Road accident witnesses sought

FredJ 31 July 2008 44

I know it’s a long shot but if anyone witnessed a moron drive his black sedan into the side of my white Holden HZ ute when joining Hindmarsh at about 9:15 this morning can they please get in touch.

The wanker tried to drive off but I followed and got his rego – I’m guessing if he’s that low he’s not going to admit to anything so some witnesses would be great.

I was in the middle lane driving east on Hindmarsh; he came out of the Parkway exit lane, cut straight into my lane and into the side of me.


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44 Responses to Road accident witnesses sought
bigred bigred 11:49 pm 04 Aug 08

Ahhh another day in downtown Canberra. Poor driving by 2 fools result in a collision. They then seek to blame each other and use their cars as weapons. Wake up morons and have some respect for those around you.

jake555 jake555 11:12 pm 04 Aug 08

Thanks DJ. Still, non-emergencies (including prangs with minor injuries) should be directed to the normal police number 131444. ‘Emergency’ implies an immediate dangerous threat to life or property, eg a house fire as opposed to a break in.

Though he feared for his life, there was no actual threat to his life, which is a distiction the emergency services have to make if they have to prioritise jobs. 000 calls are treated with the urgency that is required, so let’s not be the boy who cried wolf.

DJ DJ 6:10 pm 04 Aug 08

jake555, true but he did state he feared for himself and in his mind it may have been an emergency and he was unaware of this (and other stuff identified by the knowledgeable RA folk).

el el 5:32 pm 04 Aug 08

If you ran into the side of my car then continued driving (there was nowhere to stop between Lyons and Mawson?) I’d have followed you too.

jake555 jake555 5:16 pm 04 Aug 08

DJ – You don’t need credit to call 000, but you do need a good reason. 000 is for emergencies not prangs.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:57 am 04 Aug 08

Yes, I’m cross-threading with the same comment, but there are two different audiences here.

Perhaps you could get a (mediating) room, discuss this and compare notes amongst yourselves?
It’d be far less likely to get ugly in public, and affect anybody’s legal standing…
But, like a girlfight, it is fun to watch, and nobody will actually tell you to stop until its no longer entertaining.

peterh peterh 11:40 am 04 Aug 08

pick a thread, any thread. both are very entertaining….

and have a common theme. have an accident, contact the police.

Granny Granny 11:25 am 04 Aug 08

Having done an internet search on passive-aggressive recently in relation to the Canberran passive-aggressive refrigerator post, I found some of the following traits of interest in relation to this traffic incident.

* Feeling victimised: The p/a man protests that others unfairly accuse him rather than owning up to his own misdeeds. To remain above reporach, he sets himself up as the apparently hapless, innocent victim of your excessive demands and tirades.

* Making excuses & lying: The p/a man reaches as far as he can to fabricate excuses for not fulfilling promises. As a way of withholding information, affirmation or love – to have power over you – the p/a man may choose to make up a story rather than give you a straight answer.

* Procrastination: The p/a man has an odd sense of time – he believes that deadlines don’t exist for him.

and this:

“If you are dealing with passive aggressive people without realizing what is going on, it can be crazy making. You feel dismissed, shut down, ignored… but in a subtle enough way that you don’t know how to process and react. Your judging brain is being slowly impaired….and diminished by this constant negative environment. You can be accommodating, pleasant and patient, but the situation does not improve; at some point, you explode. Over time, this can turn into a vicious cycle: passive aggressive behavior begets anger and finger-pointing, which in turn begets more passive-aggressive behavior. You find yourself screaming, slamming doors and feeling out of control, which was not part of your behavior before.”

Beserk Keyboard Warrior Beserk Keyboard Warrior 11:06 am 04 Aug 08

In the same post:

“I believe that I yawned once or twice after I had gotten my passengers to safety.”

“when I arrived at a safe location, and required a lot of calming down as I was having quite some difficulty breathing, and was experiencing anxiety attacks which I suffer infrequently.”

So let me get this straight- when you arrived to safety you were both yawning AND having anxiety attacks/breathing difficulties?

Sir, you are full of shit.

FredJ FredJ 10:44 am 04 Aug 08

Contrast. You failed to stop. I did not chase you I followed you. You are exaggerating the speeds involved. I memorised your rego, made a final attempt to get you to stop by overtaking you and then pulling over to the side of the road. I then remained at the side of the road while you took an age to execute a u-turn and drive off.

I’m not going to dignify your lies and exaggerations with any futher comment.

s-s-a s-s-a 10:19 am 04 Aug 08

he then began to pursue me, forcing me to speeds of 100kmp/h within 60kmp/h zones

It takes two to tango and if you were in front, then it could be equally said that *you* were speeding to trying to evade him. Even if you didn’t want to stop on Hindmarsh Drive (and given there is plenty of room I can’t see why not) then if you *did* feel threatened by the other driver then Woden Police Station is just around the corner.

The mental state of your passengers (how old were they btw?) is no excuse for not meeting your obligation under the law to stop and exchange details with the other party.

sepi sepi 10:11 am 04 Aug 08

I hope you have insurance!

“i was tired” “I was frightened” “the other girls in the car were distracting me” “i can’t remember what happened” are the sort of excuses a teenager might use with their parents.

They won’t work with the police or insurance, who will just ask why you didn’t report the accident, or stop at the scene.

Good luck to both parties in sorting this one out.

Contrast Contrast 10:10 am 04 Aug 08

Mr Evil said :

Sounds to me like someone and his passengers were either a bit pissed, or maybe off their tree on something else?

I know that if someone was acting in a threatening manner towards me I would be off to the Police Station straight away.

Now go back to your book of excuses.

