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Would it help if I filled in Selection Criteria for Casual work?

By aydandavids - 1 August 2012 20

Canberra overall, is a lovely place… with its sparkling clean roads, and thick gravy like lake that reminds me of roast dinners; however, sometimes I get a bit frustrated with it.

I work a great job, which I enjoy, and is mentally stimulating, but the pay (as one could argue for most government jobs), is not spectacular, a million dollar income was not something I expected with the government though.

For the past 7 or so months, I have been on the lookout for a second job, a job to help me pay off my credit card, help me save to get into a place of my own, and a bit of money to have a bit of fun with.

… This has not been easy…

I don’t know if its the vibe of desperation I’m putting out, the fact that I am indeed aged at the upper end of the 20’s, or that I just don’t know who is hiring (if it is indeed ‘who you know’ and not ‘what you know’); but I have had no luck finding a second job.

The knock-backs have been ‘you are too overqualified’, ‘we are looking for junior staff’ or the most frustrating no response at all.

Although I know this thread might get a couple of charmingly witty – yet unhelpful responders, I throw myself myself out on the mercy of respondents!

PM me if you have a job, ANY JOB, and I will get back to you, I will work hard, and I will be proactive, I would love something early morning, or evenings, washing dishes, on a phone, or preparing food. As I am a public servant, I can be extremely flexible with my hours, the only blackout being 0930 – 1530 weekdays. Resume can be sent on request 🙂

Happy to work long hours all weekend.

I have 5 years government experience (of course), but have many more years experience in retail and hospitality.. although its been some years since I’ve made a coffee.

Tips and advice for how I can better advertise myself to the Canberra part time/casual market are also extremely appreciated.

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Would it help if I filled in Selection Criteria for Casual work?
jayskette 4:48 pm 01 Aug 12

unless you are very poor, why would you bother, considering that the 2nd job is taxed at 45% minimum?

cubicle01 1:55 pm 01 Aug 12

carnardly said :

go to your local coles or woolies. you could do nightfill for huge amounts in the wee small hours.

+1 done this for both of them. good job, best gig is stacking shelves rather than doing fill for dairy or elsewhere, less mess.

cubicle01 1:53 pm 01 Aug 12

If you are in civic I believe Banana Leaf restaurant has had something up recently looking for p/t and f/t waitstaff.

carnardly 1:36 pm 01 Aug 12

go to your local coles or woolies. you could do nightfill for huge amounts in the wee small hours.

Padoof 1:22 pm 01 Aug 12

Last week I was advised that I was suitable for a 2nd job; my third in 7 years. I am also work in the public sector, but from time to time my family’s expenses are such that I need to supplement my income.

I have never had any problems locating additional employment; there’s always work going in the retail sector, you just have to walk around the shopping centres to signs up in the windows.

My 1st ‘second job was in a clothing store, my 2nd ‘second’ job was found only because it was advertised by way of email sent to the government department I was working in and I found the last job on the APSjobs website – it’s retail but APS (so yes, I had to do the selection criteria).

Keep looking in the papers, look at the APSjobs website, look at the websites of large organisations (including food and retail). My 16yo daughter has twice obtained a job by lodging an online application.

Good luck!

carnardly 12:34 pm 01 Aug 12

contact all the casual events around the place – floriade, summernats, canberra show, etc, anything at EPIC – they all hire casuals for anything form selling tickets to hamburgers. For a solid weekend’s work you can pick up a bit of pocket money.

OverLord 12:33 pm 01 Aug 12

Call twoforjoy (was Pizzazz) in Kingston after the lunch rush. They are always looking for wait-staff/dish-pigs or anyone who is willing to actually show up for work when they say they will and possess at least half a brain.

Hank 12:12 pm 01 Aug 12

Firstly well done on being proactive!
The best way is to walk in and ask. The worst thing that could happen is they say we don’t have any jobs. Try pubs cafes supermarkets and any other small business around your home or work.

Duffbowl 12:09 pm 01 Aug 12

If your income is more than $64168pa, you’re earning more than the median Australian household. If it’s more than $99840pa, you’re earning more than the median ACT household. Interestingly (or not), the average household size for Australia and the ACT are both 2.6. (Source: Census 2011 Quick stats)

Furthermore, in February of this year, the average weekly ordinary time earnings for a private sector worker in the ACT was $1461.80 ($76013.60 pa), while the average for a public sector worker in the ACT was $1631.40 ($84832.80 pa) – the latter includes APS, ACTPS and community workers.
(Source: ABS 6302.0 Average Weekly Earnings, Australia, Feb 2021; )

I recall reading in the PS Informer a few years ago that the median public servant in APS agencies are now EL1s. So, you have the situation where there are potentially more bosses than bodies, as one of my colleagues at DIAC used to put it.

notdingers 11:52 am 01 Aug 12

Here is just one example

Casual F&B Attendants – Hotel Kurrajong

notdingers 11:51 am 01 Aug 12

I would recommend doing an online RSA course and contacting the nearest sports club or function centre. Places like this really appreciate people they can rely on as most of the Food and Beverage casual work force can be a bit flakey 🙂

steveu 11:22 am 01 Aug 12

If u think govt pay is bad, you need to talk to people outside of cbr/syd. Say Newcastle etc. I don’t think they would agree. I do hope you get those credit cards sorted out. Best of luck in job hunting. The job market is tight at thr moment for people unless they have specific skill sets..

cross 11:12 am 01 Aug 12

Try Bunnings I think you apply online,Dominoes Pizza are always looking for drivers the pay isn’t so bad these days or Woolies ,Coles .

Muttsybignuts 10:55 am 01 Aug 12

I might add that while the initial pay is kind of pov, it gets better quite rapidly.

Muttsybignuts 10:54 am 01 Aug 12

ACTTAB is hiring. I work there as a second job and love it. Flexible hours, good pay, nice people. You do have to have a quick brain for simple math since there is a lot of money being handed over in either direction but that’s about it. I notice that the closing date was yesterday however just call up head office and beg to be included. Hopefully they will let you in.
Most importantly, they do not discriminate based on age or sex or qualification.

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