What’s open tomorrow?

Dark and Mysterious 5 November 2007 17

So…I hear that Woolies supermarkets are open tomorrow.  But what else?  I wouldn’t mind a wander about the shops and the coffee, but are my chances Buckleys…or none?

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17 Responses to What’s open tomorrow?
Dark and Mysterious Dark and Mysterious 11:11 am 07 Nov 07

I ended up paying 10% surcharge at the National Library cafe and the staff confirmed that they were getting penalty rates, so all good! Also it was a lot warmer than sitting outside at the Hyatt….

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:20 pm 06 Nov 07

15% surcharge isn’t all that bad for PH service…
I charge my Manager a 150% surcharge for being here manning a tech support helpdesk they’ve warned people not to call unless it was urgent.

Dark and Mysterious Dark and Mysterious 11:44 am 06 Nov 07

It is? Gahd Canberra is a mass of microclimates. It is pretty good here (Barton). I have to go to the Hyatt for a coffee, v. pricey and today they have a 15% surcharge! I just hope some of it is being given back to the staff in penalty rates….

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:36 am 06 Nov 07

My experience with McCafe has only ever been in the “I am in dire need of coffee. Any coffee.” while driving long distances.
It seems to be standard regional muck, so have never been willing to try a coffee from McD’s in a civilised area (ie: bigger than Moree) when there are other options.
But McD’s is all the way down by the lake, and its blowing strong gusts…

Dark and Mysterious Dark and Mysterious 11:30 am 06 Nov 07

What, no Maccas near you, Skidbladnir? I am a huge fan of McCafe. Particularly the Slice of Sweet Sweet Death (otherwise known as Slice of Life). Damn. Am at work. Shouldn’t have thought of it. 😉

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:25 am 06 Nov 07

for those of us working today, it would be nice if -somewhere- was open to sell a decent cup of coffee…
*is happily at work in Tuggeranong*

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 11:06 am 06 Nov 07

Pubes on AWAs get the holiday folks – I know ’cause there’s one sitting in my lounge room reading a book and listening to Tom Waits.

ant ant 10:53 am 06 Nov 07

Queanbeyan’s open! Bring an umbrella though, it’s pouring.

Several public service dep’ts are on AWAs (and despite the progaganda, it’s no AWA, no job at those places). I wonder if they got the holiday too?

Mike Crowther Mike Crowther 11:50 pm 05 Nov 07

So if a person on an AWA can be directed to work tomorrow….and then paid ordinary rates when they do….what is the point of our glorified Mayor declaring a ‘holiday’? (Unless its to allow business owners to slap a surcharge on top of the price of the drinks.)

thetruth thetruth 10:06 pm 05 Nov 07

I wonder what conrade (not a typo)Stanhope is doing? As his economy ticks over on the back of AWA fuelled mining export dollars from WA and Qld?

ns ns 3:00 pm 05 Nov 07

Not that I’m suggesting you should wander there, but I think the Commonwealth Bank’s open.

Jazz Jazz 2:59 pm 05 Nov 07

Cook IGA is open tomorrow too. not much chance of getting a coffee there though unless you take your own thermos of hot water.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 1:52 pm 05 Nov 07

No BBQ chicken for this puppy Astro – watching my weight (and believe me there’s a bit to keep an eye on).

astrojax astrojax 1:34 pm 05 Nov 07

ingee recommends a nice city markets chicken outlet for an enjoyable chicken on our day off. it’ll be open, but probably only til mid arvo when they’ll sigh and give up. someone oughta write a letter, eh ingee? : )

les les 12:50 pm 05 Nov 07

yarralumla nursery had a sign up saying they were still open. wouldn’t it be standard sunday hours at most places?

kenneth kenneth 11:53 am 05 Nov 07

Myer is open tomorrow

S4anta S4anta 11:46 am 05 Nov 07

Holt IGA – 7 – 8.30. best place to purchase Guinness, Boags Wizard, and Aparthied products.

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