25 January 2008

Troy Williams to stand in Molonglo

| TroyWilliams
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G’day all

As a few here have already guessed, yes I will be seeking endorsement to be a Liberal candidate for Molongolo in this year’s elections.

The decision was a simple one, the ACT Government needs the priorities right and keep focused on the important issues. In essence, I believe that we need a change for the better.

I’m taking nothing for granted, from preselection through to the election itself, at each stage I’ll make an effort to do the right thing.

Over to you – I’m happy to hear your thoughts about what the priories are for our community.

All the best


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Well, we know he’s not Mel Torme, Thumper, ‘cos he died nearly 10 years ago. Then again, you do believe in ghosts don’t you …

If Troy ever became a figure in ACT Opposition (or someday, ACT Government) and had policy stances on controversial issues, could we be able to get an email interview along the lines of the Andrew Barr schools Q&A, or would we have to rely on the pap fed via the CT?

Deadmandrinking2:06 pm 29 Jan 08

Yes. I’m John Hargreaves.

Work out who I really am on Facebook (I left a clue) and you can have a private exchange of insults if you wish, as caf suggested, but don’t bring stupid arguments from other threads into this one. Let Troy have his space to hear what people have to say.

If he says he’s not Hargreaves, it’s on the table.

If you want a private conversation, use email.

WMD the question was to Thumper, not you.

Are you confirming you are John Hargreaves ?

James-T-Kirk1:53 pm 29 Jan 08

Oh – I forgot – Is there another election.

Who will the Sun ripened tomato party candidate be – They had my vote the first time around…

(Right after I (as the majority) voted to drop self government – Look where that got us… Yep – voting makes such a difference.

At least, we could have a bit of fun, Select a little known party rep name, and vote as them *many* times….

Alternately, you could vote as “Colin James Dunstan” – Gold!!!!

James-T-Kirk1:51 pm 29 Jan 08

No —- I am – (At least I would be if I could remember my other logins for this site…;-)

*yawn* Another bloody polly – *yawn*

Deadmandrinking1:48 pm 29 Jan 08

Yes, you soooo exposed me, Maelinar.

I am John Hargreaves, John Stanhope, John Howard and Johnny Cash. Obviously.

Hey Thumper, do you think WMD is the raisin ?

If you think about it, they are both as mad as a turnip, and WMD has never denied not being Hargreaves. I also strongly suspect WMD is guilty of drunken in charge of a computer, something that Hargreaves is surely accountable for as well, judging from his track record.

err hingo I don’t think Troy feels RA is a good place to get the opinions of ACT residents, I’d say he approaches this website holding a very big broomstick.

This website undeniably has a role in ACT politics, mainly through I hazard to say, the previous efforts of JB and the rest of the RA crew in fostering that role.

What any publicly announced politician (I know there are a few who choose not to identify themselves to avoid undue harrassment) will get on RA is a supercritical exposure to anything related to the ACT/Canberra. Sometimes this is warranted, sometimes not so welcome.

It’s certainly an opinion, but its not the only one, and its not necessarily representative of the whole of Canberra, although in most cases, RA membership is an open invitation, and an open forum – you only get closed down when you start getting psycho. Actually, perhaps it is representative, but thats for a thinktank/research group to determine.

I do know that if I ever wanted to know something about ACT politics, I’d look here first for the critical debate. That’s probably why Troy has a presence here – albeit he does seem to be more of a lurker than a poster, further comments genuinely welcome from Troy himself.

CanberraGreen1:14 pm 29 Jan 08

ffs. If a guy has whacko ideas fine, if he can’t type all that well so what? MLAs have staff, doubt candidates get that sort of support.

what are the odds that troy was educated by a state labor education system?

Ugh, art by committee, I can’t think of anything worse.

And that’s the point right there Skidbladnir. The fact that he feels that RiotACT is a good place to get the opinions of the residents of ACT. I doubt Stanhope would have the balls but maybe he isn’t looking for advice on spelling 😉

What is your position on public art Troy? Do you believe there should there be some sort of public poll to decide before these pieces are commissioned?

I’m just giving him stick for joining in the Politicians Redefining the English Language thread with a website full of typos on the day he announced.
(New typo: the electorate is correctly spelled as Molonglo on his website and elsewhere, just not here on Troy’s RiotAct announcement)
He’s welcome to have a go at me anytime he likes really, as I’d prefer to have a local member I talk to.

