Whitlam plans show range of housing options in village concept

Ian Bushnell 24 October 2018 21

The Master Plan for the new Molonglo Valley suburb of Whitlam. Photo from the DA.

The first stage of the planned new suburb of Whitlam in the Molonglo Valley will consist of 542 single residential blocks and nine multi-unit blocks with a maximum of 77 dwellings, according to the planning documents in the development application.

Stage 1 will also include two ponds, roads, utility services, footpaths, landscaping, and urban open spaces including a park.

Block sizes range from 150 m2 to 1,027 m2, which the documents say will cater for a wide range of buyers, providing affordability and choice, and promoting a mix of innovative housing designs. “One of the key objectives within Whitlam is to offer a diverse range of housing types to encourage affordability and a mix of demographics within the estate,” it says.

There will be 70 single dwelling blocks of 150-249m2, 40 251-350m2, 105 351-450m2, 66 451-499m2, 202 500-650m2 and 59 6512+.

The multi-unit blocks are located on the edge of the estate at important intersections as landmark developments that present the character of the estate.

Stage One requires a construction standard for all houses of Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 12.5.

The planning documents say that Stage 1 will be divided into smaller neighbourhoods that have their own unique streetscape character, forming ‘villages’ defined by their street trees. These are mainly exotic deciduous trees, allowing sunshine during winter and shade in the summer to mitigate any urban heat island effect.

Stage 1 of Whitlam will include 542 single blocks and nine multi-unit blocks.

There will be four entrances to the estate from John Gorton Drive to enhance the village concept and disperse traffic. Vehicular laneways will be provided at the rear of the larger residential blocks along the major collector road.

The open space includes a landscaped pond that the planning documents say will be a valuable neighbourhood recreation resource. A passive recreation space is proposed adjacent to the pond, including fixed shelters, loop footpaths and barbecues.

On the southern side of the collector road, the main open space for Stage 1 will be the suburb’s first Local Neighbourhood Park which will provide play experiences and activities suitable for a range of age groups, with shade sails sheltering fixed play equipment for younger ages.

Pedestrian and shared paths will provide pedestrian and bicycle connections throughout the neighbourhood, linking streets, recreation open spaces and local parks, as well as to bus stops.

It is proposed that an ‘artistic’ landmark installation will announce the new Whitlam Estate and the main entry road will be a formal boulevard with a triple row of trees.

Three remnant eucalyptus trees will be retained on the site.

The site was historically used by the Royal Military College for live-fire training and 10 per cent of the site still needs to be cleared of unexploded ordnance. The Suburban Land Agency will remediate the site before work begins on the estate.

To view the plans, go here.

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21 Responses to Whitlam plans show range of housing options in village concept
bj_ACT bj_ACT 9:50 am 27 Oct 18

I like the comment from below that they build on tiny blocks in Grand Designs quite often.

It’s always amazing to see what the Grand Designs architects can do with 4 floors, an elevator and $900k over budget.

michael quirk michael quirk 6:36 am 27 Oct 18

When will the bridge over the Molonglo be built linking Whitlam to south Molonglo and why is Whitlam being developed prior to land around the main commercial centre in south Molonglo? operating

    Spiral Spiral 11:40 am 27 Oct 18

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for the bridge. It will be very expensive and will probably need Federal money.

    And then of course they will need more Federal money for the second bridge which will be on the riad heading east to the Parkway just south of the Arboretum (assuming there is any realism in their claims).

John Moulis John Moulis 12:20 pm 26 Oct 18

Looking at the locality map, this new suburb will be all alone like a shag on a rock, cut off from Belco by a mountain and cut off from Molonglo by the river. Therefore the planners would have to ensure that it is self-contained. It is a long way to the next suburb. I fail to see how such an isolated suburb would be at all attractive to potential investors.

Carolyn Eade Carolyn Eade 7:29 am 26 Oct 18

When will another shopping centre be built in that area?

Robyn Ahlstedt Robyn Ahlstedt 6:25 am 26 Oct 18

So what can you build on a 150 block??

Mia May Mia May 9:56 pm 25 Oct 18

Gerard! Whitlam!!!

Ed N Joanne Towner Ed N Joanne Towner 9:54 pm 25 Oct 18

Shona N Peter Prince. Interesting to read that part of the site was used by the military and has to be cleared of unexploded ordnance.

Rick Barnes Rick Barnes 9:24 pm 25 Oct 18

And how will the increased congestion on William Hovell be addressed by this useless bloody poor excuse for a Government mob.

    Ed N Joanne Towner Ed N Joanne Towner 9:57 pm 25 Oct 18

    Another light rail line?. Just kidding.

    Kevin Read Kevin Read 8:36 am 26 Oct 18

    Victor Terrace they will wait until the suburb is at full capacity, procrastinate for a few years and then widen the roads taking another 4 years. Meanwhile the residents are left frustrated and angry, just like they did in Gungahlin

Ransome Cath Ransome Cath 9:19 pm 25 Oct 18

Any shopping centre planned?

Maya123 Maya123 9:15 pm 25 Oct 18

Blocks facing all ways. Obviously solar access is not big in the design.

Patrick J Pentony Patrick J Pentony 4:07 pm 25 Oct 18

With land in Gungahlin selling for about $1000/m the bigger blocks here will be pretty expensive I would imagine.

    Shiva Sapkota Shiva Sapkota 7:00 pm 25 Oct 18

    I don’t think so. They cycle has turned. It will be cheaper than Throsby IMO.

    Patrick J Pentony Patrick J Pentony 10:29 pm 25 Oct 18

    Shiva Sapkota I’d think the bigger blocks will go for a large price, some people want more than 500m

Justin Watson Justin Watson 3:41 pm 25 Oct 18

well clearly the smaller blocks won't be desirable for people who want to have a big yard, but some people may opt to go for a cheap small block to build on, because that all they can afford. Land in Australia in cities is expensive. They can't suddenly sell the land for less than its worth, but they can sell less desirable and cheaper, smaller blocks of land for people who are willing to make that compromise. Grand Designs has no shortage of people building amazing homes on small blocks.

Louise Anne Louise Anne 3:02 pm 25 Oct 18

Block size 150m2? Is that for the dog kennel?

Lyndal Walters Lyndal Walters 2:43 pm 25 Oct 18

Nothing affordable about land in the ACT - I doubt that this will be any different! And a "house" block of 150m2 - what a joke. People packed in like sardines 😱

    Julia Ross Julia Ross 9:06 pm 25 Oct 18

    Lyndal Walters, I'm with you, 150m2? Will they be living in a garden shed?

David Jukes David Jukes 11:17 am 25 Oct 18

I’d like to see some more detail proposals regarding the dual carriageway John Gorton Drive bridge over the Molonglo River that is hinted by the master plan.

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