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RiotACT seeks legal advice – tell us what you think?

By johnboy 12 December 2007 60

It’s nice to know that with everything going on his life, including being flung out of the Assembly Liberals to a lonely existence on the cross benches, Richard Mulcahy has time to keep an eye on RiotACT.

To the point where his staff had time to threaten us with dire consequences for quoting the text on the AIRC’s website.

It started with this email:

Please see attached order from the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

In order to comply with the order of the Commission, please remove the below post.
Any subsequent posts attempting to publish transcripts from this matter should not be allowed to appear on the RiotAct.

Yours sincerely

Robert Ayling
Senior Adviser to Richard J Mulcahy MLA
Member for Molonglo

Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory
Civic Square, London Circuit (GPO Box 1020)
PH: (02) 6205 0111
FAX: (02) 6205 3002

You should scan this message and any attached files for viruses. The author accepts no liability for any loss caused either directly or indirectly by a virus arising from the use of this message or any attached file. This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you are not the intended recipient then you should not disseminate, distribute or reproduce this email. If you have received this message in error, can you please notify the author immediately and delete the original message.

Please consider the environment before printing this email.


I can not see what all the fuss is about:

Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Case: 2006/76
s.278(1) RAO Schedule – Commission to be advised of breaches of Part or rules Application/Notification by Australian Hotels Association-New South Wales Branch


15 November 2007
09 October 2007
18 September 2007
23 November 2006

Comment by sallyann60 — 12 December, 2007 @ 10:29 am

The attachment he’s referring to can be found here.

I had some problems with this and answered thusly:

From: John Griffiths []
Sent: Wednesday, 12 December 2007 1:30 PM
To: Ayling, Robert
Subject: Re: Post on thread ‘So it goes.

I’m sorry Robert but I’m struggling to see how that order prohibits quoting from the AIRC website.

Which got me this reply:

Thank you for your response.

Suggest that you take legal advice on publication.

This exchange is coloured by a history of wild threats by Richard when he wants to silence comment he finds inconvenient.

So RA legal eagles… Surely if the AIRC has left it on it’s website we’re hardly in contempt to quote it?

What’s Your opinion?

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60 Responses to
RiotACT seeks legal advice – tell us what you think?
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Mr Evil 1:16 pm 17 Dec 07

A saw doctor?

Skidbladnir 1:06 pm 17 Dec 07

I was thinking that nothing much would happen as it wouldn’t seem wise for Camp Mulcahy, but I just wasn’t sure if there any further goings-on behind the Digital Curtain.

Offtopic: Why does that sales page have a man who may or may not be a doctor (or a judge, lawyer, or hospital\courtroom cleaner)?

What kind of doctor would want -us- for $1688?

Mælinar 12:43 pm 17 Dec 07

They could always fold (they are broke), here’s to the new company (no hyphen)

johnboy 12:42 pm 17 Dec 07

We haven’t taken anything down skid. Richard has had some minor public embarassment…

Think about it?

Skidbladnir 12:36 pm 17 Dec 07

Update, anyone?

Does Mulcahy get a minor paddling of his ego, or do we all have to get back to work and let the RiotAct become nothing but a memory while Jb sorts out his legal affairs?

Cameron 11:43 pm 15 Dec 07

hah! Classic.

utah 6:04 pm 15 Dec 07

Have you thought about referring to the response given in Arkell v. Pressdram?

Deadmandrinking 5:56 pm 14 Dec 07

Leahcim, there’s a bit of a difference between the radio and the internet, though. You can basically imitate and further enhance the format of a newspaper on the internet, adding videos, sounds, links to websites – whilst with radio and television, you only saw or heard the news a couple of times during a bulletin. I think the internet might actually become the death of the broadsheet somewhere along the lines – and it’ll probably take the radio with it.

Pandy 5:43 pm 14 Dec 07


But maybe Jessica (2 bag) Wright will have a puff piece on Sunday about it. That is if she can get her face out of the chardonay.

Skidbladnir 9:15 am 14 Dec 07

So, was there -any- comment in the CT?

ant 10:42 pm 13 Dec 07

As for the death of the newspaper, the death of the CT has been imminent for so long. Why doesn’t it just die and let the Chronicle have the field? Hell, even Bungendore has 2 papers! both free, and both avidly read and subscribed-to.

ex-vectis 10:29 pm 13 Dec 07

Fantastic. maybe it wqas right for the Government to be changed. Looks like we would have been heading towards a bully culture police state with no right to free speach. Foot, Shoot and Themselves are words that spring to mind.

sepi 9:12 pm 13 Dec 07

Live radio for drivetime news in the car will stay around I think.

Pandy 8:20 pm 13 Dec 07

Skidbladnir, you can always crap on the CT

leahcim 7:39 pm 13 Dec 07

the death of the newspaper has been predicted since the invention of the radio in 1920s … some papers are stronger than ever now. the internet and RA will not kill them

caf 3:10 pm 13 Dec 07

If I was writing a post on another site referencing a story here, I’d certainly link back to it. That’s the norm in the online world, as you’ve pointed out.

However, just as newspaper(wo)men don’t get to dictate the norms in the online world, the online world doesn’t get to dictate norms to the newspapers, whether they’re dying or otherwise.

I disagree with you about radio too, by the way. You’re forgetting about information that needs to be delivered in a timely manner – a podcast of the Melbourne Cup race is unlikely to be of as much interest as a live broadcast.

Mælinar 2:05 pm 13 Dec 07

Sallyanne’s post attributes the data to the correct source. Therein there is no fault, even on the part of the poster, in posting information that is opensource.

chester 12:49 pm 13 Dec 07

Oh and for the record, I’ve had my gripes with this place but I still wouldn’t think of not referencing any info attributable to this site. It’s not in anybody’s long-term interests to do otherwise.

Mine, or yours.

chester 12:46 pm 13 Dec 07

“Fine, but the newspapers aren’t operating in this world, they’re operating in their own, with it’s own rules and norms that have been around for a lot longer.

It is, quite frankly, a bit rich to go onto their turf and ask them to play by our rules.”

Well, once upon a time it would have been considered proper for a journalist to name their source or at least explain why it should be protected. If they can’t at least do that, they deserve to be written off as wankers.

As for them not operating in “this world”, they should get with the program because they’re a dying breed. Stands to reason.

I can tell you the Oz guy who pioneered podcasts (forget his name), spoke at a conference of ABC employees about a year ago and told them bluntly that radio would be dead in 5 years. You’ll note (I’m happy to say) that the ABC has embraced the situation as whole-heartedly as could be expected.

I mean really, within a fairly short period who is honestly going to listen to 666 on a transistor radio when they can do it on their iPod. Who will buy the CT when they can download it to their iPhone or Blackberry. Stupid the change is taking as long as it is.

barney 12:21 pm 13 Dec 07

Not fit to run for Government …
Not fit to run a lamington drive …

* The Hate …The Hate * ARGHHHHHHHH!

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