Police Wrap – 31 July

johnboy 31 July 2008 37

This in today from ACT Policing:

    1. Bad boys in Dickson assaulted a man at 4pm near the Dickson Motor Registry but were swiftly brought to justice:

    “Two of the males aged 15 and 16 have been charged with common assault and will appear before the ACT Children’s Court this morning. The third, aged 16, is assisting police with their enquiries.”

    2. A sad case of an 86 year old in Ainslie realising two weeks late that he’s been burgled and lost his medals as well as personal documents and money. The medals are standard service issue, but he earned them and they’re gone.


    3. Some menace to society is wanted for smashing up maltese terriers in Gungahlin (one dead, one with the vet).

    Police are investigating this callous act and are appealing for anyone who may have heard or witnessed anything suspicious around Gundaroo Drive, near Donnelly Lane, Fishlock Lane and Swain Street, Gungahlin on Wednesday July 23, to contact Crime Stoppers on 1300 888 000 or the RSPCA (ACT) on 6287 8100.

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37 Responses to Police Wrap – 31 July
Timberwolf65 Timberwolf65 12:05 am 03 Aug 08

Hey haven’t been on the riot for a while, but would like to chip in some money to go towards the medals for the old digger, let me know if you still need money.

As for the dogs, that is sickening and whoever did it may they rot in hell.

Thumper Thumper 2:36 pm 01 Aug 08

Oh yeah, they initially said 6-7 weeks for them to be ready so I laid on a sob story and got it down to 2-3 weeks 😉

Thumper Thumper 2:36 pm 01 Aug 08

Okay folks and folkettes,

Medals are ordered and half paid for and Police media have been contacted so I hope they get back to me with a name and an address or i’ll be p*ssed off.

Danman Danman 2:29 pm 01 Aug 08

RE the dogs – if I caught/found out anyone had done that to mine, I guarantee I would be the one going to jail..

As for medals, I just got back into town today Thumper – good on you mate for the initiative, sorry I could not be a part of it 🙂

Thumper Thumper 11:50 am 01 Aug 08

Thanks everyone for the support so far. it’s great to see.

Just an update, I’ll head over to Edlins soon and order the gongs then give the AFP media mob a call to see if I can get a name and address.

I’ll also get in contact with everyone by email at some stage. Bear with me, i’m pretty busy at work at present.

Thanks again. At least we can restore some faith in humanity, if not all.

jakez jakez 11:22 am 01 Aug 08

Yeah I’m in for a $10.

Granny Granny 10:44 am 01 Aug 08

Thumper, how about if you call ACT Policing on the Media and Public Relations number given in the press release link?

Ph: 02 6256 7460

Jem Jem 10:40 am 01 Aug 08

Nice work Thumper.

Not that robbing people is ever right, but robbing the elderly is beyond…

Thumper Thumper 10:34 am 01 Aug 08

I’m happy with that but I’d rather just go with the medals at this stage.

I still have no idea what his name and address is though.

Aurelius Aurelius 10:22 am 01 Aug 08

FB, grand idea!

FB FB 9:17 am 01 Aug 08

Thumper he also lost cash in the incident and I’m betting the poor bugger doesn’t have much play with. How about trying to get as much $$ together to buy the medals and then give him the rest?

Granny Granny 9:10 am 01 Aug 08

Good on you, Thumper.

: )

Thumper Thumper 8:11 am 01 Aug 08

Okay folks,

it looks as if we have enough support. If JB can get name and an address I’ll duck out today and order them.

needlenose needlenose 10:05 pm 31 Jul 08

I’m in. Will email.

fabforty fabforty 8:48 pm 31 Jul 08

Thumper said :

Edlins in the city does replica medals so I can get a quote off them for

The Pacific Star
War Medal
Australian Service Medal
Australian Service Medal 1945-1975
1939-1945 Star

Court mounted.

The actual stolen medals are probably already at Edlins – they buy as well as sell. No reflection on Edlins – some of these “sellers” can be very convincing. I will be contacting Thumper to make a donation regardless.

Unfortunately, as long as there is a market for anything, criminals will take advantage.

PBO PBO 8:01 pm 31 Jul 08

A bit of natural justice would be good for those low theives, drop them off at the RSL on a friday if they are caught. It would be good if Eldins kept an eye out for this set.

DJ DJ 3:56 pm 31 Jul 08

Mr Evil said :

What is the point in stealing an old guy’s service medals: they have no value, expcept to the poor buggers who went through whatever to earn them.

Yep, I’ll chip in a $20 (or more if ther need arises) for an old Digger.

Can we also put out a contract on the low bastards who stole them?

Unfortunately places will purchase them from ‘relatives’ with little or no questions asked if their story sounds legitimate.

Thumper Thumper 3:34 pm 31 Jul 08


Let’s do it.

JB, can you find out who our old digger is and how to get in contact with him.

For anyone that wants to contribute email me at ninetynine@thefeldons.com


Aurelius Aurelius 3:02 pm 31 Jul 08

Thumper, grand idea!
I’m in for a twenty if this comes off.

FB FB 2:29 pm 31 Jul 08

Mr Evil, I don’t really want to say this publically lest the scum read this and get ideas NOT to try and sell them. Original medals are easily identified over a replica and you can also easily identify the recipient, hence stolen ones are very hard to sell and when people do they often get caught.

However original medals are desirable to militaria collectors and although not worth a fortune they can still be worth enough to entice a would be thief who doesn’t know how hard they are to sell.

Lets just hope they do try to sell them and not dump them.

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