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Winter Weather + Rain = Rally Canberra

By Peter Holland 10 June 2008 23

has anyone noticed that the rain is particularly effective in one aspect, the idiots who have never driven on a dirt road suddenly think that they can rally drive and hit large puddles on the tar roads? aquaplaning is worth watching, particularly when the aquaplaner spins past you at the lights…..

is there a part of the human mind that goes: it’s raining, it’s wet, the roads are slippery, *Ding!* must drive faster and through every puddle I can find, never mind that my skills in the dry are lacking, I can appear cool as I fishtail down the road, etc…

Speaking as one who has driven and navigated in rally events, pass. I would prefer to drop to 10km under the limit and get home late, not The Late…

Anyone else have a theory on the wet weather & driving?

What’s Your opinion?

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Winter Weather + Rain = Rally Canberra
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Bungle 5:48 pm 11 Jun 08

Sorry bd84

fog lights are for driving in fog dipsht, using them in the rain will just reflect the light and dazzle oncomming drivers, the same as high beam lights.

normal headlights will suffice, but knowing canberrans there will be a couple of dozen morons in their silver/white/grey/light blue cars etc who think everyone can see them in the pouring rain, particularly the cars infront of them.

Was just trying to raise a few hackles. It was either the fog light or the redundant cyclists or whatever they’re called. I guess the foglights worked. For the record I think there are a hell of a lot of headlights that are more ‘dazzling’ but that’s for another thread which I won’t dig up again.

But do agree with not being able to see cars behind with no lights. Mixed in with all the drops of water on my side mirror they’re pretty hard to see.

People also tailgate everywhere. It’s not a ‘Canberra thing’. Have you driven on the M5 in Sydney lately??

H1NG0 2:25 pm 11 Jun 08

I don’t think it is Canberra drivers as a whole that are bad. Its just that the few that are inexperienced leave their driving for the worst road conditions. I found when I moved to Canberra that Canberrans were bad for tailgating but I can’t remember being tailgated in quite some time. The times, they are a changin’

la mente torbida 2:11 pm 11 Jun 08

I hear what you’re saying Skidbladir (I too have done advanced driver training – courtesy of Mazda).

What irrits me is that the posts go along the lines of “Canberra drivers are so bad that ….”, when in fact we are all Canberra drivers. I don’t think we are any worse or better than any other drivers in the country.

However, don’t get me started on Canberra pedestrians in the city….

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