Where do you study?

kate79 13 July 2020 13

I’ve been looking for an after hours weekday study venue. I’m not a student anywhere, this is purely self study and I lack the discipline to study at home where fun stuff lives.

I was impressed that I could join the ACT Library online, but I see that only a couple of the libraries are open until 8pm according to their website. The National Library seems a bit more reliable for after hours work, but is there an alternative I’m missing?

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13 Responses to Where do you study?
BigDave BigDave 12:05 am 16 Sep 07

I usually study in my toilet with a copy of today’s newspaper, a cup of tea and a plate of digestives.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:20 am 14 Sep 07

“In the US, many campus libraries operate 24 hours a day. Still waiting for Aussie Unis to adopt that.”

Well if we start charging the students $100k/annum to study at uni, then yes we might be able to follow the US lead and keep our libraries open 24/day too!

boomacat boomacat 11:31 am 13 Sep 07

Yeah I also find going into work good for study, agree with you VY, my brain seems to understand that when I’m at the office I’m there for work.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 8:11 am 13 Sep 07

When I studied undergrad we used to just use spare clasrooms around the uni. The library is pretty good there, though. When I did postgrad I just went into the office and sat there (on a Saturday, usually). To me, the office is for work, and home is for, well, home.

Thumper Thumper 7:55 am 13 Sep 07

Yep, I spent many an hour reading in the UC library. Quiet, largely unoccupied, and free parking.

Perfect whilst studying.

b2 b2 12:04 am 13 Sep 07

they won’t check you at UC unless you are trying to borrow something in any case

kate79 kate79 11:50 pm 12 Sep 07

Apparently if you went there, you’re still welcome

kate79 kate79 11:28 pm 12 Sep 07

Brilliant, thanks folks. I might start with UC, can’t believe it never occurred to me as I used to go there too.

Any likely issues as I’m no longer a student? I’m guessing I dont need to prove anything to just slip in for some quiet reading.

Morgan Lee Morgan Lee 10:17 pm 12 Sep 07

Menzies closes pretty early now, Chifley is open till 11 most nights

ant ant 10:16 pm 12 Sep 07

Echo the ANU suggestions. Although the Menzies was always bloody stuffy.

asp asp 9:23 pm 12 Sep 07

In the US, many campus libraries operate 24hours a day. Still waiting for Aussie Unis to adopt that.

National Library is good, though surprisingly busy even late at night. Sometimes can’t get a seat. Only the Main reading room is open after 5pm though. UC is very good too.

If you need stuff like newspapers and microfilm records from the National Library Newspaper room, they can be sent up to the main reading room for use after 5pm if requested prior to 5pm.

TAD TAD 8:28 pm 12 Sep 07

I say the University of Canberra Library. 4 floors of study desks, free parking.

I’ve gone there as it was where I did my degree (10 years ago) and cannot for the life of me study at home.

Opening hours vary but are usually 0830-2200 during term and 0830-1700 out of term. http://www.canberra.edu.au/library/services/library_hours

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 8:03 pm 12 Sep 07

Years (actually coming on decades ago) when I was a student at ANU the Law Library and the Menzies Library were open ’til 10.00 which I found to be quite useful.

Once I fell asleep in the Menzies Library and got locked in. It must have happened reasonably often because there was a sign at the front desk along the lines of “have you been locked in…”

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