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Is that a red light? … No it’s Amber!

By Ari - 13 December 2006 21

Apparently police have got video footage of RiotACT favourite Amber Jane Westin running a traffic light and killing 82-year-old Heather Freeman.

I wonder if a close inspection of the footage would reveal our latest loony poster Jim/Peter in the passenger seat?

ED – Thumper also sent in the same story at the same time (Ari’s story wins for correct use of hyperlinks and posting boxes):

Video footage to be used in Westin case

The SMH is reporting that apparently video footage will be used as evidence against Amber Jane Westin, who we recall refused a perfectly legitimate request from the police to pull over, with dire consequences.

I wonder where this footage comes from?

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Is that a red light? … No it’s Amber!
Thumper 10:35 am 14 Dec 06

I thought Weston Creek was a local porn star?

Sammy 10:34 am 14 Dec 06

Weston Creek was charged with being full of bogans, and was found guilty, with the jury polling 12/0.

Absent Diane 9:58 am 14 Dec 06

it was later revealed that weston creek is actually a cluster of suburbs

Thumper 9:32 am 14 Dec 06

Yeah, Weston Creek was charged with impersonating a suburb…

Sammy 9:30 am 14 Dec 06

I think their surname was spelled ‘Weston’. I checked.

Pandy 10:48 pm 13 Dec 06

Wasn’t there another Westin up convicted last week?

futto 9:01 pm 13 Dec 06

The video footage would come from the numerous camera around the Woden Police station. I would imagine they would have several angles too.

Thumper 5:52 pm 13 Dec 06

Computing and the associated skills needed to be proficient at it have never been a high priority for me.

As is quite painfully obvious.

LlamaFrog 5:49 pm 13 Dec 06

Give the police time and they will find the second gunman on the grassy knoll

Al 4:56 pm 13 Dec 06

Still waiting to hear of additional charges resulting from blood test results…

PS: favouritism for HTML nerds JB???

VYBerlinaV8 4:44 pm 13 Dec 06

Poor Amber. Bah.

Thumper 4:02 pm 13 Dec 06

Much better headline. I bow to your superior humour.


Ari 3:48 pm 13 Dec 06

Sorry to steal your thunder, Thumper.

I’d say the footage came from Woden police station’s own cameras.

Thumper 3:42 pm 13 Dec 06



I’ll pay that one….

Nik_the_Pig 3:32 pm 13 Dec 06

plus Ari’s title rocks!

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