Judging by some of the comments here, it seems like for a politician to succeed, they must have a dictionary in hand and a website designer who doesn’t f*ck up EVER! If you meet those two criteria, then you can’t lose.

Thanks, it does. A Liberal from the libertarian mould is certainly what they need more of to succeed in the ACT.

Either Troy is planning a takeover of the domain http://www.williams.com.au (where I expected to find information about RM Williams, or Williams the Shoemen, but currently redirecting to a site about the town of Coral Bay in the Shire of Williams, Western Australia) or his signature link should be pointing to http://www.troywilliams.com.au

Can someone here clarify for me: What is involved in being endorsed by the Liberal Party to stand as a candidate, and is it really anything more than just gathering the required internal ACT Lib votes to carry a motion giving consent to run?
*is not normally concerned or informed about internal ACT Lib decisions, until they become spectacular public implosions, eg: The Mulcahy Implosion*

TroyWilliams11:41 am 29 Jan 08

G’day Caf

Not an unreasonable question and one I’m happy to answer.

My own views tend to vary depending on the subject matter. Insofar as economic issues go, I tend to lean to the party’s right whereas on other issues, such as the environment, I’d be on the party’s left. So I’d be an economic ‘dry’ and also socially progressive. It’s the libertarian side of me I guess.

Many of my views are drawn from practical experience. My more recent work assisting companies adapt to the challenge of climate change has allowed me to understand that we need to change our work and consumption patterns to address global warming. As the head of a professional institute, I support increased funding for the public education system, whilst maintaining the option of private education if that’s what people choose.

Caf, I hope that answers your question.


I think the big question is will he backlink the RiotACT on his website ?


Say no more….”

Thumper, I match your Iemma; and raise you a Carr!

Troy’s website now has a new typo, apparently he protects the “enviornment”.
(The picture of Troy standing in a paddock, rotated in after him standing next to the asian lady)

But I can’t see any reason why Troy couldn’t do some good for the ACT Liberals, as all common sense as fled them recently, and they had Dead Boring Smyth acting as media spokesman t’other day. 😐

And doing such a grand job at running the states into the ground. – care to explain how your theory fits while the federal coffers are bursting at the seams from GST revenues and the states have had to cough up increasing amounts of dollah as the federal sources dried up over the last decade ?

The reason we are in such federal surplus is because as a public we have gone without for a very long time.

If states managed their own GST, and federal taxes were the major funding source for federal govt, your comment would have an element of truth; should the state still be in financial difficulty.

Thumper, Iemma inherited his dilemma from his predecessor. The best thing he could do with NSW at the moment is to declare Sydney a no-immigration zone, and run a free one way busline from the city to inland towns.

Troy certainly seems like a slicker package than most of the existing Liberals, but I’m not really sure what’s in the package. Is he an economic “wet” or “dry”? Socially progressive or conservative? The Liberals like to describe themselves as a broad church – roughly where in this church does Troy pull up a pew?

And doing such a grand job at running the states into the ground.

“Troy, my priority is to never have to see a liberal government in this country ever again, national or state. If you can help achieve that, then you have my best wishes. Cheers.”

Yeah Fluges, because Labor has been so much of a better option all of the time! Ha, ha, ha, ha….

Deadmandrinking12:11 pm 26 Jan 08

Workchoices is really Federal Politics. If Troy gets in (which he won’t on my vote, sorry), I hope he remembers he’s in the ACT gov, not the Feds – unlike Stanhope, who’s got some nice ideas about Federal Politics but tends to forget the ACT.

Fluges I am a man of few words normally. More than three paragraphs makes me feel like I’m ranting.

el ......VNBerlinaV811:28 am 26 Jan 08

mlm, I agree 100% with what you just wrote.

Good luck Troy, you may just get my vote as I believe you couldn’t *possibly* be any worse than the current mob.

PLEASE don’t prove me wrong 🙂

mlm, you call that a rant?

Nemo, if there is one thing governments understand, it’s self-preservation. For this reason you can safely rule out a rise in GST for at the very least this term of the government.

Troy, good luck. You’ve demonstrated some level of competence in your postings/interactions on RA so far. Talk about damned by faint praise but it still puts you ahead of many in the ACT political pack.

On the WorkChoices is dead debate.. independence is a fine quality to desire in our politicians, but a dose of reality is needed. Pollies will need to fall in line with the party, it’s part of the party political system that we have. You can have your parliament of 100 independents if you want. The shifting sands of political allegiances would be a bloody nightmare.

