Police Wrap – 30 July

johnboy 30 July 2009 46

1. DFO RAGE!!!

    ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an assault on two people, a 49-year-old Jerrabomberra man and his 45-year-old wife, in the underground carpark of the DFO shopping centre, Fyshwick, on Sunday July 26, 2009

    The male victim had gone to check on the wellbeing of a young man who appeared to be under intimidation by three youths.

    The three male youths have then turned on the Jerrabomberra man and assaulted him by kicking and punching him. The victim’s wife was also abused and physically assaulted.

    The offenders were seen in a silver Mazda 626, possibly a 1992-93 model, with ACT registration plates and a P plate.

    One of the male offenders was described as being around 6’ (183cm) tall with pale skin and a thin face. He was wearing a pale-coloured jumper.

    A second offender was wearing a red-coloured hooded top while another was wearing a blue hooded top. All of the offenders had distinctive haircuts, with short hair at the sides and longer hair on top and at the back of their heads.

    Police believe there were a number of other people in the carpark at the time of the assaults and they may be able to help identify the offenders. Police would urge any witnesses who saw a group of males answering this description, or may have any other information about this matter which could assist the police investigation to call contact Crime Stoppers.

If you can help police contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online.

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46 Responses to Police Wrap – 30 July
neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 11:39 am 31 Jul 09

j from the block said :

Maybe it’s something about rugby playing bouncers. I too am gifted / cursed with a gorilla build (see ex front row and bouncer).

This site seems to attract the gorilla type (me = ex loosehead prop and former artilleryman, so big and deaf…). Maybe us gorillas can form our own posse, buy some red berets and go around…. oh wait…

Back OT, if this was a deliberate set up to give a good samaritan type a flogging, then it is the lowest of low acts.

Early nineties Silver 626 drivers with mullets or wearing hoodies beware.

caf caf 11:37 am 31 Jul 09

No, it’s because if it were the other way around we’d want people to help us.

Hugh Lews Hugh Lews 11:31 am 31 Jul 09

Just to clarify my earlier post (#3) here’s a relevant example –

I dont know CPR so if I saw someone who needed CPR – rather than make the situation worse by trying to give them CPR when I dont know how to – I would call them an ambulance or someone who could actually help.

Not try and help if I couldnt.

But some of you are saying no matter what, even if you cant help and you’ll only make things worse or put yourself in danger – you should always try and help – cause its the ‘right thing to do’….

ahappychappy ahappychappy 10:41 am 31 Jul 09

If you REALLY want to find the car, drive past all the colleges and have a look. I’m sure it wont be hard to find.

I also remember a little while ago, little sh!ts were staging fights at traffic lights. They would pull up on either side of the lights, jump out and start a fake fight with the lone bloke in one car to see if they got a reaction. To me, it looked legitimate. They completely ripped this little bloke out of his car, and started booting him. As soon as someone jumped out of a passing car (me in this instance) to help out the bloke on the ground, they would all turn on them.

The missus got both registration numbers, I got a black eye and it was done with. But as they were minors, a warning, slap on the wrist and it was all over. The funniest part though, they all dobbed in only one as the culprit and claimed that none of the others hit me! Spineless little shits. If it had been one on one it would’ve ended completely differently.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 10:28 am 31 Jul 09

How many eerly 90’s 626’s would there be in silver in Canberra? Lucky to be more than 5, I’d reckon. Check em all until you see the one with p plates…

Thumper Thumper 10:19 am 31 Jul 09

Silver 626 with P plates. Not a problem.

ant ant 10:10 am 31 Jul 09

Too many bored, nasty little monkeys around with too much money and too much ease in their lives.

j from the block j from the block 10:06 am 31 Jul 09

Roadrage77 said :

What were these little turds after?

A rush, a chance to feel big, probably not cash or jewels. Just idiots.

