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Parking Pain in the inner North…

By pure_blonde - 3 October 2008 37

I think it is time the Government put aside their revenue raising parking strategies and considered a parking permit system for residents in the inner northern suburbs.   

I don’t know exactly which suburbs this affects but living in Braddon and having a car is a bit of a problem.  

From 9am-11am weekdays it’s illegal to park in any of the local streets and of course that means most of the residents who are not lucky enough to have an underground car park have no alternative but to move the car a long way from home or risk a $72 dollar fine each day Mon-Fri.  

The only theory I can come up with is the Government make it illegal to park in the hours when people would be going to work so they are essentially forced to park in civic and pay as much as $8 a day for the pleasure. 

In Sydney and probably many other metro cities, those who can prove they live in a street with such parking rules can apply for a parking permit.  

All I am saying is why do those who live in these suburbs have to be punished and basically be held hostage OUT of home until 11am when its again ok to have your car at home? 

I did do my research just to make sure there wasn’t a plan in place to deal with this already… This is the best I could find on the TAMS website.

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Parking Pain in the inner North…
Granny 8:16 am 04 Oct 08


That’s excellent, because rental properties have just been so easy to find whenever my daughter has had to move.

And when you are in share accommodation and someone else has the car space, you would think that the ACT government would be just as capable of implementing a resident parking permit system as, say, the City of Boroondarra with all their 160,000 people ….

But perhaps not!

I’m glad it’s not ‘yp’, but it’s obviously ticking some people off. But then I’m easily ticked off, particularly by stupidity and incompetence.

c` 7:38 am 04 Oct 08

If you enter a tenancy/buy an apartment knowing these rules then I don’t the issue. If this “price” of inner city convenience is too high then obviously these area are not right for you.

AFAIK, having lived in Braddon 10 years ago) and knowing people who live there now, there would be a miniscule proportion of properties which do not have car parking facilities assigned. There weren’t any in the complex where we lived – we just made sure we rented a place which had two spaces.

On that basis, off street parking should not strictly be necessary, until you’re living in a shared housing arrangement where everyone has a car. That’s not the government’s problem, that’s an individuals choice.

Piratemonkey 4:11 am 04 Oct 08

For the record i recieved a parking fine the other day for leaving my car somehwere that becomes illegal to park at certain points during the day. I was drinking so i left my car longer then legal rather then drink drive and i got stung.

It was my fault for not planning ahead better and i deserved the near 100 dollar fine for all the prople i inconveniced that had a much more legitmate need for the park i was in.

Piratemonkey 4:07 am 04 Oct 08

I don’t understand your complaint guys. Driving through the streets you say you “need” to park on is a nightmare. These busy streets become one lane streets when you park out the front of your places.

The solution is easy get an apartment with a park, or leave those apartments without parks for those who have no need for a car. Simple pay up or move somewhere less desirable and more convenient.

If you wanna bitch about something why not bitch about your lack of judgemnt in moving in somehwere that does not meet your needs.

Ooo my killjoy internet post for the day is done by 4am nice 🙂

Granny 1:06 am 04 Oct 08

This issue really annoys me. I kind of wish pure_blonde hadn’t raised it. Lucky for me I have excellent blood pressure!

: )

Granny 1:03 am 04 Oct 08

No, not you!


… whichever ‘Minister Not Responsible’.

enrique 12:50 am 04 Oct 08

yep, typing at this time of night will do that to you sometimes.

Granny 12:45 am 04 Oct 08

Lazy. Lazy. Lazy. Lazy. Sloppy. Oh, and lazy.

enrique 12:43 am 04 Oct 08
enrique 12:41 am 04 Oct 08

pre-active??? oops, I meant pro-active. ‘e’ is so conveniently located next to ‘r’ I always do that.

enrique 12:40 am 04 Oct 08

this is yet another reason why some people dislike Canberra – this issue is faced by millions of people all around the world. The majority of councils a pre-active toward helping their citizens but ACT Government is a backwater with little respect for its own people at times.

Granny 12:24 am 04 Oct 08

They would rather use their resources to send the brown bombers around so they can grow fat from your taxes. It’s just usury. Completely immoral and unethical.

enrique 12:21 am 04 Oct 08

It’s absolute bu!!$%!t. I used to live in Braddon years ago and faced exactly this problem. We received parking fines soooooo many times it’s not funny. Never once would the desk monkeys accept that we lived there and we had no other choice. As a result it was essentially a type of mafia-esque situation. The brown bombers would muscle in on the suburb and make you pay a protection fee on a regular basis.

It’s perfectly understanable that they are trying to stop workers from cramming the inner suburbs with cars during the day – but they really do need to consider the rights of those that live there. As far as I’m concerned, if I live in the street, pay my taxes/rates, then I should be entitled to park there under reasaonable circumstances.

I was considering starting a petition to start a permit scheme but then I moved interstate. On the one occasion I received a reply it was along the lines of “the ACT government does not operate permit schemes and does not have the funds or resources to administer such a complex system”. I could run the bloody thing with a connection to the electoral roll, an excel spreadsheet, a laser printer and a laminator.


Granny 10:31 pm 03 Oct 08

Yes, this is a ridiculous rule. My daughter was unable to buy a car when she lived in O’Connor for this reason. If you ask me, it’s discrimination pure and simple that some Canberra residents are allowed to park their own cars in their own streets and others are not.

Morgan 10:25 pm 03 Oct 08

You also pay less rent when you live in a flat with no parking space. Its not like Braddon is completely devoid of cars obviously there is not an oversupply of car spaces; making it free would surely mean more cars?

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