YouTube of YouTube as teeny drinking meets the mainstream

johnboy 14 March 2007 33

[First filed: March 12, 2007 @ 23:14]

WIN has picked up the teeny drinking around Skyfire and has elicted some interesting responses from the police.

Now, a couple of points I’m confused about:

1) If I owned a 20 year old bottle of scotch and my child was apprehended with it empty, drunken, and in public I personally would be intensely interested in notification from the police that this theft had occurred.

2) Since when did a small number of arrests indicate adequate policing? Surely adequate policing of thousands of drunken youths should lead to thousands of arrests, not three?

3) Our own reader feedback suggests that private security guards were all that stood between spectators and violent assault. Is this adequate policing?

UPDATED: *WOW* we’ve really started something here, check out all the national media this story is getting now. Just remember, you saw it here first.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Some comment from regular readers I thought worthy of more attention include J Dawg’s observation:

“Myself and 7 other friends (3 females) were minding our own business, making our way to the general area of stage 88, when a young guy approached us. He asked if we had any smokes, to which we replied no, and then he proposed a fight. “Wanna fight?” he said, to which we replied “No thanks”. He then asked again for some smokes, which we didn’t have, and he then proposed a fight with his cousin. “Want to fight my cousin then?”. We started to ignore them, until they ganged up on one of my friends, at which point we summoned a near by security guard to help keep these idiots away. Two security guards came over, kept the fighters distracted as we made our way back to the carpark. A few minutes later they appeared again, this time shouting louder and appearing more drugged up. We kindly asked two other security guards to stop them from getting to our car, and more security was summoned to help. They obviously had their limitations on dealing with these hoodlums, but what they did in keeping them away was more then enough. As we left Regatta Point we saw even more young people fighting.”

Also schmerica_ had this to add [Although it turns out it was from 2003 and not this year]:

I had a similar experience as you J Dawg… 5 guys and 4 girls minding our buisness then out of the blue 10 – 15 guys appeared and accused us of calling some random chick a slut or something. 5 minutes later there were 20 + of them surrounding the 9 of us with no police and no security. I’ll just say we spent the rest of the night in the emergency department.

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33 Responses to YouTube of YouTube as teeny drinking meets the mainstream
riotrossco riotrossco 8:34 pm 14 Mar 07

Bring Back

* Cops liberty to give the kid a kick up the arse, drag the little shit/shitress by the ear back home or straight to the lockup for a couple of hours with a big fat arsed seargent screaming at them scaring the living shit out of them to never do it again.

* Teachers ability to discipline kids, It all starts there but these days the kids are taught that they have rights but no responsability, basically telling them to do what the hell they want but no one can touch them back… How many kids these days can say they went and compared strap marks on their arse out the back of the demountables with their mate…

It’s a sad and sorry tale of youth today.. With 5 boys of my own, I try to instill every good virtue into them… but still, if they stole my scotch…

GOD (if there is one) HELP THEM..

Indi Indi 11:17 am 14 Mar 07

Canberra = Boganville…bored, drunken middle-class teenage yobs with no future.

Danman Danman 7:20 am 14 Mar 07

Interesting to see that one of the local TV stations was running the You-Tube footage – naturally without referencing its source.

Shock Horror

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 6:29 am 14 Mar 07

Interesting to see that one of the local TV stations was running the You-Tube footage – naturally without referencing its source.

J Dawg J Dawg 10:54 pm 13 Mar 07

If fighting doesn’t impress girls, then what does? Import cars? Doof-doof music? Wearing pants around the ankles?

schmerica_ schmerica_ 10:46 pm 13 Mar 07

im just hoping that they pick a fight with a skinny guy who is a blackbelt in a form of martial arts, and they get their head kicked in. Maybe that way they will learn.

You see, that is really not how it works. Because in reality, Canberra is so small and everyone seems to know everyone. They are bound to just track the guy down, bring along 10 of his closest mates and pick a fight with him then just to get revenge.

What gets me is that these guys somehow think that fighting attracts and impresses the girls. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been chatting some some guy and he starts a sentence with ‘This one time, when I was in a fight…’ NEWSFLASH – Most chicks don’t dig that. Any guy who thinks that punching someone else is the way to solve a problem really isn’t worth my time.

And Thumper, thanks for your concern, but this was a few years back… 2003 perhaps? But thank you, anyway 🙂

realityskin realityskin 5:30 pm 13 Mar 07

justbands ..nope.. but i know the guy you speak of. And yes, he’s an axe.

johnboy johnboy 4:00 pm 13 Mar 07

They’re too busy handing out rate cards

gurunik gurunik 3:57 pm 13 Mar 07

Maybe Johnboy’s goons???

