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Website Design Ripoff. What to do?

By NM1968 11 February 2013 26

I recently decided that my 1980’s website needed upgrading.

I contacted a company and was told I had to pay half up front which I did. I was then emailed the Terms and Conditions which I signed and was then asked for the rest of the money.

Yes, I did pay it, what a fool!! Upon rereading the terms and conditions again, it stated that they could only ask for half the money up front.

I brought this to their attention and they became quite rude. After a few conversations with them I lost faith in their ability to produce a professional website on my behalf.

I then asked for a full refund and was promptly given a big fat NO.

Anyone got any suggestions on how I can get my money back without having to go through Fair Trading and represent myself in Court.

What’s Your opinion?

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Website Design Ripoff. What to do?
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zorro29 4:26 pm 12 Feb 13

i don’t understand why you asked for your money back? especially after you paid the money

at any rate…the service hasn’t been rendered so it’s unreasonable/unlawful for them to keep the money

if you can’t get the money back directly by asking the company/writing a letter, ACAT is probably your next best option (it’s a pain and slow, but it’s a good avenue for individuals to rectify situations without lawyers etc)

Hosinator 11:39 am 12 Feb 13

If you paid by credit card simply call your bank and get them to reverse the funds. Tell them that the services haven’t been delivered and won;t be delivered and you fear the person you paid will abscond with your money.

Small claims court is a massive pain, we’ve just gone through it and understand why companies thumb their nose at it. We wen’t through six months of process and winning our case, to not seeing a cent of our money.
It would be easier if you hired a debt collector or a couple of roid heads from your local gym to visit the company with a baseball bat.

Holden Caulfield 10:24 am 12 Feb 13

NM1968 said :

…My kingergarten son could have done better…

Maybe as well as design advice you should ask your son for a few spelling tips.

NM1968 10:17 am 12 Feb 13

Firstly I am not attacking all web design companies, just this particular one. I am now working with another website designer and am more than happy with the results.

As for being hot and cold, maybe I am from the old school, but since when do you pay for something and receive absolutely nothing in return? They spent absolutely no time on my new website whatsoever. I did not change my mind simply because they asked for money upfront. I changed my mind because after a conversation with someone from the company, in regards specifically to graphics, I was sent a link to pictures they would use on the website. These pictures were to say the least, basic black and white icons. They didn’t depict my industry correctly and lacked any imagination whatsoever. My kingergarten son could have done better.

I did contact ACCC who contacted them to no avail. I was then directed to Fair Trading and sent documentation to go to Court. Really don’t have the time or the strength to do this. Going to the office and pouring water on their computers sounds like more fun.

Will ask the Accountant as suggested, any letters will more than likely be ignored.

I have definitely learnt from this experience and will never be gullible to pay the full amount again. I am sure that 99% of businesses are honest and reliable, I just chose the wrong one and will cop it on the chin.

aceofspades 9:25 am 12 Feb 13

Conan of Cooma said :

poetix said :

Pork Hunt said :

A 1980’s website. I’d like to see that…

Some people seem to relish doing very convincing impressions of what one might have been like:

That felt good.

Ah, Linux nerds, the 5th lowest echelon of nerds. They even order pizza! What’s the bet they all have a server at home called Gandalf or Frodo?

They probably have uptime dating back to sometime in the 80’s too. A concept other OS’s don’t seem to know anything about.

watto23 9:23 am 12 Feb 13

Tony4PM said :

Roundhead89 said :

Pork Hunt said :

A 1980’s website. I’d like to see that…

… especially since the World Wide Web was only invented in 1992.

Maybe it’s a site about the 1980s ? 🙂

Ahh…1992, I remember it well… IRC, Gopher…and a new fangled thing called Mosaic? It was a new frontier back then.

mosaic, wait i surfed the web using Lync which was a text only browser. Even downloading porn was possible, using ASCII encoded files… not that I’d know.

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