Woden Post Office: Useless and Rude

H1NG0 5 June 2008 141

I have had a passport application all ready and filled out for the last few weeks. All it is waiting on is a “Passport Interview” at the Post Office. For those who have never been through this process before, basically each post office has staff capable of doing this interview where they basically ask a couple of simple questions (e.g Mother Maiden name etc). So really its simple, you take your application to the post office, wait in line, then they spend 5 minutess asking you questions, you hand over the fee and you are all done. Unfortunally Australia Post really struggle to grasp this concept and intend on making it as difficult as possible.

First rule is, don’t believe anything their website says. It may say that the post office is open from 9:00-5:00 and passport interviews listed as a service they provide, but the window of time to get a passport application really depends on whether the staff could be arsed doing them. Something about turning up to a counter with a passport form really puts Australia Post staff in a foul mood. Its a license to be abused apparently.

Anyway, I have tried to get this interview done several times. I work regular working hours and only get a 30 minute break throughout the day. I’m basically chained to a computer and a phone. I called Gungahlin Post Office on the weekend to see if I could get this interview done. In short, the answer was an indirect no.

This week I am on the early shift. I finish at 4:00. I thought “Great! That will give me time to do it after work”, so yesterday I wandered over to Woden Post Office. As I walked up to the counter, a lady with thick glasses witnesses the form in my hand an says “You will have to stand over there!” and points to a family of three getting their passport applications done. Fair enough then, so I stand in the line for about 2 minutes until the lady suddenly says “Oh, we only do passport applications between 2:00 and 4:00”. I look at my watch which is displaying 4:04 and said “Are you serious?” and she said “Yes”. Meanwhile the family in front were handing in their forms at the same time. I could have done a thousand things but I simply cursed and walked out. I arrived there at 4:00. Maybe this old bat has dementia. Why didn’t she tell me that I wasn’t going to be able to get this done before sending me to the other line?

I wonder where this window of time is advertised, because I’m damn sure it says 9:00 to 5:00 on their website. Do people wanting to pay their bills at the post office have a different window of time? Maybe 9:00-11:00? What window of time do you have to be there to post a parcel? I’m sorry Australia Post, but if you are going to provide a service, then provide it throughout your business hours. I’m going to try the post office near Jollimont next time. Fingers crossed.

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141 Responses to Woden Post Office: Useless and Rude
vg vg 9:34 am 06 Jun 08


Welcome to the site. You are off to a flying start. 21 years old and can’t comprehend. I think the posting was stupid as his own foibles were self-evident. I said it was shit service. No weaseling, just pointing out the obvious. But at 21 (at the most) and a newbie to the site I guess you know it all. To put it a way you might understand, lol, my bad.

When I receive shit service I confront the source of it and, if necessary, the thing that controls the source. I don’t whinge online about it. You would be surprised how productive that can be outside the virtual world.

But keep the hits coming, as I said, flying start

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 8:57 am 06 Jun 08

99 comments and vg hasn’t threatened to beat the shit out of anyone at the Charnwood PCYC yet. The times they are a changin’…

Duke Duke 8:27 am 06 Jun 08

Oh and Circus, if when I came into your shop and you smiled, greeted me, asked me if I needed any help, you would find me to be a delightful customer – because that’s where my sense of entitlement begins, at being treated like a customer.

Duke Duke 8:21 am 06 Jun 08

@Circusmind – I have no issue about being a difficult customer when it comes to bad service. The nature of retail generally seems to be that the boss employs somebody young, inxeperienced and above all, cheap – which would be fine if they actually gave them some training and told them to smile. Retail courtesy is dead – start a thread on that subject an see how many hits you get.

For the record I did not abuse anybody. I requested, pursuaded, cajoled, pleaded, conquered!

