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Real estate agents

By crabb 11 June 2008 93

At the risk of attracting flames for posting yet another “where’s the best….” thread, (and yes, I have used the search button but would appreciate hearing some recent experiences) I’d like RiotActer’s recommendations for a decent agent to sell our Gungahlin house. We’ve found the place we want to move to and need to sell our current home promptly. No time to muck around trying to save commission doing it ourselves, just need someone honest, professional and good at their job. Ideas? And what about commissions? Do they vary greatly between agents? Is it OK to bargain?

What’s Your opinion?

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Real estate agents
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deadtree89 11:07 am 05 Mar 15

Mitchell Carney From Maria selleck properties and the whole team them helped me so much I would try them

2604 1:15 pm 13 Jun 09

Sampson said :

I agree with andym.

Ive bought and sold quite a few properties in the ACT and Robert Peaker was by far the best/most professional to deal with! Cute Mrs too. Most canberra agents I have to say arnt that smart…!!!


Just wanted to give a “minus one” for Robert Peaker. We went along to see a house that he had for sale by auction recently. He volunteered that the vendors had “been wanting to sell for around $500,000” but had “listened to the market” and were expecting to sell “for around the mid-$400s”. We didn’t end up registering to bid, but other potential purchasers obviously heard the same thing. On auction day, no bidder wanted to pay above $450-460,000, and the house got passed in on a vendor bid of $485,000, which was still below reserve.

Not sure what it finally sold for, but if I was a vendor, I’d be pretty p!ssed off about wanting to sell my house for $500,000 and having an audience of potential buyers only willing or able to pay ten per cent less.

I-filed 6:38 am 04 Mar 09

Just saw that this is an OLD thread I’m responding on. Sorry!

I-filed 6:38 am 04 Mar 09

Holden C, don’t listen to real estate agents who recommend auctions in Canberra – in fact, drop any agent who does so. Canberra is not an auction market – other than the most desirable suburbs where people are competing hard for houses.

Granny 1:29 am 04 Mar 09

I wonder if we can beat IHateDimitriFromMaloneys to the next real estate thread … *heh heh heh*

jessieduck 12:52 am 04 Mar 09

Sorry just trying to express my feelings!

Go and take your medicine like a good little crazy person.

Holden Caulfield 12:19 pm 29 Jan 09

About to have another crack at selling a home (in Gungahlin too). It is an investment property and we’ll be hitting the market the weekend after next. Promising signs so far this year, with plenty of people out and about checking out what is on offer.

If it was our primary residence I would contemplate selling privately, but we need a quick sale and the fees paid to agents etc are tax deductible, so full steam ahead on the agent bandwagon, haha.

Auction was recommended to us, and having it explained, albeit one sided, I can see a few benefits to taking that path. However, we’ve decided on the $4xx,000+ option. Let’s see how we go…

Sampson 11:35 am 29 Jan 09

I agree with andym.

Ive bought and sold quite a few properties in the ACT and Robert Peaker was by far the best/most professional to deal with! Cute Mrs too. Most canberra agents I have to say arnt that smart…!!!

tandu 12:27 pm 20 Jun 08

Auctions are sendings-from-the-Devil.
The reason why auctions are so popular here in Canberra is that the lazy agents have got the market sewn up, or so they think.
If you’re going to sell a house then an auction is the worst possible way of doing it.
Just ask Jenman.
Of course, if you’re buying, well, auctions ahoy!
The Canberra market (and elsewhere) is flat-lining. Prices are collapsing as the agents/”investors”/speculators “biggest fool” Ponzi scheme has now run out of fools. Even your room temp IQ bogan tradies are beginning to whinge about petrol, food, interest rates. Pity their half dozen brain cells didn’t fire up a few more times 5 years ago….”Hang on, why exactly am I buying a house for 500k now that was 200k a year ago ?….deeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr”

Just remember, RE agents and the RE Institutes only care about one thing, RE agents and the RE Institutes.

Holden Caulfield 6:26 pm 17 Jun 08

Well, an auction locks you in to around 4 weeks of advertising for a start, so therefore that pretty much rules out a truly quick sale. Further, if an acceptable offer was made on a house prior to auction, I’d be very surprised if the agent concerned would be willing to renegotiate their fees based on the fact the house did not complete the proposed advertising/auction cycle.

I can see situations where auctions are fantastic for vendors, but that may not be the sole reason for agents pushing such a sales method. I’m guessing, the fact such an approach is a better means of boosting an agent’s own revenue is probably not something that will make it to an agent’s proposal when trying to clinch a new listing.

Jazz 5:30 pm 17 Jun 08

I’d disagree that an auction is any more expensive than any other type of campaign, and in several cases significantly less if you’re looking for a quick sale.

lets agree to disagree

Reprobate 3:37 pm 17 Jun 08

Jazz: my point is – as effectively removed from your selected quotation – that a) the market has cooled considerably in the last few months and b) therefore your average punter considering an auction at this time is simply looking for somone to open a big can of whoop ass on their wallets. Yes, a private treaty sale is also going to bring less now than a few months ago, but at least that form of sale doesn’t expose the seller to the (proportionally higher) cost of an auction.

PickedANickname 2:14 pm 17 Jun 08

We sold our home a year ago ourselves.

We put it up on allhomes. Within the day it was online, we had an offer of $25k more than we hoped for. We advertised it as $XXX+

I organised the reports and we went to our solicitor to do the conveyancing (that is a bit tricky to do yourself).

We even still get letters from the person we sold to about how the house is going.

I wouldn’t bother with an agent.


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