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Parking Pain in the inner North…

By pure_blonde 3 October 2008 37

I think it is time the Government put aside their revenue raising parking strategies and considered a parking permit system for residents in the inner northern suburbs.   

I don’t know exactly which suburbs this affects but living in Braddon and having a car is a bit of a problem.  

From 9am-11am weekdays it’s illegal to park in any of the local streets and of course that means most of the residents who are not lucky enough to have an underground car park have no alternative but to move the car a long way from home or risk a $72 dollar fine each day Mon-Fri.  

The only theory I can come up with is the Government make it illegal to park in the hours when people would be going to work so they are essentially forced to park in civic and pay as much as $8 a day for the pleasure. 

In Sydney and probably many other metro cities, those who can prove they live in a street with such parking rules can apply for a parking permit.  

All I am saying is why do those who live in these suburbs have to be punished and basically be held hostage OUT of home until 11am when its again ok to have your car at home? 

I did do my research just to make sure there wasn’t a plan in place to deal with this already… This is the best I could find on the TAMS website.

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Parking Pain in the inner North…
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Granny 11:16 am 06 Oct 08

This I would like to know also! How can I find out I wonder?

I-filed 9:03 am 06 Oct 08

2604, the open-air carparking space next to the Canberra Centre was four-hour parking, then the Canberra Centre management turned it into all-day parking exactly because people were preferring to park there rather than use the underground parking – and because the four-hour parking was cheaper, standard ACT car parking rates. It was annoying because they would put barriers up on the entrance, and there are sometimes empty spaces not being used. I’ve been wondering how the arrangement came about – an arrangement with the ACT Government, or do they actually own the carpark? If they don’t own it, ACT Government should be answering questions.

sepi 11:10 pm 05 Oct 08

It also has to do with the govt selling off the really big carparks on the other side of civic. They say parking over ANU side is even worse than around the Canberra Centre side.

2604 10:46 pm 05 Oct 08

Is it just me, or since the expansion of the Canberra Centre has it become increasingly difficult to park anywhere in or around Civic other than in the Canberra Centre car parks?
Along Bunda street and near the Casino there seem to be either loading zones (which revert to taxi ranks after hours – for all the hundreds of taxis buzzing around at those times) or hard-core 5 min zones.
The NSW Gov’t copped a lot of flak for restricting streets to funnel traffic into the cross-city tunnel and I suspect that something similar may have occurred as part of the development application by QIC.

astrojax 8:45 am 05 Oct 08

and one of them is parked facing the wrong way.

sepi 9:59 pm 04 Oct 08

It seems to be Canberra thing that if there are only two cars parked on a road, they will be directly opposite each other, so as to only allow one car through.

deye 9:42 pm 04 Oct 08

It would be better if apartment blocks were built with a suitable number of car parks to begin with. In my building all but one unit has two bedrooms (the other 3). Half the units have 2 car parks spaces, the other half 1 car park space. Which is fairly short sighted of the builder.

Then there are those tiny width streets that allow parking on one side with no parking on the other so you can actually get out of your driveway, yet people park on the non parking side of the road – even if there are spaces on the allowed side.

Granny 5:39 pm 04 Oct 08

GottaLoveCanberra said :

Hey, if you start a revolution I’ll be right behind you!

Don’t tempt me, GottaLoveCanberra! I’m capable of getting you into all sorts of trouble!!

; )

rosebud 5:10 pm 04 Oct 08

I love the smell of elections in the morning. If you live in the area and intend on voting, raise it as an issue at the next meet and greet!

Bundybear 4:51 pm 04 Oct 08

How about a little venom directed at ACTPLA (correct agency?) for not ensuring there are sufficient parking spaces built into developments to actually cater to the number of people likely to live in a given building in the first place. Wouldn’t completely resolve the issue, but would certainly help. Agree with Rosie_Bubz, the time to deal with it is when a building is planned.

HateMachine 4:22 pm 04 Oct 08

Jeez, someone call the wahhmbulance already.

Go live in Glebe for a while and see how convenient it is with the streets packed full of parked cars.

I have reported you all to Al Gore as Climate Enemies for owning cars while living so close to the centre of town.

sepi 2:06 pm 04 Oct 08

They recently introduced 9-11 no parking signs in a lot of Campbell too.

So I guess all those long term residents of Campbell should have upped sticks and moved on, so as to live somewhere where they could park outside their own homes!

Ridiculous. I can’t believe the govt doesn’t have a permit system.

GottaLoveCanberra 12:06 pm 04 Oct 08

“1. We should never try to change stupid, lazy laws or hold those that keep them in place accountable.
2. We should always compromise and jump through silly hoops.
3. The people should serve the law, the law should not serve the people.
4. As long as it only affects somebody else, it’s ok.”

Hey, if you start a revolution I’ll be right behind you!

enrique 11:10 am 04 Oct 08

There is a common issue in most apartments. One bedroom places usually have one carpark assigned to them – no good if there is a couple living there with two cars. Three bedroom places usually have two carparks assigned, again, useless for the third person with a car…

The main problem in our circumstance was that there was always more people in the house with cars then there were car parking spaces available to the house. So unfortunately, there was no choice in the matter.

Moving on and ‘choosing’ somewhere else is pure fairytale stuff. When I was renting I considered it a privilege to even have somewhere to live – it certainly was never as easy as just finding somewhere that looked good and that met my needs and signing a contract. It was always a case of competing against large numbers of other people for an available room, or house.

Then when you finally buy a place, when there are a bunch people with cars (e.g. two adults, teenagers, relatives) – picking up and moving is certainly not an option.

As we start to see more and more urban infill this problem is going to get worse. Yes, in an ideal world we would all be riding bikes and catching public transport – but I dare say that world is a long way off. Until then, the government should do something to cater for the very people that it serves.

Piratemonkey said [i]Driving through the streets you say you “need” to park on is a nightmare. These busy streets become one lane streets when you park out the front of your places.[/i]… Agreed, the streets do get pretty chokkas, but what else can you do? Any usefule suggestions?

pure_blonde 11:00 am 04 Oct 08

So judging on some of these comments, i now have to choose where I live based on if I can park my car or not… That seems a little silly to me. Yes that was a consideration but I am very happy where I am and it does suit my lifestyle. I should not have to decided where I live my life based on 2 hours a day of Government greed.

And i totally agree with Granny, renting is not all that easy. I wasn’t just looking for a place in Braddon. I looked in many suburbs, just the sheer number of people applying for houses makes it very hard to get something. When you get something that suits more than 90 per cent of your needs, you take it!

AND… Why should the Government who WE elect be able to do what THEY WANT. All this talk about Government’s failing to change such rules because they will lose cash, I think there is one simple solution. VOTE for those who WILL.

Just a crazy thought?

Granny 9:50 am 04 Oct 08

1. We should never try to change stupid, lazy laws or hold those that keep them in place accountable.
2. We should always compromise and jump through silly hoops.
3. The people should serve the law, the law should not serve the people.
4. As long as it only affects somebody else, it’s ok.

rosie_bubz 9:31 am 04 Oct 08

Yes i dont see why a permit scheme cant be implemented when all the other major cities have them..
Canberra really doesnt know how to build carparks. For example, all the the carparks that cater to the buildings going up next to the airport. Why wouldnt you build an underground carpark under the building which would a) take up no ground space b) allow the cars to be covered so they dont get crap on them from the air traffic

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