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Red Hill Restaurant & Snippedy Do Dah

By Dark and Mysterious 12 December 2007 19

In short – what the?  Is the restaurant on Red Hill still open?  And how about Snippedy?

I’ve tried their numbers (from the electronic White Pages) and no go!

Any advice gratefully received, as I have a child that resembles an undersized Yeti, and I want to eat out for my birthday.

What’s Your opinion?

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Red Hill Restaurant & Snippedy Do Dah
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MEATBEE 2:56 pm 14 Dec 07

A new restaurant opened on top of Red Hill this week (upstairs from the Cafe)

Its called On Red.

We ate there on Wednesday night, and it was nothing short of superb.

I do know the owners, however my comments above are not at all biased by this.

barney 1:16 pm 14 Dec 07

See the problem is that you paid for her plane ticket. You should have made her walk.

Dark and Mysterious 12:33 pm 14 Dec 07

Good plan, Barney, but the child is resistant to all known legal drugs, as we discovered when we flew with her to Perth and filled her full of a ‘sedative’. HA!

Insert word for whatever is the opposite of ‘sedate’ here.

barney 10:01 pm 13 Dec 07

Yes well I agree with some other peoples comments. Children have far too much entertainment sources in their lives. Most of it is utter drivel which should be veered away from if possible.

I would suggest maybe a heavy dose of sleeping pills. Knock the kids out more or less instantaneously. Then reach for the clippers and a beer. Perhaps this type of approach may prove to be a real winner with the Yeti in question :):)

Dark and Mysterious 5:56 pm 13 Dec 07

I should think so, Barney. I should make you use some wax on the child just so you can see what I have to put up with. Hence (hopefully) lavish birthday reward lunch, but not a Red Hill, it looks like. 😉

barney 5:26 pm 13 Dec 07

I didn’t actually. It was just some mild self amusement. Quite silly really.

Dark and Mysterious 2:05 pm 13 Dec 07

Harsh, Cazjas, harsh! My kiddie didn’t watch the TVs, she just loved riding on a ‘horsie’ while getting her hair cut. Was a bit of fun, and after Just Cuts butchered her hair I was on the look-out for somewhere with reasonable prices that could do a trim. Horsie was bonus.

Agree with you about TVs everywhere, though. I was hugely displeased with seeing big screens pop up at places like KidCity and KidZone. Aren’t the kids meant to be there to run around and have fun, not gape at a screen????

My kid gets one DVD on Sundays, by the way. Her school advises a TV ban for young ‘uns, and I’m with them all the way.

Also, Barney, how do you know I wax my underarms? Talk about presumptous!

cazjs 1:15 pm 13 Dec 07

Children don’t need to be “entertained” all of their waking hours. They don’t need to be pacified with terrible television.
Why couldn’t the hairdressers just talk to them, like they talk to adult clients? What an outrageous concept!! Children aren’t people!!!
I’m not surprised they went under. It’s a pretty small market (parents who want to increase their child’s television intake) … isn’t it?

barney 12:42 pm 13 Dec 07

Go get a can of Dog-Meat, and spare the Yeti some of your underarm hair-wax.

ant 9:39 pm 12 Dec 07

Good chance for the kids to learn to behave themselves in public, perhaps, rather than being enouraged to be noisy and unruly.

aronde 3:50 pm 12 Dec 07

I was a bit dismayed to see snippety closed when I trudged off there with the 4 and 3 year old. But went into the ‘adult’ one next door and the two ladies who did the cuts were great! The boys were even better behaved then they were at snippety – as one lady remarked ‘not as many distractions for them here’!

Steve_Pedestrian 3:50 pm 12 Dec 07

Snippity closed at the end of September and nothing has been done to remove the contents of the shop since except the tellys which showed the cartoon/show the kid watched whilst getting a hair cut. Being right next door to another hairdresser probably didn’t help.

Dark and Mysterious 3:38 pm 12 Dec 07

Snippedy have closed? UNBELIEVEABLE. I thought that place had a licence to print money!

Odd about Red Hill, though. Bears further investigation (maybe a drive up there?) If they are reno-ing, you’d think they’d finish up to get the Christmas business. But what do I know, I can’t even cut children’s hair, let alone run a restaurant. 😉

Androyd 1:42 pm 12 Dec 07

Was at Red Hill about a month back and all seemed OK. They have seasonal hours, pretty restricted in winter but should be OK for summer.

GnT 1:13 pm 12 Dec 07

Grab a sharp pair of scissors or some clippers and do it yourself. After the third dodgy home haircut, you start to develop some skills. And the kids don’t care.

Jonathon Reynolds 12:56 pm 12 Dec 07

@Gungahlin Al
I walked past it a couple of times and I’m just wondering how many hairdressers would have coped well with Hi 5 and the Wiggles going on in the background for 8 hours a day.

Deano 12:39 pm 12 Dec 07

The Red Hill restaurant and cafe was still being refurbished when I was there a few weeks ago.

sepi 12:12 pm 12 Dec 07

And the restaurant on red hill has closed hands I think. Sorry I can’t remember the new name.

Gungahlin Al 12:05 pm 12 Dec 07

Snippedy at Gungahlin closed up a few weeks back unfortunately (seemed a really good business concept). Story around is that they could not find hairdressers…

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