‘Tis the Season……………to be $#%@ing Careful!

The Frots 1 January 2011 35

Yesterday (December 30, 2010) a neighbour had her house broken into between 11.00am and 6.00pm. The house is located near Jabanunga Street, Ngunnawal. The backdoor was smashed and the offender made off with a Toshiba laptop and other personal jewellery totalling around $4000.

Now, what is interesting in this is that a male was seen in the street around 10.30am. It is a small, quiet street and all the neighbours know each other but this person wasn’t known to those who saw him. The description is as follows:

Male – dark skinned (possibly Indian or South East Asian), short, neat black hair, around 20-25 years old, clean shaven and around 178cms in height with a slight build.

The male, as it turns out, has been seen in the street and the area for the past few months. On this particular occassion he was wearing what appeared to be a fluro vest and carrying a white stick (?) of some sort and wearing a black shoulder back-pack. Previously he was seen wearing a white shirt and black pants, and again a red shirt and black pants. He always appears neat and tidy.

While in the street when he was sighted yesterday he was seen walking into the front yard of some houses. He seemed confident and didn’t display any concerns or regard for the fact that he was seen.

So, if you live in the Ngunnawal area, be on the lookout for this guy. We are!

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35 Responses to ‘Tis the Season……………to be $#%@ing Careful!
gospeedygo gospeedygo 8:33 am 04 Jan 11

Yes, but only one has a best friend with one arm. Harry …

DBCooper DBCooper 11:57 am 03 Jan 11

Interesting clothes? You wonder if the jerks who do this type of stuff put much thought into their work clothes Many people see a uniform and a clipboard/parcel/construction paraphernalia? combined with someone who acts like they belong knocking on a customers door. Most will assume so….

I grew up in a house that was never locked.Even when we went to Australia for a few weeks.Foolish not to lock it during vacation? of course. But nobody ever broke in. I know someone who was burgled three times. Can’t imagine. Best not to keep any valuables in your bedroom as its assumed.

Don’t think a note like this (see link) would work in Australia. Makes you wonder if the thieves choose the H&R Block building instead?


natecv8 natecv8 11:59 pm 02 Jan 11

I have to concur with those making the observation that Ngunnawal appears to be popular with these types.. in the 6 years I was there I had a window cracked during an attempted burglary, caught them in the act a week later (trying to prise the front door open with a screwdriver & bar), and had another attempt around a year later, again via the window.

I also agree with the comments on the lack of local skill – not once did they get in.. but the damage is expensive and annoying

bigfeet bigfeet 11:43 pm 02 Jan 11

“Wow! Some people really missed the sarcasm in cbourke1972?s post.”


bobbatty bobbatty 7:52 pm 02 Jan 11

Jesus Christ..where is the Xmas spirit. You pagans just don’t get charity!

mutley mutley 5:13 pm 02 Jan 11

Wow! Some people really missed the sarcasm in cbourke1972’s post.

JustThinking JustThinking 4:47 pm 02 Jan 11

“””Why havent you mentioned WHY this individual broke in. How do we know that he wasnt one of lifes unfortunates that needed money to feed his family?> Perhaps he was evicted. Perhaps he needed funds for a legal defence. It goes to show us that we should give to those more unfortunate.”””
A few years ago when I returned to the Canberra area I was homeless and living in a car on the river bank with 4 children..
Wish I would have known back then it was OK for me to just break into someones house and help myself…sure would have been easier than living off donations of food and continually harrassing shop/business owners until someone gave me a job..

I think we have a duty to keep our eye in our neighbourhoods. Hopefully someone will be keeping their eye out for us!!
There’s nothing wrong with approaching someone who appears to be ‘misplaced’ and asking if they are OK or need help.
Even in businesses they tell you making eye contact and greeting customers is not only good for business but also a deterrent for would be offenders. The belief being they know they have been seen and can be recognised.

Hope the poor people get their stuff back..
Also a reminder to sit down and record all serial numbers etc from household goods, take photo’s of stuff with no serial numbers–and if you are like me–mark items in an inconspicuous place (record and pic)..so that if the items are ever recovered (or sold) you have proof of what is yours…

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 12:24 pm 02 Jan 11

cbourke1972 said: “Why havent you mentioned WHY this individual broke in. How do we know that he wasnt one of lifes unfortunates that needed money to feed his family?> Perhaps he was evicted. Perhaps he needed funds for a legal defence. It goes to show us that we should give to those more unfortunate”.

So every person that feels they have been hard done by in life has the right to enter someone else’s home uninvited and take whatever they want? I particularly like your suggestion that stealing from others is a valid way to fund a legal defence for previous crimes. It’s only the second day of 2011 but yours would have to be a contender for most ill-though out post of the year.

