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Teachers’ pay agreement progressing

nyssa76 16 December 2006 9

Private Arbitration between the teachers’ union and the government will occur next week (the week before Christmas) and the AEU are stating that it will be a decision could be reached by mid-January.

Please note, this is the reason for the lateness of the secondary transfer round and it will be released 1 week before teaching staff return to work (a week before the students).

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9 Responses to Teachers’ pay agreement progressing
Edumacated Edumacated 5:20 pm 21 Dec 06

Today was my last day at my school, with no news for next year. My principal emailed staff and said that the minister had put a hold on placements and that staff were not to be told in the “forseable future”. It appears that the private arbitration is holding things up, with the numbers of staff being cut and the weekly teaching hours still being debated.

I’ve been in the union for my whole time as a teacher, and pretty active, so I know the story for the past five years (I began in 2002). We got 3% in 2002, 2% 2003, 13% in 2004 (playing catch up that year as we had drifted so far from NSW) and 3% in 2005. I’ve been on strike twice in 2004 and four times this year.

nyssa76 nyssa76 2:30 pm 21 Dec 06

Just e-mailed to me:

On the AEU website they have asked that members not to take out their “frustrations or angst” on DET staff, AEU staff or staff at their current school (which it won’t be in about 30 mins).

Of course staff are frustrated and upset. No one told us “officially” until the last day of the school year!

FFS, why wait until the last day?

Are the inmates running the asylum?

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:37 am 20 Dec 06

Mael, I don’t belong to the AEU and haven’t been in the system for a year to get any payrise from the ACT Govt.

Thumper Thumper 8:28 am 20 Dec 06

“I wonder if Mr. Barr would be able to write a semester’s worth of curriculum for 5 classes in 1 week (excluding PD)?”

Not a chance. Not a snowflakes….

Maelinar Maelinar 8:05 am 20 Dec 06

Way too much information – sounds like a private chat channel in here!

Nys or Ed, a question – when was the last year you plugged for a payrise ?

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:26 pm 19 Dec 06

Ed, I sympathise. I’m permanent in the Govt system and will have no idea.

Where did you read re: the Minister’s decree? I’ve e-mailed staffing (last night) and heard nothing. If I do, I’ll post it here.

I wonder if Mr. Barr would be able to write a semester’s worth of curriculum for 5 classes in 1 week (excluding PD)?

I doubt it.

Edumacated Edumacated 11:19 pm 19 Dec 06

Well, while my placement for 2007 has been decided, the minister has decreed that no teacher be told of their placement until mid-Jan. I, for one, look forward to finding out whether I’m teaching north, south, east or west and whether it be Year 12 Ancient History or Year 7 English, or something in between. In either case, my preparation for my classes for next year will not be up to my usual standards. Thanks Mr Barr.

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:22 pm 17 Dec 06

Ed, I’ve personally e-mailed the Acting Manager of Staffing. She is very elusive when the question is posed to her.

Plus the EBA outcome will have an effect, especially if the Govt wins on the loss of 85 jobs.

I’d prefer to know next week so I can 1) meet the staff and 2) know what levels and subjects I am teaching to prepare for over the holidays and to organise what stuff of mine I am going to take into the new school.

Edumacated Edumacated 3:55 pm 17 Dec 06

Considering secondary staff were meant to find out their 2007 placements next week, an additional 5 weeks seems incredible (but not surprising). How do you know they won’t be out until mid Jan?

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