Someone needs to buy Mark Colbran a calendar

johnboy 29 January 2011 5

ACT Policing Traffic Operations members detected a 23-year-old motorcycle rider travelling along William Hovell Drive, 73km/h over the speed limit.

The rider was detected travelling at 163km/h in a 90km/h zone around 12:11am this morning (Saturday, 29 January). Further police enquiries detected that the male was the holder of a learner class licence.

Traffic Operations Superintendent Mark Colbran said that it was only yesterday (Friday, 28 January) that ACT Policing circulated a media release stating police will be targeting speeding motorists.

“ACT Policing is serious about the speeding campaign which is due to commence in February and incidents like this only reinforce the need for police to target these types of offences” he said.

The man was issued a traffic infringement notice which included a deduction of 6 demerit points from his licence and a fine of $1811.

[Courtesy of ACT Policing]

[ED – In the rider’s defence the media release did say February would be the month for the speeding focus.]

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5 Responses to Someone needs to buy Mark Colbran a calendar
p1 p1 10:04 am 31 Jan 11

In NSW, that speed will get you the same fine, but the police will take your licence away on the spot. You will then have to appear in court and explain yourself, at which point you will likely get a few more months suspension (as you are without a licence for the couple of months before the court system has time to see you), and probably a further $1500 fine as well. Further to that, when you do get your licence back from the court imposed suspension, you will still have lost six points.

Sadly, I know this from experience.

Deref Deref 7:35 am 31 Jan 11

🙂 Another $50 fine for the ACT’s coffers!

LSWCHP LSWCHP 1:37 am 30 Jan 11

Bugger me. If I’m not mistaken, 163 km/h is almost exactly the imperial ton. That’s incredibly bloody quick. That’s like driving along at 80 km/h, and having someone pass you as though you really are standing still. And to top it off, he’s a d***head incompetent learner.

I’d vote for time in the stocks for this young man.

sexynotsmart sexynotsmart 10:22 pm 29 Jan 11

zig said :

163 in a 90 zone is more than just speeding

+1 damn straight!

73km/h over a posted limit is just plain unsafe. And that sort of headline is used to justify clamping down on the rest of us.

The possibility of getting snapped by a camera means I concentrate ever-so-briefly on my speedo at the worst intersections, just in case I slip a few km/h above the posted limit. I would prefer to be “eyes up” watching for red-light runners about to t-bone the better half’s shiny new Lancer.

And why the elderly and infirm-of-mind brAKE! when approaching fixed cameras on the Monaro and the Parkway. It’s safer if they stick with the traffic flow but you can’t blame them for safeguarding this fortnight’s pension payment.

Supt Colbran, please direct your staff to to screw the bastard to the wall. Their actions inspire “preventative” measures that cause everyone else grief.

zig zig 6:19 pm 29 Jan 11

Why isn’t it an automatic licence suspension for 3 months?
163 in a 90 zone is more than just speeding, its blatantly saying “f*** you” to the speed limits.

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