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Trouble in Watson this morning

By scootergal - 12 August 2008 29

I stopped by the Watson shops on my way to work this morning to find three police cars and a paddy wagon in the car park.  Apparently there was a man loitering outside the local school there, holding a knife. 

 It didn’t appear as though he was apprehended, and after taking statements, the police moved on.  Has anybody else heard anything about this?

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29 Responses to
Trouble in Watson this morning
Mr Evil 4:37 pm 12 Aug 08

scootergal said :

Well for me at least, it is so rare that I see a police car anywhere I found it surprising!

You obviously haven’t been anywhere near Subway in the Canberra Arcade Bldg around lunch and dinner time.

scootergal 4:23 pm 12 Aug 08

Don’y get me wrong, I love freaks. If you knew some of the men I have been out with, you would see that is the case. :O)

peterh 4:22 pm 12 Aug 08

S4anta said :

everytime you mention self-flagelation i get exited vg!

oh I do hope you meant excited, I really do….

S4anta 4:04 pm 12 Aug 08

everytime you mention self-flagelation i get exited vg!

Madman 3:15 pm 12 Aug 08

But you do see why the officer had to do this…

The man was in custody and therefore the police were responsible for him. If he had tripped over his shoelace and broken his nose they would have been liable from what I believe.

miz 3:07 pm 12 Aug 08

Isn’t Samaritan House right there at Watson shops? Sam House often ends up being the default backstop for the Psych Unit when Canb Hosp reckon people aren’t mentally ill/suicidal ‘enough’ to warrant a bed.

Poor man was probably going to try and do himself in.

Skidbladnir 2:50 pm 12 Aug 08

Sorry scootergal, but everyime people put negative-information stories (as in the original poster isn’t giving any information away, just wanting to be informed on a specific topic) on RiotACT we get this way. For example, when people ask about the white vans next to the road, or the like.

In answer to your original question:
Maybe, but not me.

scootergal 2:25 pm 12 Aug 08


shanefos 2:20 pm 12 Aug 08

Ah, VG! How I have missed your insightful comments!

scootergal 1:24 pm 12 Aug 08

Well for me at least, it is so rare that I see a police car anywhere I found it surprising!

vg 1:12 pm 12 Aug 08


I hope I can help, having some knowledge of the training required. He/she receives significant training in shoe lace tying so as, when bending, their buttocks are pointed in the least possibly offensive direction so as not to offend delicate sensibilities such as yours.

If you do feel offended I was consider either a complaint to the Federal Minister for Justice or ritual self-flagellation.

Best regards and I hope I was of some assistance

S4anta 1:04 pm 12 Aug 08

I saw a policemen tying his shoes. Does anyone know how much training he recieves to do this and whether I can ask him to do it elsewhere because it offends my sensibilities?

vg 12:57 pm 12 Aug 08

Today I saw a Police car parked on the side of the road. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

Crikey 11:57 am 12 Aug 08

Just a typical day in North Canberra.

dingocross 10:57 am 12 Aug 08

The man was apprehended without incident; he had been brandishing the knife whilst kneeling opposite the school.

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