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Yet Another Government Website

By 12 December 2013

Andrew Barr has announced another glossy website to be poorly updated:
Today I launched a new website dedicated to collectively promoting the benefits of living, working and establishing businesses in the south-east region of NSW.
Created by the South East Regional Organisation of Councils (SEROC), and themed ‘Capital Region Living’, the website promotes the region’s [...]

Web Page Basics in Canberra?

By 17 July 2013

Given the poor economic climate, by necessity I have been fortunate to come up with a product that could well save my business.
I would appreciate the opinion of the hive mind on who, how, and at what sort of cost I should expect to put up a one or two page web page to [...]

Prinstant giveaway celebrating 2 years


As a special thankyou to all the Rioteers who have come to us for printing, you are all encouraged to visit our website and click on the ‘Free Giveaway’ button to enter our free raffle.
We are a proudly Canberran family business and we are celebrating 2 years successful trading in Fyshwick and Majura. [...]

Allhomes unveils the revamp


When not coming to us for news and amusement we realise many of you are scouring allhomes playing fantasy real estate (or real real estate for the better healed).
Today they’ve announced they’re putting up a revamped website over the weekend.
For those of you who don’t deal well with changed they’ve produced a handy guide.

A new website for ACTION

By 14 February 2013

ACTION have announced a new website.
Nice to see a focus on finding the right bus, but did they have to make their twitter following the first order of business?

Website Design Ripoff. What to do?

By 11 February 2013

I recently decided that my 1980′s website needed upgrading.
I contacted a company and was told I had to pay half up front which I did. I was then emailed the Terms and Conditions which I signed and was then asked for the rest of the money.
Yes, I did pay it, what a fool!! [...]

Vicki measuring the curtains at the Legislative Assembly

By 27 November 2012

The ACT Legislative Assembly website has a shiny new welcome message from new Speaker Vicki Dunne.
It’s the usual motherhood statements with a note that she’s the first member of the opposition to be in the big seat.
And then the bad news:
In coming months a new, redeveloped website will be launched which aims to improve [...]

Looking for a website design company in Canberra?

By 4 May 2012

I know there are lots of individuals and companies out there doing websites.
I am looking to build a website for a local small business and I need a company that will listen, be responsive to the job requirements, have a bit of flair and be practical.
They must also have a bit of an [...]

Your thoughts wanted on the Legislative Assembly website

By 19 March 2012

The team working on a refresh of the Legislative Assembly website are asking for feedback and have specifically asked for the insights of our sagacious readership.
They’ve got a survey to fill in but will also be reading the comments here.

We have open Government (or at least a website for it)

By 17 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

The ACT Government has launched its open government website.
It’s not immediately obvious what it does, but hey, it’s the vibe of the thing right?
There is an “What is Open Government?” page, which has this to say:
On June 23 2011, Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher MLA, made a Ministerial Statement on Open Government ‘taking a broad approach [...]

ESA gets a new website.

By 30 September 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

For a long time I’ve admired the way the Emergency Services Agency has had an ancient looking website, redolent of the 90s, with very sophisticated content delivery.
Sadly for education purposes they’ve gone and upgraded it to all the modish glory of late 2011.
Hopefully it will continue to be timely, and, pleasingly, it now has RSS [...]

Speccing open government, your opinions sought.

By 24 August 2011

The ACT Government’s Time To Talk website is hoping you the public can give them some ideas for the “Open Government website”.
So time is short, but we want to hear your ideas and suggestions.
The following documents outline the requirements for the Open Government website, the online Freedom of Information (FOI) material web page [...]

Impactednurse shut down.

By 12 August 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

On Tuesday Ian Miller’s blog together with his Twitter entry were removed due to problems with his employer (The Canberra Hospital). 
The blog had attracted more than 2000 subscribers worldwide and was universally praised for its informative advice to the nursing profession and for its skilled and compassionate attitude to the profession.  
As such it must [...]

Ride Canberra brings shiny mountain biking webbiness


The Economic Development Directorate of all places has pointed us at the Ride Canberra website for information on mountain biking around Canberra:
Canberra offers some of the best purpose built mountain bike trails in Australia with a single track network of over 150km’s across five main mountain bike areas. From free flowing single track winding through [...]

The return of the ACT Labor website.


Regular readers will no doubt be thrilled to know that the ACT Labor party, after a lengthy gestation, has birthed a new website.
It’s got all the modish gewgaws once could ask for in 2011, time will tell how well they keep it updated.

