Unearthed Review: Redbot Destroyer. Two and a half stars.

Barcham 28 August 2013

Redboy Destroyer

After foolishly Rick Rolling Johnboy I’ve been thrown back into the Unearthed Review pits as penance.

Time to work my way out again.

The fates made our RNG pick the forth band on our list and that just happens to be Redbot Destroyer. Redbot Destroyer have a rad name and apparently sound like “Rage against the smashing nirvanas”.

They have nothing to say about themselves (or self), but here’s what I have to say about them:

Rage against the Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana?

This band does actually manage to get that depressed/apathetic teen in the 90’s feel going, so that works for it. Although I’m not hearing any RATM anger in there. Or for that matter any of the cleverness and originality that all of those bands had.

They have two songs up for download, both of which should push that staying up late in 1998 to watch Rage nostalgia button (assuming you have one of those). Whether or not that is a good thing or not is up to you.

Panda Pants is the more entertaining of the two tracks on offer. Take it away is quickly forgotten as a song that sounds pretty much like you expect it to, but Panda Pants sticks around in your mind all day. I keep finding myself stopping and rethinking my position on whether Panda Pants is a brilliant self-aware parody, or if it’s just a fantastically ridiculous example of the style.

I don’t know, but the song only took 3 minutes 10 seconds to listen to, and I’ve then gained many times over that initial investment in thinking about the song, whether I liked it, and whether that matters. So in terms of an investment in time spent versus time entertained, I would say it is absolutely worth a look.

Two and a half stars.

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