Review: Sarah Blasko at the Green room 31-JAN-07

Kerces 1 February 2007 14

Last night I ventured south to see Sarah Blasko play at the Green Room. I had neither seen Blasko nor been to the Green Room before but it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience once the excessive queueing was out of the way (more on that in a second).

Sarah Blasko

So many people turned up last night that she’s playing a second gig today with tickets on sale at 10am and the doors open at noon. I believe tickets are still $25.

The gig had been advertised a little and tickets were only available at the door from 7pm. I turned up at 6.30 and joined a queue that had already snaked its way around every wall in O’Shaes apart from the bar. Queue management was a little bizarre and somehow half the line ended up going out the back door and back in the same door. This caused some angst once they actually started selling tickets as security decided the people outside had to be let through before those behind them inside (which was my little group at the front) — but the security guy/barman doing this was quite charming and assured us we would make it in upstairs. We did — but only just. There were enough people still queueing after it sold out to fill the Green Room a second time over (hence why they’re puttting on another show).

Green Room stamp

After finally securing the sacred stamp a little before 8pm, we hung round (with drinks) waiting for the doors to open. It soon became evident that Canberrans have embraced the queue as much as the English, since another was forming to wait to get in the door. I will add here for those not acquainted with the venue, that there’s nowhere to sit while you’re waiting except the sticky floor. Sore feet.

Anyway, all that fuss aside once we got in (and managed to get almost as many stools as people to sit on) the gig was really very good. The support was The Devoted Few, who also played as Blasko’s backing.

The Devoted Few

They played…um, rocky music (sorry, not so good with genres) that was LOUD. JB would like me to point out here that I have a very low tolerance for loud music. But most of The Devoted Few’s songs I could not only feel in my chest, but also just at the base of my throat which was rather unpleasant. However they did quieten down a little in the second part of their set and some of their songs were very enjoyable. Amazingly I got a little sleepy though all this noise, but a vodka and Red Bull-substitute fixed this.

After a short break Sarah Blasko finally came on (around 10.30). As mentioned above, I didn’t know her music apart from the few songs that get heavy airplay on JJJ. But boy is she good.

Sarah Blasko

She is a very expressive performer, both with her voice and her enormous eyes (which, coupled with her delicate features, reminded me of Maggie Gyllenhaal). The unique timbre of her voice always cut through the assorted guitars, drums and keyboards even when I thought the mixing might be going to be unbalanced. The set was a good mix of upbeat and soft, old and new and she had a nice amount of banter between each song. When calls started from about halfway through the set for her to play Flame Trees, she just laughed and said she didn’t think they’d be playing that one tonight.

This was the first gig of her latest “intimate” tour and I would throughly recommend to anyone who missed out to put a dummy in your work chair and head on down to the Green Room as soon as you can to see today’s show.

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14 Responses to Review: Sarah Blasko at the Green room 31-JAN-07
J Dawg J Dawg 6:04 pm 01 Feb 07

Interesting side-note, her father is the chaplain at Radford College.

And a Rugby coach there too…

el el 5:40 pm 01 Feb 07

Yep. Great show today, very relaxed and informal. She even took requests in place of a set list 😉

jgangsta jgangsta 1:52 pm 01 Feb 07

just got back to my desk after the gig with a very nice two light beer and post gig buzz. a good break from the work drudgery. v. weird – you drive past all the every day goings on of industrial area woden to lock yourself away with a great performer (and great band!!) like it’s a normal friday night!! such a good thing to do by sarah and the band AND the venue. hats off to them all. even if they hadn’t done this, would rather an oversubscribed gig (and smaller venue) then noone showing up and the performer never coming again!!

RandomGit RandomGit 12:06 pm 01 Feb 07

Ha! My kids go there.

sim_m_o sim_m_o 11:07 am 01 Feb 07

Interesting side-note, her father is the chaplain at Radford College.

el el 10:53 am 01 Feb 07

Awesome. Looks like I timed my resignation perfectly then 🙂

Kerces Kerces 10:52 am 01 Feb 07

And I’m not sure of the music starts at noon or sometime possibly close to then.

Kerces Kerces 10:47 am 01 Feb 07

Well bighead, there were at least three people running with great big cameras and I wasn’t one of them…(unless you were one of the guys I politley elbowed out of the way to take the close ups of Sarah)

el el 10:33 am 01 Feb 07

So the music _starts_ at noon?

bighead bighead 9:50 am 01 Feb 07

O’shaes Pub in Phillip 10am tickets go on, sale, show starts at noon.

I saw you last night Kerece…I know who you are now *evil grin*

It was a great show, although my feet by the end were sore and numb.

The cues were just stupid, once people had lined up there was a lot of people joining this outside cue they had looped around. I didn’t think they were well prepared for the 900 odd people that must have turned up. Keep in mind the room only fits 350.

Although I might add, I know a few people that were able to get in at 9:30 due to everyone else being gone. So much for ‘Sold Out’

toriness toriness 9:40 am 01 Feb 07

i just got off my virtual ass and got the info myself. cheers to me 🙂

toriness toriness 9:36 am 01 Feb 07

does one have to go to the green room to purchase tickets at 10am? where is this green room?

johnboy johnboy 9:04 am 01 Feb 07

missed out to put a dummy in your work chair and head on down to the Green Room as soon as you can to see today’s show.

The advantage of wearing a suit to work, just leave the jacket over the chair and everyone will figure you’re around somewhere.

RandomGit RandomGit 8:54 am 01 Feb 07

I picked up her CD at Chriatmas, What the Sea Wants the Sea Shall Have.

…. good peak hour music, calms the nerves. You don’t notice you are sticking to the speed limit. But apart from the odd unique song I don’t spin it for it’s own sake.

Too much Tool and NIN in my hereditary.

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