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Troy Williams to stand in Molonglo

By TroyWilliams - 25 January 2008 58

G’day all

As a few here have already guessed, yes I will be seeking endorsement to be a Liberal candidate for Molongolo in this year’s elections.

The decision was a simple one, the ACT Government needs the priorities right and keep focused on the important issues. In essence, I believe that we need a change for the better.

I’m taking nothing for granted, from preselection through to the election itself, at each stage I’ll make an effort to do the right thing.

Over to you – I’m happy to hear your thoughts about what the priories are for our community.

All the best


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58 Responses to
Troy Williams to stand in Molonglo
Pandy 9:30 am 26 Jan 08

Yes but we want people of character, honesty, conviction, non-paty hacks to stand-up for us Thumper.

Not the bully boy apologists and in the developer pockets like we have now.

Thumper 8:52 am 26 Jan 08

Only on RA will people complain about the standard of the opposition only to complain when someone in opposition decides to have a go.


Pandy 8:46 am 26 Jan 08

So Troy and Jon will make a very close and cosy team.

Thumper 8:31 am 26 Jan 08


WorkChoices has been dead and buried since Nelson took over the Federal Libs.

Nemo 12:29 am 26 Jan 08

I would like to see improved public transport, particularly for newer suburbs.

Dunlop in particular has appalling access to bus routes. In many cases houses are well over 1km from the bus stop.

I would like the ACT Govt to get back to local issues, such as health and education, instead of trying to push wider social agendas.

Ari 10:26 pm 25 Jan 08

Ok, Troy,

Since your minions are out running interference for you.

Could you give us your current stance on WorkChoices – a policy which you supported until the last federal election.

Do you still support WorkChoices?

If not, what don’t you support about it?

And please explain your reasoning for any differences from your policy of two months ago.

ant 9:54 pm 25 Jan 08

Humph was quite polite when no one would take his pamphlets. He and a Lad in boardies were standing forlornly outside our building before the election, trying to hand out pamphlets, but I didn’t see anyone take any. Humph looked like he hadn’t had his first coffee yet.

NickD 9:26 pm 25 Jan 08

My priority for the ACT community is for the ACT Liberals to go the way of the Australian Democrats – which also seems to be their priority given their recent behaviour.

That said, I take my hat off to anyone who wants to represent their community – it looks like a hard slog and they almost always mean well. As a tip, when you start door knocking don’t insult people who politely tell you that they vote Labour like one of the shadow ministers did to me a few weeks before the last election.

Mælinar 9:22 pm 25 Jan 08

As I have said earlier, I’m prepared to give him a go. Can’t be any worse than the monkey at the wheel currently.

hairy nosed wombat 9:20 pm 25 Jan 08

yer troy, there seems to be a lot of graffiti on street signs in Gungahlin, you know what I am talking about.

When are you going to do a Pratt and clean it up.

Gungahlin Al 9:03 pm 25 Jan 08

“…about what the *priories* are for our community”

Mine is pollies who can spell as well as the gooder english that is demanded of us when writting our minsterals for them.

But seriously Troy, the calibre of the opposition could only be improved by your presence.

Ari 8:32 pm 25 Jan 08

I have no preference.

Just making the observation, that’s all.

CanberraGreen 8:11 pm 25 Jan 08

ari, so you would prefer it if he didn’t turn up al all?

RandomGit 7:56 pm 25 Jan 08


Oh Wait, I’m sorry, I failed to see the club members only sign on the door.

Ari 7:43 pm 25 Jan 08

Troy, you only show up here when you want something – i.e. votes.

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