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What would you do?

By Vic Bitterman - 5 March 2009 131

Living in my street, I tend to notice who does what, and the neighbours and the gossip factory are well established.

One of the people in our street, a young lad, has been working for a real estate company. He’s got a flash new car.

He lives at home, with mum and dad, we all know that. Dad is a doctor (GP). The whole street knows that.

The young lad is a fit fellow. We all see him.

What disturbs me, is that I see his flash new car parked in Tuggeranong in a disabled car park every day only a few metres from the real estate agents office front door.

This raises several questions, of which I am disturbed, but of course do not know the truth :

– Does the son have a genuine disability (not that I, or the gossiping neighbours in our street have ever, ever noticed)?
– Has dad, in his capacity of a GP rorted the system and gotten a disabled sticker for the son, such that he can avoid paying for parking like the rest of us do?

Nobody in our street likes the family. Their house is a brothel, it is literally a pigsty. Old broken car park, unkempt lawns, sheets for curtains. Yes, this is the house of a family GP and family. To see it, you’d say ‘Oh my gawd’. So from that I reckon the father, the GP, really couldn’t give a sh-ite and thus a dodgy disabled sticker wouldn’t even worry him at all.

So, what would you do?

Confront the kid?
Confront the dad?

UPDATED: Vic Bitterman has admitted that he jumped the shark in this case with the following statement made in the comments:

    I have just spoken with [Name supressed] on the phone. I was out of line and I apologised. I will make amends. My learning point, as I said before, is to mind my own business and not jump to conclusions.

What’s Your opinion?

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131 Responses to
What would you do?
dexi 12:57 pm 05 Mar 09

My apologies that last comment may have not come out right.

You never know who is parking. Leave it to the lovely parking inspectors to sort out or take a pick and post it on RA.

mrnamjama 12:37 pm 05 Mar 09

Also, remember that not all disabled people drive themselves and need to be dropped off and picked up by family – who get a disabled sticker for this purpose.

realityskin 12:31 pm 05 Mar 09

haha GOLD

dexi 12:30 pm 05 Mar 09

An old neighbour challenged a disabled parker who did not have a sticker. She is very Dutch. Turned out to be one of the Hinton boys. A fracas insured the police where called. I believe he ended up in court on assault charges.

Be careful who you challenge because you never know what kind of turd will park in a disabled spot.

Loz 12:26 pm 05 Mar 09

Here’s what I would do, I would consider the following –

a) Not all disabilities are visible.

b) Not all disabilities are permananent.

The OP obviously lives in Calwell and I know the person this post refers to. The ‘Fit’ young lad in question is fit because he plays a sport and sometimes sportspeople are known to collect the odd injury or two. This unfortunate young lad scored himself a knee injury that required a knee reconstruction. Hence he has a disabled parking lable for his car for a few weeks while his leg heals.

Seems fair, right?

What IS unfair is questioning his old mans integrity as a GP based on the state of the front lawn…

Pommy bastard 12:18 pm 05 Mar 09

AG Canberra said :

A friend has only one leg – and was abused by a person for using a disabled parking space.

The bloke quickly changed his tune when my friend kicked him in the shin with her prosthetic leg. Must’ve left an awful bruise!

Always be sure of the facts before confronting someone….

Heh, back in the UK I used to have a mate, an ex-para, who lost his leg due to a parachute accident. Despite his disability he was one hell of a fit and mean mother******.

He used to take great delight in “boxing in” people parked without disabled stickers in disabled spaces. He used to take even greater delight in confronting them. (He used to wear shorts displaying his prosthesis) His favourite line; “Yes I have boxed you in, and now I’m going away to do some shopping. I’ll be back just after the traffic warden’s been.”

deezagood 12:05 pm 05 Mar 09

Seeing non-disabled people parking in disabled spots sends me over the edge .. grrrrr – report him to the police.

Rawhide Kid No 2 11:33 am 05 Mar 09

Any way If you have a Disable Label for your car you don’t have to park in a Disable Parking space. You can park in metered spaces for a few hours at a time free.

Rawhide Kid No 2 11:30 am 05 Mar 09

He could have a bad back…And we all know what its like to have a bad back…Good one day , Bloody hell the next.

AG Canberra 11:20 am 05 Mar 09

A friend has only one leg – and was abused by a person for using a disabled parking space.

The bloke quickly changed his tune when my friend kicked him in the shin with her prosthetic leg. Must’ve left an awful bruise!

Always be sure of the facts before confronting someone….

Spam Box 11:11 am 05 Mar 09

If it’s there often then the answer is simple, express your concerns to the relevant authority and they will check on it. Another way is to post the identifying info here and we can check it out for sport. 😉

puzzlepunk 10:57 am 05 Mar 09

Key his car – not for being parked in a disabled spot, but for being a real estate agent.

deye 10:48 am 05 Mar 09

Does he just park there, or does he have a sticker on the car ?

Granny 10:42 am 05 Mar 09

As a person who has a disabled sticker for my daughter it certainly does bother me when I can’t get a space because somebody else has parked there.

I have also known people to rort the system. A friend had a sticker and, although a medical condition existed, they could and did easily walk the distances that should have precluded a sticker.

Nevertheless, I have been called on it before by other people with disabled stickers and it makes me furious.

I never use it when my daughter is not in the car, and I really don’t want to discuss my personal business with strangers. They are always appalled when they realise the extent of my daughter’s disability, but it is just another upset I don’t need in my day.

So, if you challenge it you might end up with egg on your face. However, if you see him often walking the required distance you may wish to make a call to the relevant department. It is really annoying when people cheat in this fashion.

Peppablack 10:39 am 05 Mar 09

Just report his vehicle to Motor Registry if you feel that he genuinely has no disability and is abusing the system, and his sticker will be confiscated. That will give his GP father something to think about. ha

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