Back on topic, I live in a small street and all neighbours know each other quite well. None of us have any issue with approaching strangers loitering in the street and politely asking what they are doing here. A few months ago one neighbour even caught three teenage girls in their next door neighbours backyard while they were in the act of trying to open a window. They were chased off and the police called. Sometimes nosy neighbours are the best to have around.

beejay76 beejay76 12:12 pm 02 Jan 11

@pptvb I lived in Ngunnawal for 2 years and never had anything stolen. Someone tried to break into our car once. Must have been a rank amateur and extremely desperate: it was a 22 year old Laser and he failed.

So there you are! Isn’t that exciting? But, I will confess, after the third armed holdup in the video store down the road I wasn’t sure how long our streak could last. We left.

The Frots The Frots 11:40 am 02 Jan 11

Fabforty said:’Clearly he isn’t aware that he needed to introduce himself to The Frots and all his neighbours in order to not be considered the cause of this apparent crime wave’.

Bit over the top don’t you think? If you saw something similar you wouldn’t think anything of it? Glad I’m not your neighbour – my confidence in you looking out for the street would be somewhat diminished!

It is what it is – a stranger was seen in a street shortly before a burglary and in the weeks leading up to it! It is fair to say he isn’t part of the John Guild Bird Watching Society, he isn’t a ‘workman’ nor does the detour he took through the street take him anywhere.

As I said, and as a favour to everyone else – be aware that this may be happening near you. Should you choose to ignore it – then good for you! Not so good for your neighbours – but then that may not be your problem really, eh?

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 11:39 am 02 Jan 11

Obviously the product of a broken home with a disturbed upbringing. If we gave him a new govvy flat with a wii and a plasma TV, and more pension and benefits, and encouraged him to attend counseling and get some Reiki, he may find peace with himself.

It’s really all the person who was robbed’s fault as they have conspicuous wealth and deserve to have it redistributed to the more needy.

Thumper Thumper 11:30 am 02 Jan 11

Why havent you mentioned WHY this individual broke in. How do we know that he wasnt one of lifes unfortunates that needed money to feed his family

And the point you are making is?

H1NG0 H1NG0 10:50 am 02 Jan 11

cbourke1972’s post is probably the most retarded thing I have ever read on the internet.

toriness toriness 10:46 am 02 Jan 11

if i saw someone actually in the act of breaking into a neighbour’s place (or committing any kind of crime), i would absolutely call the cops. but would i call up and squeak to them over the phone about a ‘neat and tidy yet suspicious looking fellow who me and my neighbours don’t know and he is walking in our street!… what’s that? no he’s not actually doing anything wrong but *strident tone* he looks suspicious!!!’ – probably not, i would be loathe to waste both mine and the police force’s time. and come on, do the police actually show up for such a sighting?? if they do, this is good news and i will become a mrs mangle as well.

Postalgeek Postalgeek 10:20 am 02 Jan 11

Lol Cbourke1972, after I catch him breaking into my house he can break into your house to pay for his medical bills.

How about you post your address so that thieves don’t waste their time robbing those who don’t appreciate them.

fabforty fabforty 9:41 am 02 Jan 11

Holditz, this guy has not “been seen in the vicinity of several robberies”. Did you even read the article ? There has been ONE burglary and all this bloke has done is be seen in this street (looking neat and tidy)over the past few months.

Clearly he isn’t aware that he needed to introduce himself to The Frots and all his neighbours in order to not be considered the cause of this apparent crime wave.

vg vg 9:07 am 02 Jan 11

“Secondly how dare you racial profile this person”

Grow the f up. He was describing him. His ‘race’ is not mentioned, unless there’s an undiscovered racial group known as possibly Indian or South-East asian.

Have a cup of your lentil tea and return back to your life of irrelevance. How better would you have described the man.

Barack Obama is African-American. Jackie Chan is Asian. Sue me princess

Auntyem Auntyem 8:52 am 02 Jan 11

Cbourke1972 – You sound like a Canberra judge.

This person may very well be an “unfortunate” – but breaking into houses, damaging people’s lives and robbing them of their hard-earned goods is a booming (tax-free) business run by “unfortunates” who don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves.

I thought the profile given by the frots was pretty clear. If we want to be completely PC every description given would be: a person of interest was seen – and that isn’t much help to anyone except the offender.

The Frots The Frots 1:44 am 02 Jan 11

Secondly how dare you racial profile this person. So what if he is dark skinned. Why did you feel the need to state this?

You have to be kidding me don’t you? If he was white – I’d say he was white! Call it as it is – if it has a fluffy bum, waddles and goes quack, we’d usually say it’s a duck……….and not a stranged,billed creature with a large furry ass!

Thanks to the others who have said something constructive – it wasn’t my property but a friend of ours. And yes, she is devestated. The rest of us are angry.

I agree with Holditz – that’s exactly what Neighbourhood watch is all about! That’s what we intend to do.

TIG3R – the street is up near the Horse Park Drive end. Hope this helps.

gospeedygo gospeedygo 12:06 am 02 Jan 11

The tone of cbourke1972’s post suggests he could be said offender. That Freudian slip was dee-lish.

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