, compensation for paid to the homestead leaseholders, the property allowed to decay and run down to a state of almost total disrepair, now there are new proposals to rezone the site for redevelopment (DV 278) I would almost put money on, that the same people who complained about the “noise” will be the first people to complain that they now have a development over their back fence.

Actually DV 287 looks like a good outcome providing the following is actually realised:

The indicative concept plan in the Planning Study for the site provides for a fully integrated aged care and community facility. The fundamental landscape and heritage qualities of the site are retained and enhanced and residential aged care and supportive housing units are provided on the western part of the site. The indicative concept plan provides for the Homestead and parts of its curtilage are restored to create a community meeting place that is suitable for art exhibitions, open days and the like. Opportunities exist to construct additional buildings in a vernacular style to accommodate community arts and craft spaces that would be managed as an adjunct to the aged care facility while also allowing for broader community involvement.

It is intended that the indicative concept plan will form the basis of lease and development conditions, which will inform the release of the site for development following the variation to the Territory Plan. Any separate aged care dwellings will be part of a managed complex and will not be individually leased.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 12:47 pm 07 Oct 07

Oh, and JR – investing in a dB meter and ‘proving’ the allegation won’t help in the slightest, as it’d be ridiculously easy to force the desired result.

Queenie 12:46 pm 07 Oct 07

Must be people like you who tried to shut down Toast.

All I can do is echo the sentiments of these guys. Move, and be prepared to pay a larger amount of rent for the privilege of a quiet night.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 12:44 pm 07 Oct 07

However they are adamant it has been checked and okayed by the EPA

Looks like you *have* run out of options. Well, there is one final option:

Stop whinging.

schmerica_ 11:19 am 07 Oct 07

If its too loud – your too old.

barney 11:04 am 07 Oct 07

You can always move.

Growling Ferret 10:12 am 07 Oct 07

You live next to a live music venue.

It was there first – the Ambassador Hotel was on the site for 30 years before it became the Raiders and now the Mawson Club.

Get over it whinger

Jonathon Reynolds 9:29 am 07 Oct 07

Have you checked the Environment Protection Regulation 2005?

My reading is as follows:

37 – Compliance point—exception for leased land with boundary with different noise zone

If the noise is emitted from leased land with a boundary that is also a noise zone boundary, and the adjoining noise zone has a different noise standard, the compliance point is any point as near as practicable to the boundary with the noise zone with the lowest noise standard for the time when the noise is emitted.

Note Noise standard is defined in s 24 and detailed in sch 2.
Noise zone is defined in s 23 and detailed in sch 2.

Schedule 2 – Noise zones, noise standards and conditions

If you want to be pedantic invest in the following:

1 2 3 4

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