Al Al 3:25 pm 13 Mar 07

Here’s my prediction: coming to a scene near you – New York “Guardian Angel”-style vigilante squads with the goal of ‘educating’ these worms.
Not saying that’s a good thing, but it’ll happen…

gurunik gurunik 3:22 pm 13 Mar 07

I reckon the difference between now and ‘back in my day’ is that ‘in public’ is no longer just the immeadiate vicinity, but due to gadgetry, ones’ actions can be seen around the world.
So now when teens do what teens do, namely write themselves off on dubious concoctions, it is very visible to all and sundry.
But that said, and having seen the mob at the National Library, some walkthoughs by the constabulary, instead of hanging down at flynn drive away from it all (yet within earshot) would have settled them down a bit. It was merely yobbish stuff I saw there, and apparently the agro came a little later……but thanks to them, it appears that next year may be a dry affair.

justbands justbands 3:13 pm 13 Mar 07

I have a (work) mate who had the same thing happen to him a few weeks back at PJs Tuggers. Him & his brother, both pretty solid guys too…but sheer weight of numbers got the better of them. Same person perhaps realityskin?

realityskin realityskin 2:37 pm 13 Mar 07

Fighting is going crazy. Go down to PJs at Tuggers on a Friday night. There are groups of 18-19 year olds picking fights. A mate of mine got picked a few weeks back, 2 hits to the head then bam, there were 10 on him.

Fighting is pointless, it’s expensive and time consuming to get hurt, time to invest in tasers 😀

Danman Danman 1:45 pm 13 Mar 07

When I underage drank – we used to walk around the suburbs of Kaleen or Giralang – going from friends house to house – or sit under a storm water bridge – or start a small campfire at the “footyspot” or the “Willow Tree”.

Usually there was more than a dozen of us – but we would all just shit talk – tell jokes and generally have fun. I think the worst thing we could have been accused of was urinating in public.

The Kids today scare me (I am 29) – I walk around in dark places in town taking photos with 2500 dollars worth of camera gear – not to mention wallet and mobile – It shits me that I have to watch my back in order to enjoy my hobby.

Worst thing that could have happened 12 to 15 years ago is someone pissin on your leg.

Now if you walk past someone the wrong way you could end up in the ER – kind of fucked if you ask me.

This is why I now entertain (read get drunk) in my own home.

I choose the company – the vibe – the music (live or otherwise) and I wont get a knife in my kidney for looking at someone.

Mess Mess 1:15 pm 13 Mar 07

Couldnt agree more Al. My friends and I never tried to pick fights with anyone, even when we did indulge in a little bit of underage drinking. At the risk of sounding old, some kids have no respect for their elders, or anyone for that matter. im not referring to all kids, because as usual its the minority who spoils it for the majority

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 1:13 pm 13 Mar 07

When I was a teen and we got on the turps the focus seemed to be more on telling grotty jokes, starting fires in metal garbage bins and generally running away laughing if anyone turned up. Going and deliberately picking fights with others just wasn’t an option (possibly because 15 years ago if you did this the person you picked would smack your head into the ground a few times, and all around would smile sagely…).

Al Al 12:48 pm 13 Mar 07

“high school kids have been underage drinking at events like this for years.”

That may well be the case, and I’m likely as guilty as most others, BUT what we did NOT do was:

“Tons of kids these days get all liquored up and then head out into the city to pick fights with strangers for no good reason.”

Things are changing – not for the better. No wonder people are getting upset.

Thumper Thumper 12:37 pm 13 Mar 07

Hope all is ok there schmerica.

astrojax astrojax 12:27 pm 13 Mar 07

JB wrote: “I have a problem with security guards not having the powers to properly deal with the situation”

‘a constable, OR OTHER PERSON, may, without warrant, apprehend any person in the act of committing or immediately after having committed any offence…’ was the start of the powers of arrest that provides for anyone – copper or citizen or anyone in between – to step in and stop a crime or offence from occurring, when in a past life i was a plod… i assume it still is.

maybe the security guards should be better trained before they are licenced to operate?

the question then is – should the police be able to rely upon security guard presence at these sort of events? and just how far should that reliance stretch?

andy andy 12:17 pm 13 Mar 07

i saw no police presence on the southern side, near the gallery.
Of course, with the sole exception of the single officer (very badly) directing traffic. It took us an hour to get home… what would normally be a 15 minute drive.

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