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Something big at Lyneham flats

By johnboy - 14 November 2008 78

[First filed: November 13, 2008 @ 17:02]

A huge chunk of Northbourne Avenue opposite the Dickson Shops is covered in blue tape at the moment and a very large number of police vehicles are in attendance with the constabulary taking copious notes and talking to a lot of people.

Local residents across the road were out watching the show but when asked what had taken place replied “I don’t know and I don’t care”.

More on this as it comes to hand.

UPDATED: ABC radio news is reporting a stabbing after an altercation between two men.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Canberra Times has a lengthy report with the implication a 42 year old man might have been stabbed by a 29 year old woman. The ABC story has a link to some video.

FURTHER UPDATE: The police have now issued not one, but two media releases. The first simply details the time of the stabbing and calls for witnesses. The second says a 29 year old woman has been charged with “intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm and possession of a knife in a public place”.

Yet Another Update: The police have updated the charges they’re now: “intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm and using an offensive weapon”

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78 Responses to
Something big at Lyneham flats
dexi 6:21 pm 13 Nov 08

My Dad told me it wasn’t right to take photos of car crashes. He didn’t mention stabbing though.

johnboy 6:15 pm 13 Nov 08

I did have to go down and get the photos myself.

Madman 6:13 pm 13 Nov 08

Someone called me to say there was a problem around there and I was like – yehhh I’m gonna run over there and get some photos into as quick as I could – but then I stepped outside and was like meh – it’s too hot, in no time this will be on the net for me to see at the comfort of my work chair!! LOL

It’s great this internet thingy! LOL

yeahright 6:03 pm 13 Nov 08

Yeah, I know you can’t identify (unless you knew the person) and I wasn’t really criticising the photos. More just a general comment on the lack of privacy and morbid curiosity on the Internet. It’s a bit like when you have a car accident and everyone who drives past just stares at you, it’s not fun. That being said, I looked at the photos myself out of curiosity.

eh_steve 5:57 pm 13 Nov 08

From a convenience point of view I drove past this at 5:45 pm, and it didn’t slow me down at all. Just thought I’d mention it if you were thinking about taking a longer route home.

dexi 5:55 pm 13 Nov 08

Yeahright, Low resolution makes it hard to identify her even under zoom. She looks upset.

Danman 5:51 pm 13 Nov 08

Holy sheet – I was going to post this story but was like meh just another what were the cops doing here at this time story but I was cruising along northbourne at about 4:05 just here and saw 2 cop 4wd’s hoon past me and swerve into the left hand side (north bound) near the drain bridge.. and park.

I had to stop at the pedestrian lights and was trying to observe in teh rear vision but saw a few more cops rock up…

Guess this answers my curiosity.

yeahright 5:50 pm 13 Nov 08

I’m not sure if thing like this stabbing (whatever this thing is) happen more often but I am amazed how quickly there are photos online. It’s great in some ways how quickly information gets shared around on this interweb thingy. Although not sure how I would feel about it if I was the person in the photos.

dexi 5:49 pm 13 Nov 08

Ice and alcohol.

deezagood 5:46 pm 13 Nov 08

What has happened to Canberra? Has anybody else noted a definate increase in these types of violent crimes in the capital? I used to think this was such a safe city … but every day now there seems to be these types of reports … what has gone wrong?

stereo henry 5:41 pm 13 Nov 08

just rode past, coppers wouldn’t say anything (obviously)… all i could see was several officers and a detective speaking with one very drunk or smacked-out girl behind the electrical substation. The entire area, including parts of the adjacent park, have been turned into a crime scene.

Hercsie 5:24 pm 13 Nov 08

Ah what delightful sights those monocrete constructions are – when will someone front up and bulldoze/redevelop those “historically significant national estate registered” eyesores?

johnboy 5:23 pm 13 Nov 08

Whoops, meant to thank Thumper for the tip

spoonbill 5:22 pm 13 Nov 08

ABC news reported a stabbing.

Spectra 5:19 pm 13 Nov 08

That’ll be fun if they’re still around at peak hour…might stay at work a bit longer tonight.

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