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What would you do?

Vic Bitterman 6 March 2009 131

Living in my street, I tend to notice who does what, and the neighbours and the gossip factory are well established.

One of the people in our street, a young lad, has been working for a real estate company. He’s got a flash new car.

He lives at home, with mum and dad, we all know that. Dad is a doctor (GP). The whole street knows that.

The young lad is a fit fellow. We all see him.

What disturbs me, is that I see his flash new car parked in Tuggeranong in a disabled car park every day only a few metres from the real estate agents office front door.

This raises several questions, of which I am disturbed, but of course do not know the truth :

– Does the son have a genuine disability (not that I, or the gossiping neighbours in our street have ever, ever noticed)?
– Has dad, in his capacity of a GP rorted the system and gotten a disabled sticker for the son, such that he can avoid paying for parking like the rest of us do?

Nobody in our street likes the family. Their house is a brothel, it is literally a pigsty. Old broken car park, unkempt lawns, sheets for curtains. Yes, this is the house of a family GP and family. To see it, you’d say ‘Oh my gawd’. So from that I reckon the father, the GP, really couldn’t give a sh-ite and thus a dodgy disabled sticker wouldn’t even worry him at all.

So, what would you do?

Confront the kid?
Confront the dad?

UPDATED: Vic Bitterman has admitted that he jumped the shark in this case with the following statement made in the comments:

    I have just spoken with [Name supressed] on the phone. I was out of line and I apologised. I will make amends. My learning point, as I said before, is to mind my own business and not jump to conclusions.

What's Your Opinion?

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131 Responses to What would you do?
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Granny Granny 2:09 pm 06 Mar 09

Did it have chunky bits?


deezagood deezagood 2:03 pm 06 Mar 09

Granny said :

I’ve done that – vomited in a garbage bin outside Belconnen Mall one fine morning. People looked at me like I was some kind of loser dirty hippie drunkard. I was like, excuse me, just be grateful I made it to the flipping rubbish bin I should think!

I threw up all over my keyboard at work once – not pretty! My poor, poor work-mates (they were much greener than I was!). Also threw up in numerous shopping centre bins, all over myself in the car, on my husband once and in the bushes just outside my house on more than one occasion! Gotta love pregnancy!

Granny Granny 1:25 pm 06 Mar 09

I’ve done that – vomited in a garbage bin outside Belconnen Mall one fine morning. People looked at me like I was some kind of loser dirty hippie drunkard. I was like, excuse me, just be grateful I made it to the flipping rubbish bin I should think!

dragonflygal dragonflygal 1:15 pm 06 Mar 09

You’re hilarious Granny!! I doubted anyone would pull me up on it anyway, with the green face and the dash towards the centre!

Granny Granny 1:13 pm 06 Mar 09

Well, at that stage you kind of were the pram!


dragonflygal dragonflygal 1:11 pm 06 Mar 09

That’s it Granny – makes sense really! And given you can’t be booked for parking in those spaces, I’d say if the disabled ones are full then people with a disabled permit could park there anyway.

I parked in a parents with prams spot once at the beginning of my pregnancy due to having morning sickness and wanting to make it to the loo!

Granny Granny 1:00 pm 06 Mar 09

Yes, that’s what I thought they were for – the safety of the child being put into the pram. Otherwise you have to put the pram behind the car where it may be hit by traffic in the car park while you are getting other kids out, locking doors etc.

Kods Kods 12:59 pm 06 Mar 09

Yeah its mostly belco that I was ranting about. The spots are also in weird positions.

dragonflygal dragonflygal 12:55 pm 06 Mar 09

I used to joke that there should be parking for parents WITHOUT prams!

The way I understand it, the parents with prams parking is more about giving them a slightly larger spot so they can get bub in and out easily, and also for parents with toddlers, parking slightly closer to the entrance makes it safer – less cars to deal with in getting in and out of the shops.

Belco mall doesn’t make sense to me – the parks for parents are the same size as all the rest, whereas Canberra Centre they are bigger to allow room to get bub in and out.

Kods Kods 12:50 pm 06 Mar 09

ant said :

It’s all very well to have rules about this stuff, but my point is, are they good rules? Do we agree with them?

Yeah lets not go there, it will just get me started on parents with pram spots, and senior citizen spots (which I am less against). Since when is a child a disibility? And if you are going to cart them all around the shop, how does parking closer make it any eaiser? What about people who are unable to conceive, what do they get? A gross reminder of their own shortcomings if they park in one and some big fat yuppie in his child killer comes up and yells at them, eventhough they got a park even closer?

I think i have gotten started….

pelican pelican 12:33 pm 06 Mar 09

Not all ‘disabled’ people look disabled. I have a friend with Crohn’s disease who has a sticker because if she can’t park close to the entrance and near to where toilets are…well I don’t have to go into any further detail.

caf caf 12:21 pm 06 Mar 09

I saw a sticker on a car the other day proclaiming “Frangipani Stickers on Cars: Australia says No”.

Granny Granny 12:17 pm 06 Mar 09

Soap and water, Qbn Gal! Soap and water!

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 12:13 pm 06 Mar 09

Whatsup said :

We need Frangapani Sticker Car Spots. Because I don’t want them parking near me, they should have their own special area with padded walls and pylons.

Agreed, ditto for Eureka stockade flags, and “Playboy” bunny stickers.

Qbn Gal Qbn Gal 12:02 pm 06 Mar 09

What’s wrong with frangipani stickers? Helps this girl find her car easily.

ant ant 12:02 pm 06 Mar 09

It’s all very well to have rules about this stuff, but my point is, are they good rules? Do we agree with them?

The morning after I tore my achillles, I was in agony and just shuffling slowly was agony. However, by the arvo I’d found a Dr, got some crutches, and was quite happy. Didn’t need to be parked closer to anything after that. same when I had my shin splints operated on. With crutches, I was quite mobile. The wheelchair I’d been in after the Op was another matter, that was a nuisence.

The point has also been made that not all PWD “need” a special spot. It is assessed on need, not the mere fact that they have a disability. Id’ regard ladies in those 8-inch heels as mobility-impaired, for instance.

This topic has raised some very interesting questions.

eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 11:47 am 06 Mar 09

TLDR punch him in the face for being a real estate agent

Kods Kods 11:11 am 06 Mar 09

Yeah something like that. Who knows, its different all over the country. :S

jakez jakez 11:11 am 06 Mar 09

youareallretarded said :


If the biggest problem you have in your day to day life is some random doctors kid who you don’t know in any way, shape or form getting a disabled parking permit then… well… Wow. Just wow. You are all retarded. and you all deserve disabled parking permits because of your obvious brain retardation. Morons. DUUUURP I AM OUTRAGED PUBLIC SERVANT AND MY OPINION MATTERS KK ALRIGHT BYE.

HAHAHA I like this guy.

Granny Granny 10:55 am 06 Mar 09

I think you get four times the specified time, Kods. So if it’s a 15 minute zone you get to park there for an hour, eight hours in a two hour zone etc.

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