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Teachers’ choice: money or jobs

By nyssa76 - 8 March 2006 56

I “stole” the headline from today’s CT article.

Honestly, I don’t see the problem in teaching an “extra” 2hrs 40mins (high school). It means that more can be covered in the curriculum. If classtimes are extended by an extra 10mins each lesson then there wouldn’t be a need for teachers to lose jobs – it’s scare tactics by the AEU. Nor would there be an “increased workload” – you’re still teaching the same students, just for a longer period.

“It would also lead to a greater workload for teachers, larger classes, less curriculum diversity and poorer educational outcomes for students.”

If that’s the case (which I don’t believe it to be) then we can get rid of the teachers who shouldn’t be in the job. Who needs colleagues (and I use the term loosely) who don’t do their jobs but are willing to take the money?

I don’t agree on strike action (I think everyone who reads RA would know this already). It’s like a child throwing a tantrum.

I also don’t believe those higher up on the pay scale need more than $68K to do the same job as teachers who earn $52K. I am not talking about executive teachers here. Is it more about the money than the conditions? I believe so.

I’d like to know what parents would think of extended class times and what impact it would have on the students learning. However, this hasn’t been researched and so it still becomes a scare tactic.

I await the strike action…..what a waste.

What’s Your opinion?

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56 Responses to
Teachers’ choice: money or jobs
johnboy 1:04 pm 08 Mar 06

And what are you working hard at Mael?

Special G 12:22 pm 08 Mar 06

Have you looked at the attention span of students. Is increasing the class times by 10 minutes going to create productivity or simply more behaviour management for teachers in the last 10 minutes.

If the government was going to do something productive it should look at more physical acivity in schools. The flow on effects from that would be far greater than an extra 10 minutes of maths/science/whatever.
Fitter heathlier youths, increased attention span. Decrease Australia’s growing obesity rates.

If you wish to increase the workload of teachers then you have to increase their pay – simple. Or maybe add an overtime condition and see where that takes it.

caf 12:20 pm 08 Mar 06

You’re missing my point, which is that you’re simply assuming there will be an extra 10 minutes a day (actually half an hour for high school), when this hasn’t been stated, as far as I can see, at all.

Absent Diane 12:20 pm 08 Mar 06

I think if you give students longer hours it will just be harder to keep their attention span for the extra time and hence will be fruitless if not harmful…

Maelinar 12:19 pm 08 Mar 06

nyssa76; what do you teach ?

Bearing in mind that you have posted on this thread alone, 6 times today, all within school hours.

I am finding it remarkably difficult to reconcile my image of you as a hard working teacher under the scenario I’m presented.

nyssa76 11:54 am 08 Mar 06

Kerces, I work in a school where the 1hr was reduced to 30mins.

They had no problems and parents were actually behind the teachers/principal.

As long as students get 30mins to eat, which is covered anyway, then we haven’t “breached” any laws/policies regarding meals.

When working in a Govt high school, most of the time spent at lunch (from my observations of 5 Govt high schools – almost 1/3 of the total in Canberra) is focused on social agendas i.e. fights, bullying and the like.

Shorter lunches would cut that out considerably given that there isn’t enough time to do that.

simto 11:53 am 08 Mar 06

Oh, students are likely to be stroppy and grumpy. But they’re in attendance on a compulsory basis anyway.

Kerces 11:47 am 08 Mar 06

OK, so they reduce lunch time instead of extending school hours. And you still don’t think the students would have something to say about that?

nyssa76 11:33 am 08 Mar 06

oops…they’re hiring…..

nyssa76 11:33 am 08 Mar 06

Longer contact hours is a joke. As a student I had 5hrs a week with one teacher for one subject. Nowdays students are lucky to have 3 1/2 hrs a week with one teacher for one subject.

Where did the 1 1/2 hrs go?

If they’re smart, they’ll take the time out of lunch. Non-Govt teachers already have more face to face time and they hiring even now.

It’s a scare tactic, especially when you consider that 55% of Govt teachers are 50+ and are going to retire soon. They just don’t want to spend their “last years” teaching an extra 10 mins a day.

caf 10:34 am 08 Mar 06

“Increasing classes by 5-10mins a day won’t mean teacher losses – it will mean a change to the start and finish times of schools.” – yes, I agree. But are they actually proposing to increase class times by 10 minutes a day? All it says is that teachers will be expected to have more class contact hours – which could mean either longer classes, or less teachers.

nyssa76 10:22 am 08 Mar 06

Kerces, it could also mean a change in the time for lunch.

Where I work now, we have 30mins for lunch. In Govt schools they have 1hr (or 50mins depending on the school).

nyssa76 10:20 am 08 Mar 06

I teach 6 classes in the Non-Govt system and I taught 5 classes in the Govt system.

I teach 21hrs now and 18hrs a year ago.

Increasing classes by 5-10mins a day won’t mean teacher losses – it will mean a change to the start and finish times of schools.

So if the school starts at 9am and finishes at 3:15pm then the change might be that it starts at 8:50am and finishes at 3:30pm, so be it.

Kerces 10:10 am 08 Mar 06

The way I read the article, I thought they were proposing there be an extra half hour (or thereabouts) class time a day for high schools and an extra 10 minutes for primary schools.

I’m sure students would have something to say about their school day suddenly being extended by half an hour, not to mention it would throw everything out of whack for those who do extra-curricular activities.

caf 9:51 am 08 Mar 06

But are they actually proposing to increase class times? If not, then longer class contact hours for teachers means less teachers teaching the same number of students… which is where you get the job losses from. Though perhaps these would mostly be through natural attrition.

Whichever way you look at it though, teaching the same number of students for longer *is* an increased workload. Presumably longer classes also means you need to spend more time preparing classes and so forth.

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