The towers of Belconnen

Damien Haas 16 December 2011 45

belco towers

Two containers tipped on their ends have recently appeared in the carpark adjacent to the Belconnen Community Bus station, fronting Benjamin Way.

I approached a workman affixing some panelling over the door at the bottom (at the rear away from the street0 and asked him what they were.

He advised that he didn’t know, and that i should speak to the council.

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belco towers

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45 Responses to The towers of Belconnen
Mumbucks Mumbucks 12:18 am 31 Dec 11

Nuclear experiments

Mordd Mordd 6:54 pm 30 Dec 11

Ko. said :

They are using them to mount signage for the new building works in the area.

Sigh what happened to the days of just hanging it off the crane and on the fences around the edge? Now we need to build gigantic towers to put advertising on, really? I guess there are no planning restrictions on it thought considering its obviously not as high as the finished site will be?

ma7trlb ma7trlb 9:22 am 24 Dec 11

Are they going to mount a ferris wheel on top to complete Belconnen’s twin city agreement with Prypiat?

Ko. Ko. 8:54 am 24 Dec 11

They are using them to mount signage for the new building works in the area.

BimboGeek BimboGeek 8:25 am 24 Dec 11

It’s rubbish. Have it cleared away.

Deref Deref 7:59 am 24 Dec 11

It’s a lift well. They’ll build a lovely new block of flats around it.

ttguy ttguy 1:04 am 24 Dec 11

I think these are the same monoliths that appear in 2001 a Space Odyssey. But since I never understood what these were in that movie I still have no insight into what they are!

ttguy ttguy 12:28 am 24 Dec 11

Mr ttguy,

Thank you for contacting ACTION.

These vertical containers are not part of the Interchange, ACTION is unaware of their purpose.

ACTION has been able to verify however, that they are NOT some type of art work and may have been placed there for advertising purposes by the developer of nearby apartments.

Thank you for taking the time to write to ACTION.

Kind regards

Y M Clarke – ACTION Customer Service

AG Canberra AG Canberra 7:52 am 19 Dec 11

Markers for the height of the buildings going there….to aid in community consultation?

waztech_oz waztech_oz 12:40 pm 18 Dec 11

Given its location to Immigration – perhaps it is a new detention center for unexpected boat arrivals.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 12:13 pm 18 Dec 11

Jim Jones said :

“My name is Katie Gallagher, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

The next line is fairly fitting given the talent pool in the ACT Labor Govt:
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

fgzk fgzk 9:09 am 18 Dec 11

Camera mount.

prescott prescott 11:25 pm 17 Dec 11

Getting ready for Canberra’s new Birdman Rally?

sandcaw sandcaw 1:18 pm 17 Dec 11

This is the new multi-storey car park; the last remaining bit of space left after every other car park and spare piece of land has been built on.

astrojax astrojax 12:37 pm 17 Dec 11

Gismondo said :

Is it just me or are others inspired by the towers to get out the old “Who’s Next”

“out here in the fields, i fight for my meals……

don’t cry. and don’t raise your eye. it’s just belconnen, another teenage wasteland…

Bramina Bramina 10:49 am 17 Dec 11

Dilandach said :

mmm “art”.

I guess at least it isn’t phallic shaped this time.

It looks phallic to me.

fermion fermion 10:39 am 17 Dec 11

A tower of giraffes?

dungfungus dungfungus 8:42 am 17 Dec 11

Potaloos for tall people?

Fliponout Fliponout 10:45 pm 16 Dec 11

Stanhope is still around to tease us with his ART …….
How much did we pay for this one … 500K

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