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Reporting dog attack in Canberra

By jenny123 - 24 January 2010 27

This morning on my morning walk I was attacked by a pit bull in the Calwell area, after going for my terrier it turned on me and I have a large bite on my upper thigh.

I have done a google for a place were I can report dog attacks in Canberra but cant seem to find anything?

I am not 100% sure which house the dog came from so I am reluctant to approach the house, but I think I have a fair idea .

What is the best thing to do in this situation ?

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Reporting dog attack in Canberra
Mimiboo 8:50 pm 25 Jan 10

Hopefully they catch the dog soon – my fear now is that it might attack someone more vulnerable like a small child.

jenny123 4:58 pm 25 Jan 10

It was casey cresent, I wont give the exact house number but it was between 20 and 30.

astrojax 2:50 pm 25 Jan 10

or you could start your own vigilante group, lynching ferocious dogs with the lycra litterers, and al other miscreants, to ensure canberra is once more the pristine environment we love so well… 😉

good luck with the ranger’s endeavours on this – let us know how it goes – and good to hear your pooch is ok in the end…

MissPeaches 1:55 pm 25 Jan 10

Jenny – would you mind telling me where abouts in Calwell the attack occurred? As a dog walking Calwell resident I’d like to be careful.
Hope you and your canine friend are okay…

Confusedwouldwe 12:54 pm 25 Jan 10

I’d take your dog to the if there are puncture marks on your dog, or part the fur around the punctures and keep an eye out for inflammation. Also see a doctor as dog bites can cause bad infections.

dvaey 12:49 pm 25 Jan 10

A friend of mine was mauled by his next doors German Shepherd, about 3 days before christmas. Domestic Animal Services was called, and removed HIS dog, while leaving his neighbours aggressive dog where it was. About 2 weeks later, the Shepherd attacked again, this time mauling one of his dogs through a hole under the fence (which was repeatedly covered up). Again domestic animal services came out, and took his second dog (which had been bitten) and left the Shepherd where it was.

While having to goto hospital twice a day for dressing changes and antibiotics, Domestic Animal Services let him know that they’d destroyed his dog because it was aggressive (obviously, it had a big bite around its neck/shoulder) but they wouldnt take the German Shepherd off the dear old lady next door because they had no proof it was involved.

Since then, everytime we hear a dog howl or hear a kid scream while playing in the backyard, we always think the worst. Over a year later, and the German Shepherd is still there, domestic animal services have still done nothing, and its upto a total of 4 animals killed, two dogs from my friend, one cat over back fence and a 3rd dog on the other side.

The moral of this story, is if you get bitten by a dog, unless you take your own immediate action against the dog, youre pretty much on your own. Also, that DAS are about as helpful as calling DoCS for help with your kids during a rough time. Expect to find yourself under investigation and having to continually prove your case, no matter if youve got doctors letters or a dozen witnesses as my friend did.

D 12:19 pm 25 Jan 10

I was attacked by two bull mastiffs from a breeder’s place on Xmas Day ’08. I saved the dog I was walking but got two hours in Casualty being patched up. I called the police only to be told “We stopped responding to dog attacks over 5 years ago”. First words from the responsible person at the breeders’ place were: “Don’t blame the breed”. True but not a word of regret for my predicament.

DAS came round the next day and took an exhaustive statement. They inspected the premises, gave the person responsible a warning and a $400 fine and told him to put a padlock on the gate. As the dogs had burst the gate against the lock, this would have had little or no effect. All this in spite of the fact that they were out of their cages at the time, one dog was known to be dog aggressive and could no longer be shown. My reading of the law was that there was a $400 fine for a dog being off lead in a public place and another $400 for not being under control making the fine $1600. If You want to know about any follow up You have to contact DAS. They do not seem to inform You of any action. Incidentally, the Registrar at DAS has to get the approval of a magistrate before He can order a dog to be destroyed.

DavoDavo 11:04 am 25 Jan 10

Definitely get to your doctor ASAP and tell him/her what happened, if you have not had a tetanus shot before or it has expired you need to get one.
Contact the police about it.

Buzz2600 9:55 am 25 Jan 10

Jenny, I’d start by calling the police. The only way you’ll have get the owners of the Pit Bull to pay up for any vet/medical costs is to prove they’re responsible for the dog.

jenny123 8:51 am 25 Jan 10

Ended up getting in contact with domestic animals and the ranger said he will go over straight away.

The dog is ok, he has puncture wounds above his neck, after he was attacked he did a runner and bolted the whole way home – ( 15 minutes away) – smart dog.

I certainly won’t be paying for the vet bill or tenus shot.

Thumper 10:36 pm 24 Jan 10

get a tetnus shot and antibiotics…

and call the police.

grunge_hippy 10:16 pm 24 Jan 10

ring the ranger. happened to my hubby a few years ago, they were there within the 1/2 hour, the dog was seized and it was all very efficient. the dog was eventually returned to them, but it was not allowed out of the yard or it would be taken away permanently.

kevn 10:09 pm 24 Jan 10

That’s awful, and concerning as this tiny pup sits on my lap. Hope you get somewhere with this.

Dougal 9:45 pm 24 Jan 10

Dog attacked should be reported to Domestic Animal Services 6207 2424 or 13 22 81

AussieRodney 9:40 pm 24 Jan 10

Start by reporting the incident to the Police?

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