Roadrage77 Roadrage77 10:04 am 31 Jul 09

What were these little turds after?

j from the block j from the block 9:55 am 31 Jul 09

Thanks granny, my mum would tend to agree, but having a psychology and sociology degree in my gorilla head, I completely understand it. Bystander effect is a horrible thing, but part of human nature.

Skidd Marx Skidd Marx 9:50 am 31 Jul 09

If ever there was a forgettable car made it was the ’92-’93 Mazda 626. What a shame. I’ll be keeping an eye out nonetheless.

Granny Granny 9:45 am 31 Jul 09

I just feel so sad that people don’t stop to help if somebody looks like j from the block, but then I suppose incidents like this are why people feel scared to help. Not only will this brave couple have to deal with the shock, but the betrayal will run deep, I suspect.

j from the block j from the block 9:38 am 31 Jul 09

Maybe compulsory military service before starting a war.
Or organised dickhead fightclubs. From my experience most will talk big, but have never taken a punch. Feeling the otherside of the bat / fist might sober some of them up to reality.

j from the block j from the block 9:35 am 31 Jul 09

Maybe it’s something about rugby playing bouncers. I too am gifted / cursed with a gorilla build (see ex front row and bouncer).
Possibly also as bouncers (and emergency officials feel free to jump in also) we have seen the effects of say a three / four on one brawl, and have a tendency to be able to read moods and see when things are about to get uglier.
Note: I am not saying that all bouncers do this, like all fields there are good and bad apples.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:33 am 31 Jul 09

Here’s the CT article.
(Trying to keep the thread alive so more people see it and hopefully join the Mazda 626 hunt…)

Wraith Wraith 8:54 am 31 Jul 09

Thumper said :

We need a war

These sorts of people get rejected by the military. No drive, no self worth and gutless. Wouldn’t last a week at Kapooka before they’d be crying like babies and asking to go home.

Agreed, sounds like the perfect punishment for them, if they want to play tough boys, then out them in where they will be sorted accordingly.

Thumper Thumper 8:34 am 31 Jul 09

We need a war

These sorts of people get rejected by the military. No drive, no self worth and gutless. Wouldn’t last a week at Kapooka before they’d be crying like babies and asking to go home.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 8:17 am 31 Jul 09

I know I’ll be looking around for a silver 626 the next few days. CT today have confirmed this aspect that it was staged to draw them in – something that was not mentioned in the police statement.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 7:28 am 31 Jul 09

j from the block said :

Some of us continue to step in and help others when in distress, be in an assault, a flat battery, or flat tyre by the side of the road.
When my kids ask me why we are stopping, to for example push a car from the middle of the intersection when it has died for some reason, I explain that it is because it is the right thing to do. The person in the car may be distressed, the people driving past and beeping and swearing aren’t really helping, so dad is going to help, and it’s important to help people.
I do it, possibly because while I know not many would stop to help me (“hey honey lets stop and help the shaved gorilla with tattoos that looks upset” not always the option preferred) that some might stop to help my mum, my kids, my wife if they needed it.

Agreed J.

Helping people who need it just makes you feel good. I know it makes me feel better about myself. Helping someone when you know you face personal injury takes that little bit extra but at least you know you can look at yourself in the mirror and feel good about yourself each morning. Incidentally, I’m a ex-rugby 1st grade prop and bouncer and realise when wading-in to help someone that if you look like you can handle yourself you stand a better chance of putting at least some fear into the morons throwing punches. In the case in the OP, however, you have to think that mob mentality overcomes any fear they may have of coming off worst and, unfortunately, they’re invariably right.

Good on the folks who thought they were helping out. I hope they heal quickly and well and still feel good about helping others. For the idiots that did the attacking, ‘roll on karma’… you can’t help but think there will be a roadside memorial with their names on it coming to a street near you sometime soon.

phototext phototext 7:00 am 31 Jul 09


If that’s true, that is a seriously sick thing to do. What effin cowards.

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