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Winter Weather + Rain = Rally Canberra

By Peter Holland - 10 June 2008 23

has anyone noticed that the rain is particularly effective in one aspect, the idiots who have never driven on a dirt road suddenly think that they can rally drive and hit large puddles on the tar roads? aquaplaning is worth watching, particularly when the aquaplaner spins past you at the lights…..

is there a part of the human mind that goes: it’s raining, it’s wet, the roads are slippery, *Ding!* must drive faster and through every puddle I can find, never mind that my skills in the dry are lacking, I can appear cool as I fishtail down the road, etc…

Speaking as one who has driven and navigated in rally events, pass. I would prefer to drop to 10km under the limit and get home late, not The Late…

Anyone else have a theory on the wet weather & driving?

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Winter Weather + Rain = Rally Canberra
VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 11:49 am 11 Jun 08

Was pretty slippery out there yesterday. People don’t seem to get the one simple rule you need for driving – especially in the wet: SMOOTH is the key. Nice gently throttle, brake and steering inputs.

It’s not hard, people!

caf 11:02 am 11 Jun 08

The first rain after a long dry spell is always the worst, because oil that has been building up on the road surface is now floating on top of a layer of water, making it extra slippery.

realityskin 10:41 am 11 Jun 08

Wet weather means we can go through our ‘sideways’, various corners in the ‘burbs, route.

ant 9:48 am 11 Jun 08

You’d think they’d jump out and start wiping sponges over their cars, the way they gnash and wail over water restrictions preventing them from washing cars with hoses.

Eirlys 9:16 am 11 Jun 08

I’ve always found Canberrans respond to wet weather like cavemen. “water falling from sky run run!”

Danman 8:58 pm 10 Jun 08

My theory on Canberra drivers in the wet is that they acknowledge the fact that driving in the wet is dangerous so they make their way to their destination quicker – therefore minimising their time on unsafe roads LOL

ant 8:38 pm 10 Jun 08

Canberra drivers are on average very unskilled, and very aggressive. In the wet, they remind me of how ducks get when it rains…. very animated and excited.

Most modern cars are like cocoons, very quiet and smooth and climate-managed which helps divorce the drivers from reality, and I think their natural bad tendencies are highlighted in the wet. I see them flying past, plumes of water rising from their tyres, they’ve got to be near aquaplaning and I just try and stay the hell away from the lot of them. I don’t want to be in their way when they discover that they really can’t drive for nuts.

bigred 8:32 pm 10 Jun 08

learnt what ESP does this afternoon. Interesting!

bd84 8:31 pm 10 Jun 08

Bungle said :

And how about all those people driving around without their fog lights on?!?!

fog lights are for driving in fog dipsht, using them in the rain will just reflect the light and dazzle oncomming drivers, the same as high beam lights.

normal headlights will suffice, but knowing canberrans there will be a couple of dozen morons in their silver/white/grey/light blue cars etc who think everyone can see them in the pouring rain, particularly the cars infront of them.

Duke 8:29 pm 10 Jun 08

I live on a fairly steep but wide street and the slightest bit of moisture has every dumbass P plater and their battle-scarred turbo spinning tyres up the hill.

Just one………ooooh just once would I love to see a cop coming over the hill at that exact moment or better yet watch them spin out and clip the gutter!!!

Felix the Cat 7:15 pm 10 Jun 08

Have you seen that Audi wagon that has been parked in the centre traffic island just after the roundabout? Damaged at the front. It’s been there for over a week.

Skidbladnir 7:14 pm 10 Jun 08

Its accepted as fact that Canberrans forget how to drive whenever it rains.

Most people on the road are still nuckfuts in the wet, and even with the benefit of defensive driver training, I seem to be a magnet for being hit by other drivers on wet roads.
They either run red by forgetting to account for increased stopping distance, puddles, and their own lack of experience, have bald tyres and go sliding for tremendous distances, or just forget that their windshield may be blurry as there is rain on it, and rear-end me while I’m stationary at the lights.

Some people blame smooth roads covered in black dribbly crap, other people blame the fact that Canberrans drive cars into the ground and don’t bother to get seals and leaks checked and so contribute to the slippery & slick roads, I just think most people can’t be bothered where they’re going or if they get there in one piece.

Sammy 7:12 pm 10 Jun 08

My favourite example of this was during the drizzle last week when a bloke came fanging around the roundabout near Duntroon, lost control and slammed into the kerb, thereby busting the front wheel off his car. Oh how I laughed, and I laughed.

Bungle 7:11 pm 10 Jun 08

And how about all those people driving around without their fog lights on?!?!

Felix the Cat 6:28 pm 10 Jun 08

Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing too. People have no idea of the Laws of Physics and how they apply to wet roads and rubber tyres. A lot of people aren’t used to driving in wet conditions due to the drought. Others play too many video games and then go out onto the road and get their ambitions confused with their abilities and seem to be trying to get themselves a Darwin Award. It wouldn’t be as bad if these morons just hurt themselves with their stunts, but often they take out innocent bystanders and/or their property as well.

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