I haven’t had to deal with police, but I guess given your assumption of ‘bit pissed or off their tree on something else’ you would probably have quite a lot of familiarity with the locations of Canberra’s police stations. I don’t drive under the influence of alcohol, and I don’t know what else you do, but I can tell you now I’m not into that sorta thing either!

Contrast Contrast 9:58 am 04 Aug 08

All I can say to you is that you are an absolute fool.
You put the lives of all four of us in danger due to your completely aggressive approach.
I would suggest some anger management classes, sir before you find yourself getting arrested for such an act in the future, hoping that you are not hurt or worse.
I have no interest in playing your games after the horrific way you treated the three of us. 100km per hour in a 60 zone is an absolutely appalling display of behaviour from someone who was ‘remarkably’ calm!
To be honest, I really wouldn’t like to see you in an ‘ok’ mood!

Stop your bullshit.
I’ve gone through enough, and I’m busy trying to look after one of the girls you traumatised to the point of hyperventilation for ten solid minutes!!!
I don’t have time to sort out a vindictive and apparently partially blind individual in his attempt to wring money out of me (good bloody luck!!) through an act of blatant perjury!

Get a goddamn life. Mine’s full enough, sorry. You don’t fit.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 9:51 am 04 Aug 08

These things are often confusing, and it’s rare that either side tells the complete truth, but:

Telling the entire internet you were driving tired, have no idea if a crash was your fault, that you deliberately fled the scene, that you repeatedly sped in suburban areas, that you had still failed to contact police a week later, and that all of this is the fault of hysterical girls, a shared house, not having 40c for the phone and “family problems” = the single dumbest thing I’m likely to see today.

“Okay, so ten out of ten for style, but minus several million for good thinking, yeah?” – ZB

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:46 am 04 Aug 08

Sounds to me like someone and his passengers were either a bit pissed, or maybe off their tree on something else?

I know that if someone was acting in a threatening manner towards me I would be off to the Police Station straight away.

Now go back to your book of excuses.

Thumper Thumper 9:43 am 04 Aug 08

I have to agree with V8 Berlina here. There seems to be too many inconsistencies from both parties.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 9:39 am 04 Aug 08

This seems to me to have been blown waaaaaay out of proportion. If someone ran into me and then didn’t immediately pull over, I would simply drive to the nearest police station, report the incident (including the fact that it was a hit and run and you have the vehicle rego), and then contact my insurance company and let them deal with the culprit. I suspect that having an insurance company after such a person would be much worse than having the cops ask a few questions.

I sounds like both parties did wrong here. Not pulling over immediately is, frankly, inexcusable. If there are injuries you call an ambulance. Following the other person is also dodgy, especially given the fact that the rego was known.

FB FB 9:34 am 04 Aug 08

Not having credit on your phone seems like a piss poor excuse to me. Didn’t any of your passengers have a phone? If not what is wrong with a pay phone?

You have had what 5 days to contact the police and you didn’t bother!

I agree with Granny your post seems like a poor attempt at an excuse. It seems to me that both you and your passengers over reacted. Your whole post seems to read as over reaction. It was a minor fender bender yet your passengers were ‘panicking’, I’d hate see what they would be like in a major collision. If someone had hit me in traffic and made no discernable attempt to pull over I would follow them too.

Either way it’s now up to the relevant insurance companies to sort it out.

FredJ FredJ 9:27 am 04 Aug 08

Okay Contrast – firstly thanks for coming forward and admitting to being involved in the accident. Your account validates my request for witnesses.

“On that note, the reason I left the scene, instead of pulling over to exchange details, as is required of those members involved in an incident, is that I had two extremely panicked young women in my vehicle who were verging on hysterics due to the impact of a ute making a blind merge into my vehicle”

Contrast – I was in the centre lane – I had been in the centre lane through 2 sets of lights. There is no merge lane. You entered Hindmarsh and then drove into me. Clearly being tired affected your judgment.

“some way down Hindmarsh Drive long after I had turned off of the Tuggeranong Parkway, and had almost reached speed, perfectly centred in the centre lane of the three lane road.”

Perfected centred = pulling into the lane without looking? I can see which way your statement will read and therefore hope I do find some witnesses.

“not having the disregard for the safety of all the other drivers on the road that Fred clearly had, I did not swerve over to the side of the road as he did. I was planning to pull over on the next street, where I was turning, as there was likely to be less traffic flow. “Fred” got out of his car whilst we were waiting at a red light (he was idling behind me) and aggresively asked if I was going to pull over any time soon. I replied that I was, calmly and rationally.”

I moved over to the side of the road at the first safe apportunity while you moved into the outside lane and carried on. If you wished to pull over you had the entire length of road between The Parkway and the lights by Woden to do so. I do not believe that was your intention. I did not chase you and got out the car and I thought remarkably calmly asked if you intended to pull over. When you said you would I followed waiting for you to do so. It became clear that you had no intention of stopping. You drove out the other side of Mawson, following what can only be described as an interesting route through small roads in an attempt to lose me. I then overtook you in a safe location on a wide road, sounding my horn to ask you to stop and pulled over. At this point you decided to do a u-turn. As I had you number by now I decided that rather than continuing to follow you and escalate the situation I would instead report it to the police and leave it to them and insurance.

“Sorry also to all of you who have been reading the progress of this posting.
It was a very badly handled situation, however this post itself has escalated said situation far beyond a realistic level.”

We will now leave it to insurance. I do not believe for one moment that you intended to pull over. You had ample opportunity to do so and did not. I do not regret making this post as I think without it you would not have gone to the police or reported the incident. Unfortunately it appears that your tiredness has seriously affected your judgement.

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