At least at the last election you knew broadly your choices: Howard pro WorkChoices, Rudd anti WorkChoices. I am willing t obet there were Labor people who didn’t mind AWAs and Libs that thought WorkChoices went too far in shifting power to employers.

Rant over I think. In summary, I would like a competent government and a competent opposition. I do not particularly care which party is which but I do happen to think that Troy08 (now my trademark) would improve the situation.

Crnnky. Sorry my mistake. I heard it a couple of weeks ago being thrown around as a solution to curb the growing inflation rate. But now looking for a source it appears Labor have denied that this will occur.

For an increase to occur there needs to be agreement from all the states, with wall to wall Labor govts, dont rule it out.


I consider myself fairly well informed, but seem to have missed the item you are referring to regarding a proposed increase in the GST.

Could you please post a link?

“which is why they didn’t publicise it before the elections. That’s called being sneaky.”

It’s convenient that less than 2 months after the election Wayne Swan has been looking in to raising the GST to 15%, but that wasn’t meantioned in the election campaign either…was that sneaky too?

Troy, my priority is to never have to see a liberal government in this country ever again, national or state. If you can help achieve that, then you have my best wishes. Cheers.

Personally I like Stanhope but am not convinced about his team. In any event, he’s much better than anything the Lib’s have to offer the ACT. How was Smyth getting savaged by Kyle Sandilands on the radio this week?…. priceless.

My priorities for the ACT?.. Carparks and kids playgrounds clean of glass and people doing burnouts on public roads losing both their cars and their licence.

Personally I want anyone other than Stanhope….

Another 4 years of him would be unbearable.

Whether you like Troy or not, at least he is getting out and about in the community. I think some of the current mob have forgotten why they are there.

IT’s all well and good to say “workchoices is dead”, but the fact remains that the liberals forumulated it, and introduced it. Plainly, it was something they believed in, and I am certain that many if not all still support the principles it was based on. That has to be remembered,you can’t just turn it off like a tap.

Supporting the big end of town and relying on the trickle-down effect has always been a central platform of the liberal party, and work choices was a direct result of that.

They knew it would not play well with those affected (employees), which is why they didn’t publicise it before the elections.
That’s called being sneaky.

Yes but we want people of character, honesty, conviction, non-paty hacks to stand-up for us Thumper.

Not the bully boy apologists and in the developer pockets like we have now.

So Troy and Jon will make a very close and cosy team.

I would like to see improved public transport, particularly for newer suburbs.

Dunlop in particular has appalling access to bus routes. In many cases houses are well over 1km from the bus stop.

I would like the ACT Govt to get back to local issues, such as health and education, instead of trying to push wider social agendas.

Ok, Troy,

Since your minions are out running interference for you.

Could you give us your current stance on WorkChoices – a policy which you supported until the last federal election.

Do you still support WorkChoices?

If not, what don’t you support about it?

And please explain your reasoning for any differences from your policy of two months ago.

Humph was quite polite when no one would take his pamphlets. He and a Lad in boardies were standing forlornly outside our building before the election, trying to hand out pamphlets, but I didn’t see anyone take any. Humph looked like he hadn’t had his first coffee yet.

My priority for the ACT community is for the ACT Liberals to go the way of the Australian Democrats – which also seems to be their priority given their recent behaviour.

That said, I take my hat off to anyone who wants to represent their community – it looks like a hard slog and they almost always mean well. As a tip, when you start door knocking don’t insult people who politely tell you that they vote Labour like one of the shadow ministers did to me a few weeks before the last election.

As I have said earlier, I’m prepared to give him a go. Can’t be any worse than the monkey at the wheel currently.

hairy nosed wombat9:20 pm 25 Jan 08

yer troy, there seems to be a lot of graffiti on street signs in Gungahlin, you know what I am talking about.

When are you going to do a Pratt and clean it up.

Gungahlin Al9:03 pm 25 Jan 08

“…about what the *priories* are for our community”

Mine is pollies who can spell as well as the gooder english that is demanded of us when writting our minsterals for them.

But seriously Troy, the calibre of the opposition could only be improved by your presence.

I have no preference.

Just making the observation, that’s all.

CanberraGreen8:11 pm 25 Jan 08

ari, so you would prefer it if he didn’t turn up al all?


Oh Wait, I’m sorry, I failed to see the club members only sign on the door.

Troy, you only show up here when you want something – i.e. votes.

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