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Round and round and round she goes….

By weeziepops - 17 March 2009 95

If I enter a roundabout in the right hand lane and have my right indicator flashing, can I then go straight through the roundabout (opting, perhaps, to indicate left as I exit the other side)? 

I thought I could, but the consistent failure of fellow drivers to consider that I may be going straight through instead of turning right has caused me to wonder… 

[ED – most people will take a right hand indicator as an… err… indication you wish to turn right. But I leave it up to the road rules nerds to clear this up]

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95 Responses to
Round and round and round she goes….
weeziepops 2:02 pm 17 Mar 09

Now that I have achieved a degree of satisfaction regarding my original query, I have another. It’s more a comment, really, but I do hope someone out there may have a view to offer. I find it a bit irritating when I am driving along and a bus pulls out in front of me without indicating. I know The Man says we have to give way to buses, but the assumption of telepathy as part of the process seems a bit unrealistic.

Sgt.Bungers 1:58 pm 17 Mar 09

I should clarify my response… obviously the right indicator needs to be used in situations where the 2nd exit to the round about is significantly more than 180o around… such as at T intersection round abouts.

Primal 1:57 pm 17 Mar 09

Clown Killer said :

Just out of curiosity, if one was to use this indicator thingy when driving … where do I look for it? Is it a button or what?

Usually it’s a big red button on the dash with a triangle on it. That’ll activate both your indicators at once, and then there’s no chance of people not seeing you.

Sgt.Bungers 1:55 pm 17 Mar 09

Looking at the law regarding roundabouts, I could only find reference to when you must indicate right or left, but there didn’t appear to be anything stating that you must not indicate right if you’re going straight.

Still, it’s best not to do that. As you said, most people take a right indicator to mean that you want to turn right. Best to use the indicators on your vehicle in a manner that most drivers are expecting you too… unexpected manuvers will lead to confusion and confusion leads to crashes.

In the interests of optimising traffic flow at multilane round abouts, your right indicator should mean that you’re taking at least the 3rd exit from where you’ve entered, or are performing a u-turn. If you plan on taking the second exit or going straight, don’t indicate right at all.

At single lane round abouts yeah this obviously doesn’t matter quite so much, still best to get into a consistant habit at all round abouts.

Don’t forget to indicate left just after you’ve approached the exit before yours on larger round abouts.

Clown Killer 1:47 pm 17 Mar 09

This post is a joke. No-one in the ACT ever uses an indicator.

Just out of curiosity, if one was to use this indicator thingy when driving … where do I look for it? Is it a button or what?

Seriously, though. After muy experiences in Victoria over the recent long weekend, you can add Victorian drivers to that statement as well.

Madame Workalot 1:45 pm 17 Mar 09

I kinda took the ‘indicate left after entering the roundabout’ as indicating when leaving, which should be done between the last available exit and the one you want.

On reflection, I was perhaps a little rude as you may have been a learner driver or indeed, someone who has not yet got their licence. I apologise. I think I am a little frustrated as this morning, I was waiting at a roundabout for what felt like bloody ages because no-one could be arsed indicating that they were turning right…

caf 1:43 pm 17 Mar 09

Not specifically directed at the OP, but the most important bit is to FOLLOW THE BLOODY ARROW MARKINGS. If the lane is marked with a right-turn only arrow, don’t go ever go straight ahead from it. It’s not a “guideline”, or “advisory” – it’s a rule to stop people running into each other.

seekay 1:39 pm 17 Mar 09

This post is a joke. No-one in the ACT ever uses an indicator.

Kramer 1:36 pm 17 Mar 09

Actually it looks like I am right…
Check the TAMS road rules and here’s the more concise roundabout poster.

Case closed.

weeziepops 1:32 pm 17 Mar 09

Thank you, Kramer. I’m glad I didn’t just make this one up.

Kramer 1:30 pm 17 Mar 09

When they aligned a number of road rules across the country a couple of years ago this was one of them. The original ACT laws were indicate left for left, right for right, and nothing for straight ahead. However the current (previously Vic?) Australia wide rules say indicate right when joining roundabout and left when exiting – which I personally reckon is seriously flawed. I’m guessing this rule may work well for very large roundabouts, but for the small twin lane roundabouts you are just begging for a T-bone with this behaviour.

I think the original rules with an indicate left to exit would be the best solution – and it’s actually what I do on the road anyway :-p

weeziepops 1:27 pm 17 Mar 09

People, people – please! I seek edification, not censure. My lack of certainty on the issue should reassure you that I have not acted upon my admitted urge to indicate right to enter and then indicate left to exit. The TAMS reference document advises me to operate the left hand indicator after entering the roundabout, which seems to suggest a need for careful consideration of timing else people will think I am turning left (thanks, Ed).

Madame Workalot 1:18 pm 17 Mar 09

Page 46 of the ACT Road Rules Handbook. PLEASE read it (preferably the whole thing).

Cameron 1:18 pm 17 Mar 09

This has to be a joke, yes?

Madame Workalot 1:15 pm 17 Mar 09

Are you serious? How long ago did you get your licence?

Right indicator to go right, left indicator to go left, no indicator to go straight and a left indicator when exiting if practicable. I’ll dig it up in the road rules unless someone beats me to it.

Good God, with people like you on the road it’s no wonder my knuckles are white by the time I get to work 😛

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