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Stanhope and NRMA to meet to outlaw heart attacks

By johnboy - 24 March 2009 27

The Chief Minister’s quixotic campaign to eliminate cars on the road road deaths in the ACT marches on.

Mr. Stanhope has announced a grand road-safety roundtable to bring about the “cultural change” he seeks.

    “This roundtable will be tasked with devising real ways to bring about a cultural change among Canberra drivers so that one road death a year in this town is one too many,” Mr Stanhope said.

    “It is simply unacceptable that each year about 14 people are killed and 500 people are injured on ACT roads.

And that despite all his cameras and all his speed vans.

Seeing as how one death so far this year was caused by a heart attack I wonder what cultural change will do to address that?

    Items to be discussed include driver and rider education, ideas for road safety campaigns, road infrastructure safety improvements and the enforcement of road safety policies, such as the use of speed cameras.

    The roundtable will also consider the possible expansion of 40km/h zones around shopping and community facilities, including aged care facilities – a topic listed for consultation by the Greens in the Labor and Greens Parliamentary Agreement.

    Peak road safety stakeholders including the Motorcycle Riders Association, Pedal Power, the NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust and the Australian Federal Police will be invited to attend the roundtable.

For mine the most dangerous thing on the roads in Canberra at the moment is the sun on the roads of the East-West arterials around sunset. Cleaning up all the painted over road markings (which reflect beautifully and confusingly) would do wonders for road safety.

But that’s a less impressive use of power than changing the culture.

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Stanhope and NRMA to meet to outlaw heart attacks
Thumper 9:16 am 25 Mar 09

Come to think of it, I too have seen quite a lot of polics cars on the streets rcently.

The fact I drive past Charnwood every day probably has something to do with it 😉

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:07 am 25 Mar 09

Ferfarksake Mr Stanhope, how about some visible police presence on the roads?

Ferfarksake, they’re already everywhere. Every single time I hop in the car I see at least two marked cars. How many more would you like?

driving along in the right lane like an ignorant knob

Must’ve been frustrating not being able to exercise your Jeebus-given right to go 10km/h over the limit.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 7:46 am 25 Mar 09

I’m a big fan of visible police presence, because it makes people actually think about what they are doing, rather than driving along in the right lane like an ignorant knob, believing they’re totally safe because they’re sitting 5 km/h below the speed limit.

Reprobate 11:38 pm 24 Mar 09

Aw great, so road safety is Stanhope’s latest hobby horse. Expect this one to be flogged to death as well…Maybe Jon is thinking of combining his love for public art with road safety messages, expect to see “drive n text u be nxt” in flashing neon on wankinus maximus or whatever that eyesore on Adelaide Ave is called…

Oh, and applying some different thinking to the road safety debate: OK so 10 deaths a year are regrettable and we could probably all sharpen our game but consider the following (conservative) assumption:

If 1 in 3 (100,000) Canberrans each make two 10km trips a day (say to work and back or to the shops on the weekend), every day of the year, that is 72 million trips (or Driving Events as some statistician would probably call it) over 7,300,000,000km in total. Probability wise, do 10 accidents/incidents leading to fatality out of (at least) 72,000,000 trips really reflect that we are all in need of a big stick around the head? (BTW if my figures are wrong please feel free to correct them, It’s getting late…)

Off topic, but while we’re talking about law and order under this Guvmint, how’s the “end of the month” date for the first intake of prisoners at Hume looking Mr Hargreaves? Thought so…

ant 10:31 pm 24 Mar 09

People behave on the roads when the cops are out and about… that is, in marked cars, not sneaking around. I guess tailgaters and things don’t cause fatalities, so they don’t bother pinging them. Why don’t they just declare those offences to be non-offences then?

zig 10:11 pm 24 Mar 09

Felix…re-test every 5 years???? fuck that. It won’t achieve what you are thinking. The only way Canberra drivers are going to learn is if ACT Police get serious about booking people for offences other than speeding.

It’s about time they started booking people for tailgating. I am sick to death of the tailgating that is going on in this town.

cranky 8:41 pm 24 Mar 09

Attempting to be non-judgemental, the one ACT road death this year has been that of a professional driver.

I would contend that it is almost impossible to exit a vehicle at low speed if wearing a seat belt.

Canberra roads are full of speeding, non indicating, tailgating, red light running, inattentive, phone answering drivers.

They do not appear to figure largely in the statistics.

Maybe we DO drive to the conditions.

Felix the Cat 8:23 pm 24 Mar 09

Would help if people actually had the skill to drive. Should be a licence re-test every 5 years, both oral/written and practical. People should only be taught to drive by an experienced and accredited instructor, not by their friend or family. Govt can subsidise lessons for low income people instead of buying stupid overpriced public artwork that nobody wants anyway or from all the greed camera revenue.

cranky 6:43 pm 24 Mar 09

Would help if I could spell ‘murdering”. Sorry all.

monomania 6:37 pm 24 Mar 09

The ACT has by far the lowest death rate per head of population and kilometres driven. Stanhopeless just has to be in the news.

cranky 6:36 pm 24 Mar 09


We’re murduring more citizens than killing them on the road. (Year to date for the pendants).

I don’t count the one on Adelaide Ave. – Had to be a medical calamity.

Go Sonic!

Thumper 6:26 pm 24 Mar 09

More speed cameras.

No doubt…

monomania 6:21 pm 24 Mar 09

The answer is to have someone carrying a red flag in front of every vehicle.

el 6:03 pm 24 Mar 09

Ferfarksake Mr Stanhope, how about some visible police presence on the roads?

People *might* pay attention when they’re driving if they think they’ll be booked for not doing so.

Pommy bastard 5:53 pm 24 Mar 09

Seeing as Canberra’s roads are, and I’ve driven in many countries on several continents, the safest I’ve ever driven on, one wonders what level of “threat” Stan will find acceptable.

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