Why the F word is good for your team, and for ours

Michelle Robertson 18 February 2019

The kind of F-bombs you should be dropping.

More and more the F word is reserved only for CEOs. It has been relegated to their domain and not elsewhere in the office hierarchy.

At the RSPCA, we have some good news! We are very much promoting the F word, and believe it is a great tool for team building – where everyone at the office could get involved, not just the long-suffering CEO.

Perhaps I am being too cheeky. I will even [slightly] admit to traces of a ‘clickbait’ headline, as the F word I am referring to is in fact ‘Fundraising’.

But, please read on, as I hope to convince you that raising money as a team for a good cause can and will do wonders not only for your team but also make a real difference to your chosen charity.

Team building should be fun and have a higher purpose

Consider this for a minute. Employees can struggle to see the value of team building. Hearing the words ‘team building’ could elicit stifled groans and a sudden onset of cold shivers around the office. Images of butcher’s paper, coloured sharpies, corporate buzz-words, and uncomfortable questions come to mind.

Corporate challenges and team activities have been given a bad name. Why? Because they have become devoid of fun and having a higher purpose.

The RSPCA ACT is hosting our ‘In the Dog House’ fundraiser on 22 March. This is a fun, different and highly engaging way to get your teams involved while raising much-needed funds for our local shelter.

Team building is the most important investment you can make

I read an article in Forbes magazine that stated: “despite its reputation for being, well, lame, team building is the most important investment you can make for your people.”

Many Senior Managers will agree that a good team builder helps to create trust, encourages better inter-personal communication, increases collaboration and combined, can mitigate and help resolve work-related conflicts quicker.

Even if only a few members of staff are involved in a fundraising initiative, it can still be used to unite teams. Stories and updates could be shared on the staff intranet and colleagues encouraged to cheer them on. It builds excitement and gives staff something to talk about internally and within their external networks.

The most successful and effective team building events don’t feel like a day at the office. Choosing something unique and slightly outside of people’s comfort zones can encourage them to come together in new ways.

Do good, feel connected

Being a socially responsible business is more important than ever when it comes to attracting up-and-coming talent. Employees care more about ethics, social good and community engagement than ever before.

Team building challenges are a fantastic way to connect, to feel good and to raise money and awareness for charities who really need it, like the RSPCA ACT.

How do you know you’ve gotten team building right? If there was a higher purpose, heaps of fun, laughter, excitement, accomplishment and maybe a few social media moments, you nailed it!

For more information on how you can support the RSPCA ACT and build your team, visit https://www.rspca-act.org.au/in-the-dog-house-2019

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