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Reporting dog attack in Canberra

By jenny123 24 January 2010 27

This morning on my morning walk I was attacked by a pit bull in the Calwell area, after going for my terrier it turned on me and I have a large bite on my upper thigh.

I have done a google for a place were I can report dog attacks in Canberra but cant seem to find anything?

I am not 100% sure which house the dog came from so I am reluctant to approach the house, but I think I have a fair idea .

What is the best thing to do in this situation ?

What’s Your opinion?

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Reporting dog attack in Canberra
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Spideydog 12:56 pm 17 May 10

Taken from TAM’s website:

What happens if another dog attacks my dog or myself?

Both you and your dog have the right to use public land without fear of attack or harassment by other dogs.

If you or your dog are attacked, call Domestic Animal Services on 6207 2424, as soon as possible to inform them of the attack. For after emergency hours assistance from Domestic Animal Services, call Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.

A ranger is available to attend dog attacks 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

astrojax 12:48 pm 17 May 10

34904 said :

Today my husband was attacked by a Pit Bull in Phillipson Cres CALWELL. The dog was running free and he and the postman were attacked by this mongrel dog. I have rang the Rangers and if this dog is not put down I will be suing the irresponsible owners. These dogs should be illegal.

stop blaming the breed of dog – blame the breed of bogan that trains (intentionally or otherwise) these animals. make them illegal!

34904 12:34 pm 17 May 10

Today my husband was attacked by a Pit Bull in Phillipson Cres CALWELL. The dog was running free and he and the postman were attacked by this mongrel dog. I have rang the Rangers and if this dog is not put down I will be suing the irresponsible owners. These dogs should be illegal.

Kali 3:59 pm 28 Jan 10

I’ve been a reader of Riot Act for years but never actually registered until reading this story today. I couldnt hold it anymore – had to get my two-cents worth in there. Several people I know have had their dogs attacked by Staffy’s/Pit Bulls that werent secured and recently my partner was walking home from work over xmas when a big staffy emerged from the front door of a house in our suburb (Tuggeranong area) and headed straight for them. It was barking madly and my partner crossed the road to get away – this seemed to infuriate the dog even more and it was only when the female owner emerged from the house and screamed “Rocky !…get in here !” or (something similar) that the dog stopped (in the middle of the road) and then turned to go back home while emitting a low gutteral growl. The dog had no collar. Staffy’s can be great dogs, but they require more training and discipline than your average pooch and it seems that the majority (not all) Staffy owners are young guys/gals who like the image that having a staffy portrays, they dont train these dogs correctly or show them any leadership – hence they end up maiming other dogs/children/people that cross their paths – All dog owners need to be responsible, Owners of Dogs with BAD attack records (Staffy’s, Pit Bulls etc) need to be extra vigilent and committed. And ‘No’ – you shouldnt have them off leash.

I-filed 9:52 pm 27 Jan 10

Call the police. They will get the police doctor to document the damage. If you end up with complications, there could be a victims of crime claim available, whether they locate the owner or not. I was bitten by a dog a few years ago and the police were right onto it – though I didn’t need to make a VOC claim. If a dog bites a human, it’s beyond ranger responsibility …

PBO 2:52 pm 27 Jan 10

dvaey said :

A friend of mine was mauled by his next doors German Shepherd, about 3 days before christmas. Domestic Animal Services was called, and removed HIS dog, while leaving his neighbours aggressive dog where it was. About 2 weeks later, the Shepherd attacked again, this time mauling one of his dogs through a hole under the fence (which was repeatedly covered up). Again domestic animal services came out, and took his second dog (which had been bitten) and left the Shepherd where it was.

While having to goto hospital twice a day for dressing changes and antibiotics, Domestic Animal Services let him know that they’d destroyed his dog because it was aggressive (obviously, it had a big bite around its neck/shoulder) but they wouldnt take the German Shepherd off the dear old lady next door because they had no proof it was involved.

Since then, everytime we hear a dog howl or hear a kid scream while playing in the backyard, we always think the worst. Over a year later, and the German Shepherd is still there, domestic animal services have still done nothing, and its upto a total of 4 animals killed, two dogs from my friend, one cat over back fence and a 3rd dog on the other side.

The moral of this story, is if you get bitten by a dog, unless you take your own immediate action against the dog, youre pretty much on your own. Also, that DAS are about as helpful as calling DoCS for help with your kids during a rough time. Expect to find yourself under investigation and having to continually prove your case, no matter if youve got doctors letters or a dozen witnesses as my friend did.

If it is that bad and nothing has been done then I would say take the matter into your own hands and deal with it.

You will also have to deal with the inevitable consequences when they arise. If what you are saying is true then it will make for an interesting court case and a few interesting RA posts.

prhhcd 11:52 am 27 Jan 10

Jenny, Horrible thing to have happened to you! DAS is very helpful I’ve found, but you need to be persistent and keep following up. Someone else has given the DAS numbers. There is also some dog – related guidance at:

My dog, who is usually very friendly bit another dog a few weeks ago now. Nothing really vicious, I have no idea why and I am REALLY concerned. I’ve spoken to a dog trainer and the vet but unfortunately inconsistent advice. Since then the muzzle is out more often. I paid for the ladies dog to have stitches/pain relief/anti biotics and she is ok with what happened. Reason I am telling this? Because all the posts above seem to imply that its only really irresponsible owners whom this happens to – but its not.

Also, if anyone has any further insights into what I can do to prevent with my dog – or any experiences they had which might help me to deal with it – I would be grateful.

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