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Police dismiss safety concerns

By johnboy - 25 August 2005 23

ABC Online brings the not entirely re-assuring news that “Police have denied Civic is unsafe at night.”

Federal police spokesman Sandi Logan says Canberra is one of the safest cities in Australia.

“But there is an element of personal safety and personal security that we need to exercise when we are out at night, don’t go down the dark alley ways if it’s not a well lit area, stay away from it,” she said.

“If you’re at an ATM make sure you’re not being watched if you feel uncomfortable don’t got to the ATM at that time I mean there are some simple steps we all need to take.”.

I’ve been out late in manhattan, paris, london, and prague, I’ve seen a knife fight in the muslim quarter of beijing, I’ve seen people glassed, knifed and shot. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion..

Civic late at night is as scary a place as I’ve ever seen. I don’t care what Sandi says.

UPDATED: The Canberra Times has more on the blame-the-victim-while denying-the-problem approach AFP media is taking.

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23 Responses to
Police dismiss safety concerns
Thumper 1:50 pm 25 Aug 05

Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?

Thumper 1:49 pm 25 Aug 05

Definitely the original. Director’s cut was interesting but a bit too self indulgent.

wonsworld 1:43 pm 25 Aug 05

I agree about Bladerunner being a good flick (but a far better short story)

What did you think was better thumper . . . the original version or the directors cut?

As for Civic being safe at night…it’s as safe as you make it. If you wander about New York looking like a tourist then you attract the unwanted element. On a lesser scale, the same goes for Civic. If you look like you are out of place, undesirables will see what they can pick off your bones.

gingermick 1:32 pm 25 Aug 05

I think Sandi’s nose is growing longer.

dB 1:05 pm 25 Aug 05

I never feel safe after dark in Civic these days. So many boofheads just want to ‘pick’ you. So sick of walking to my car from a venue and getting acosted by some moron who couldn’t pull a root that night, so he decides to take it out on some poor sober mug.

Thumper 12:55 pm 25 Aug 05

Blade Runner was seriously good….

One of my all time favourites.

bonfire 12:06 pm 25 Aug 05

Civic is a very seedy place generally. At night its really all about keeping your wits about you.

I have wandered around there and only been accosted once, several years ago by some idiot who insisted i was a homosexual and he was going to kill me.

I suspect he was under the influence of an entire pharamacy.

A former paramour of mine woudl never walk through the park after a late session at shadows, we had to walk right around the damn thing.

Dodgiest place i have been is Santiago, where i had a knife pulled on me in an attempted mugging.

Good movie, great quotes.

‘I’d rather be a killer than a victim’.

I saw ‘the Island’ on the weekend, i think its this generations ‘Blade Runner’ crossed with a dash of ‘Logans Run’. if they are making any more Scarlett Johannson replicants i’ll forward my mailing address and billing details…

Highly recommended.

Ari 10:17 am 25 Aug 05

Chris, the “attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion” quote was from the movie Blade Runner.

The replicant, Roy, was dying and he followed thoe lines with: “I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”

I’m not normally such a sci fi geek, but those lines have always made an impression on me.

Indi 9:57 am 25 Aug 05

Phnom Penh or Moscow are cities I haven’t felt safe and secure, but found enjoyable none the less.

Why would there be such a more noticeable bad element in Canberra? Isn’t this a wonderful haven known by some here as the Principality/Socialist Republic of Canberra – high levels of employment, a blissful ignorance of anything going on in the rest of Australia and an obsession with on-road cycle paths, public toilets and an inability to accept that this city is/should be considered a metropolitan area and will naturally have its share of social problems.

Absent Diane 9:33 am 25 Aug 05

Example: I was heading to the ATM from toast last friday night there was some poor bloke being attended to by ambo’s on toast side of akuna street. Assuming it was just an OD I didn’t ask any questions. When I got to the ATM there was a shit load of blood….. I decided to question a couple of people and it turns out that was either a random stabbing or a random king hit – going with the amount of blood and the spray – I would suggest a stabbing… but I aint an expert…anyone hear anything else about this?

Thumper 9:32 am 25 Aug 05

Also landed at Tehran whilst there was a civil war going on.

Tracers at night are somehow incredibly beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

And they seem to move so slowly….

Chris 9:27 am 25 Aug 05

JB – where did you find the “attacks ships on fire etc” quote – I was sent the same lines in an email from somebody posted to Kuwait, and (since I hadn’t heard them before- thought they was his own poetic genius ! And why did you strike them out – they’re beautiful.

Thumper 7:50 am 25 Aug 05


Washington DC after dark was not a very nice place at all. However, you knew where to go and where not to go.

In fact, during the day i got caught up in an anti American rally by Iranians, that was frightening, riot police, gun shots, bricks and molotovs and all that.

But I agree. Civic is not a place that engenders a feeling a carefree safety.

Mr Evil 7:38 am 25 Aug 05

What’s happening to Canberra: Civic AND the ESA HQ at Curtin are unsafe? There’s nowhere to hide anymore……….

jr 7:29 am 25 Aug 05

JB: are you implying that Canberra has been over run with replicants?

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