Two weeks since Katy Gallagher shared her media releases with the public

By 15 July 2011

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has been talking a big game on transparency.
But when it comes to letting the public see what she’s sending out to her tame media it seems we have a different story.
Over on the Chief Minister’s media room it’s been two weeks since she’s added anything. All the other Minister’s have had [...]

Transit Bar Website Launch

By 6 July 2011

Pop over to and start getting acquainted.

ACT Labor, down for maintenance

By 16 June 2011

The ACT Labor website has been down for maintenance for some weeks now.
While parties in Government don’t need to use their own website a great deal one still wonders if they have no need to communicate with the online public at all?

We belong dead! The Frankenagher takes new form


The ghost in the shell that is the memory of Chief Minister Stanhope continues to haunt the CM’s website.
Sometimes he returns in full. Sometimes it is in part.
But today, strangest and eeriest of all, we have a segment of Jon Stanhope sticking out of Katy Gallagher’s forehead. (Happy to sign a stat dec that these [...]

Katynstein or Frankenagher?


The ghost of Jon Stanhope still haunts the Chief Minister’s website.
Sometimes Jon Stanhope is the Chief Minister, sometimes Katy Gallagher.
Today we’ve seen a strange and frankly disturbing amalagam. (I swear I didn’t ‘shop this)

Canberra ‘Entreprenerds’ Make Big Deal About English

By 10 January 2011

Two of Canberra’s leading online entrepreneurs — or entreprenerds — yesterday agreed to terms on the sale of the popular English language learning website Write Better English (

Who killed Crime Stoppers?

By 13 September 2010

It’s been a over a week now since the oft promoted Crime Stoppers website underwent an upgrade.
And still, no content.
Which is a shame because it’s a valuable community resource when it’s running.

Dear ABC, was there really only one news story yesterday?

By 15 July 2010

The ABC was so quiet yesterday I had to manually check their news page to see if the RSS feeds had broken.
But no, it seems the only Canberra news yesterday was a rescue in the Blue Mountains. (Of a Canberran mind you, which is nice)
It’s true, I’m very jealous of the ABC web people with [...]

RiotACT blocked at some government departments

By 29 September 2009

Very disappointed not being able to access the RiotACT today from work (at lunchtime!).  Seems that the Betting on the NRL final ad, causes the site to be blocked by my department.  Maybe the RiotACT should rethink its ad policy – are gambling sites appropriate?  Any thoughts?

ACT Bar Associations Porn Web Site

By 22 August 2009

Well this is one way to spice up the law.
The Australian is reporting that someone hacked into the new web site of the ACT Bar Association and turned it into a porn site.
The site is now shown as being “under construction”

Greens website taken over by spammers?

By 2 July 2009

RiotACT’s all seeing eye has noticed a strange thing. It’s a link to an online payday lender on the ACT Greens’ website.
Now if you go to that website with a modern browser you won’t see it there. The all seeing eye doesn’t use sophisticated web rendering.
But if you take a look at the source code [...]

Canberra Libs Website

By 29 June 2009

With politics, I like to think that a make a balanced judgement based on policies on offer rather than immediately follow one party’s line.  So in an attempt to research some issues, I went to the Canberra Liberal’s website.  After viewing a number of typos on Brendan Smyth’s media page I decided to take more [...]

Should we really be promising snow?

By 27 May 2009

Andrew Barr has this very morning launched the “Wrapt In Winter” campaign to lure visitors to our fair city.
It has a truly excellent program of events which I recommend to anyone looking to entertain visitors.
But the theme is very, well, snowy…
Does being able to see white stuff on the Brindies count? Or is that as [...]

The Phoenix has a website

By 17 May 2009

It’s 2009 and The Phoenix now has a blog!
So now you can check out what’s on in advance instead of wandering down and taking your chances.

The Capital Punishment Forum

By 15 April 2009

A forum has just been set up regarding things to do with Canberra football such as the A-league bid, the W-league team Canberra United and the supporters group Capital Punishment.
Please get on the website and check it out.
The address is

ACT Political Parties website roundup 2008

By 9 September 2008

I’ve got a nasty head cold at the moment. But I felt my life was still lacking in pain. So yesterday I went and had a poke around all the political party websites to see what they had to offer and what they said about the eight parties vying for our votes next month.
In past [...]

New look ABC

By 12 March 2008

ABC Canberra has a new website. It looks pretty good, but haven’t had much of a chance to have a play with it yet.

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