Pandanus77 Pandanus77 7:41 am 06 Jun 08

vg, No stupidity in my comment. The attitude you have displayed to h1ngo for having the gall to comment on the bad servce he has received is not acurately represented by your last post. In previous posts you’ve played both ‘good cop’ and ‘bad cop’ in the same posts,……yes, you agree that the service was bad, but then you infer that h1ngo is a loser for complaining about it (This entire ‘complaint’ is a load of tripe.
Harden up or plan your lift better.). Sorry pal, don’t even try and weasel out of it. If you are happy to receive lousy service and not complain or comment on it fine, just pull your head in when someone else is less excepting of it.

vg vg 12:39 am 06 Jun 08


Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 11:52 pm 05 Jun 08

Just get netted in a big bust? Compimentary 😛

(Disclaimer, that’s a joke. I don’t honestly think that was you).

circusmind circusmind 11:34 pm 05 Jun 08

Duke said :

The service at Woden DJs is generally pretty bad but I had a great experience there last week. After watching an episode of Today Tonight (hey, none of that uppity 7.30 Report wankery for me) which suggested you ask for a discount whenever you go shopping, I decided to try it out on some unsmiling newbie at DJs Woden.

Well guess what? I hassled this newbie and his boss into giving me 25 pecent off a rather expensive jacket – they weren’t happy about it, I think they just wanted me the hell outta there, but what a deal!

Way to be a dickhead to the poor kid behind the counter. I never quite understand the sense of entitlement customers feel in retail, and the way they think it’s okay to abuse the poor bastard uni student behind the register just trying to get by.

Come by my register and try that and I’ll ask you to leave.

vg vg 11:09 pm 05 Jun 08

Ari said :

Guys, FYI VG is a cop.

Are you 100% positive I am Ari? Am or was?

vg vg 11:08 pm 05 Jun 08

Pandanus, it may pain you to read this but here are a few quotes of mine from the above thread

“All in all though, the service you received was piss poor. I’m not disputing that”

“I have some empathy with what happened to you”

“I would consider what was done to you poor service”

Care you re-assess the stupidity of your comment? I’m guessing 77 is your year of birth

Ari Ari 10:04 pm 05 Jun 08

Guys, FYI VG is a cop.

Pandanus77 Pandanus77 9:17 pm 05 Jun 08

Oh come on folks, Australia Post is like any other store, they advertise a service, they advertise opening times, as a consumer I expect that whatever service they say they provide it will be provided in the advertised times. I couldn’t give a toss whether it is a franchise or company office its all the same to me. Why the hell should I phone ahead to make an appointment for a passport, I don’t have to do so if I have a stack of registered mail or a heap of bills to pay or any other service thay they say they will provide. I suspect that vg must work in the services sector and is one of those really painful people that really has no idea of what customer service really is……..”Did you make an appointment to order your latte, if not stand over there untill I could give a f*&k…….”

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 8:56 pm 05 Jun 08

Maybe the lady that directed Hingo to stand in the other line didn’t realise at first what the time was and then when she did work it out told him it was too late.

CanberraResident CanberraResident 8:53 pm 05 Jun 08

vg, Einstein wouldn’t berate people.

vg vg 8:30 pm 05 Jun 08

CanberraResident said :

realityskin said :

i so want Katies babies

go right ahead, but I wouldn’t expect any little Einsteins, a few Paris Hilton wannabes maybe, but no Einsteins

Einstein would have gotten to the PO earlier

realityskin realityskin 7:25 pm 05 Jun 08

<3 Paris ..

CanberraResident CanberraResident 6:20 pm 05 Jun 08

realityskin said :

i so want Katies babies

go right ahead, but I wouldn’t expect any little Einsteins, a few Paris Hilton wannabes maybe, but no Einsteins

el el 5:39 pm 05 Jun 08

Why would you call Gunghalin but not the Woden Post Office if you were planning on going there?

realityskin realityskin 5:25 pm 05 Jun 08

i so want Katies babies

jake555 jake555 5:20 pm 05 Jun 08

Ian – The reason they have to complete the interviews by 4pm is because the manager then has to double check every inch of every form, then have it in that days mail, because if it doesn’t reach the passport office by the day after the interview, they will come down like a tonne of bricks.

If you have ever had to stand in line at lunchtime behind some incompetent moron who can’t sign in the box and didn’t realise that they’d need more than their medicare card to get a passport then you’d understand why they don’t tie up all of the counter staff with passport interviews.

Every post office has different times that they will do passports (probably because of customer traffic and staffing levels), some require bookings, some don’t, so just bloody call first! Perhaps even call one of the places open on a Saturday and make a booking!

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