Teddy Bear Lynchings

papadoc 7 January 2008 10

After travelling to Tuross on the weekend, I couldn’t help but notice that on the drive between Queanbeyan and Bungendore there was a series of soft toys tied to random trees along the way. At first I thought it was cute, but after the first 50 I got quite scared. Are these friendly little fellas spying on behalf of ASIO or are they victims of mass teddy bear lynchings? Can someone please explain!?!?!

[ED – This question has been asked numerous times on Riot, the most recent that I could locate on short notice here. Justme78 provided this ABC link at the time.]

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10 Responses to Teddy Bear Lynchings
Adza Adza 6:37 pm 20 Nov 07

That may be true shenanigans, but I’ve heard several people say “this is the true story”.

shenanigans shenanigans 10:22 am 20 Nov 07

There are many urban myths about the Teddies. The truth is that they were started by a doctor in the Moruya area who would often drive with his children to Canberra. He invented the teddies as a method to keep them amused on the long drive, so that they would have something to look out for and would know that, for instance, when they saw the pink teddie with the bowtie that they were only half an hour away. They are, however, completely creepy and have spread all across the south coast. I saw some in Bodalla the other day.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 11:22 pm 17 Nov 07

JC comment : “I belive it has something to do with people marrying in Bundgendore. Each one that does it hangs a bear on the way.”

Oh dear. I guess my wife and I have failed to hang a teddy bear! 🙂

JC JC 9:15 pm 17 Nov 07

I belive it has something to do with people marrying in Bundgendore. Each one that does it hangs a bear on the way.

Adza Adza 11:02 am 17 Nov 07

Hahaha, I was told the real reason for the teddy bears was as a “safe journey” gesture for people travelling to the coast.

Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know but they were supposed to be like guardian angels I was told.

Hugo Hugo 9:31 am 17 Nov 07

The Bears were a spontaneous prophylaxis against Bogan infestations of secret South Coast retreats first noted in the CT by Angela Shanahan.

They proved ineffective, but, regardless, have continued to appear in other locations and have now been listed as a feral pest.

They have nothing to do with the election, or the Eden-Monaro electorate (or so we are told to believe).

Mælinar Mælinar 9:35 pm 16 Nov 07

I found out once upon a time, but then I’ve forgotten it by the time this got regurgitated again.

A targetted google will do you good.

ant ant 9:17 pm 16 Nov 07

I looked at all the links given, and no one knows why they are there!

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 5:22 pm 16 Nov 07

barney bear?

barney barney 4:38 pm 16 Nov 07

I have heard a rumor that the bears that live “Poo’s Corner” on the Clyde are breeding in the wild now. They have bred so much that they are considered pests. It’s kind of like the wild-dog/cat tree’s in the outback. It shows that the local people in the area are doing their part to eradicate the influx of wild bears.

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