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Wall to consult small business on paid parking

By Michael Reid 12 May 2016 22


The Liberal opposition would ditch the Barr government’s plan for paid parking in the Phillip commercial precinct, shadow minister for small business Andrew Wall said on Thursday.

“Unlike the government, the Canberra Liberals will be happy to consult with local businesses and look to accommodate their needs,” he said.

“There should be a fairer mix of short stay, long stay and permit parking in Phillip.

“Removing the government’s paid parking is a live option. As far as we’re concerned, everything is on the table for discussion.

“The government has failed to consult on parking changes, but the Canberra Liberals will.”

Mr Wall will address businesses on the matter at a meeting in Phillip this afternoon.

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Wall to consult small business on paid parking
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JC 11:33 am 17 May 16

Mysteryman said :

Parking policy in the ACT has definitely made me and the misses less likely to take incidental trips or stop-offs at cafes and bars for a quick coffee or beer on the way home from work. If I was a small café or bar owner I’d feel pretty hard done by. The cost and inconvenience of everything in Canberra keeps going up, not for any good reason but just stupid “green” ideology.

Maybe the cost of government, and the upkeep of all this ‘free’ stuff has an effect on them too. But fear not still plenty of cafes etc in the suburban shops that are thriving and still has free carparking. In fact a lot of smaller shops are doing really well now that some businesses like cafes open up. Does go to show though how well off many in Canberra are, but still complain about rising costs and the like.

JC 11:30 am 17 May 16

DragonRyda said :

gooterz said :

oh_ said :

dtc said :

madelini said :

So this business is using government car parks to park customer cars between jobs? And is complaining he will be asked to pay for using those spots?.

In many ways this is the kind of thing the government is trying to ‘stamp’ out. Those parks are not there to keep his business costs down by leasing less land to do his business. Most mechanics shops I know accomodate customer cars between jobs on their own site why is this mechanic any different

Rubbish. Those car parks are so that customers can access the businesses – including mechanics. Its actually the way it was designed.

How come I’ve never seen it in other town centres? Other town centres for the most part mechanic business accomodate cars between jobs onsite not in government supplied car parking.

Phillip is not the town centre of Woden. That’s why.

Well this has already been answered, but to add it to it: Yes this is the way Phillip was designed, there are roughly 20+ businesses there I could name off the top of my head that use the car parks there like this, and that’s ok, it’s allowed, the government knows, it was always intended to work like that.

As far as I know, there are also places in Fyshwick and Belconnen that were designed to use car spaces like this, it is customer parking, it’s the customers car and it’s parked outside their business, but then it is moved inside to be worked on, then later parked back out there for the customer to pick up. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and there are plenty of car spots in Phillip to allow for this type of business operation there.

Since the government designed Phillip this way though, to introduce paid parking there on top of Woden without consulting those business owners is definitely the height of hypocrisy. I can see why, you can’t make Woden paid parking and leave Phillip the way it is, everyone would try to park over there instead. But they will need to make some allowance for the businesses there who have customers that have to leave their vehicle somewhere for it to be worked on, and someone will have to pay for the parking now if they go ahead with this.

So name these 20 businesses? And name some in other town centres? And we are talking speicfically business like car repairs where a customer parks in a government car park, business takes it in to work on it, then drops it back off in the government car park.

We are not talking businesses where a customer parks, goes inside does what ever they need and leaves, we are specifcally talking ones where the vehicle is left with the business and parked up in a government carpark.

And I don’t see anything special about the carpark layout in Phillip. There are rows of parks outside shops, and a few larger block car parks, for what I presume are longer term car parking for the workers. I do see that Philip is designed so they have back lanes leading to the rear of the business and many businesses have a reasonable space at the back. Your not talking about that are you? If so that space is on the business premisis and not government and is exactly where I am saying customer cars when not being worked on should be parked up.

Oh and in Belconnen really struggling to find any business that uses government carparks to park cars between jobs.

Transtate tyres, parks under their own roof. The group of mechanic shops on Park Street and the unit on the corner of Park and Nettfold streets, all out the front or back, but not government car parks. Though yes Toyota does sometimes park cars on the road, mostly workers cars though. Smash repairers on Oatly court, inside or out the front, off the road. Help me I am struggling.

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