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666 Radio – is it all just inanities?

By Madam Cholet 16 January 2012 51

I’ll get this out of the way early…I’m a listener to ABC Radio – namely our local 666. I listen to it in the car and in my office at work – it’s background noise and I tune in and out depending on what I’m doing at the time. I really appreciate the local angle. On most occasions I find the conversation interesting. It’s not always to my liking, either a bit daft or a bit out of my sphere of interest, but not too many of those occasions.

Of late though I have become aware of a noticeable reduction in quality. I know that this is mainly because of the national programming regime around this time of year, i.e. they cut to Brisbane for the morning and Sydney for the afternoon.

Recently however Canberra has been delivering some of those broadcasts and I have to say, the stand-in presenters, (usually program producers or other station staff who don’t have voices for radio), and the quality of the topics really seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

This morning as I was driving in to work, the stand-in presenter was discussing favourite salads, and talking to a woman who had obviously written some kind of recipe book. We got to hear all about their favourite ingredients and the fact that the presenter didn’t think fruit had a place in salads, whilst the guest clearly did.

Then they moved on to dressings – and the value of making your own over buying in the supermarket.

Their twitter conversation was apparently going mad on it, but I was driving along wondering whether I had accidentally tuned into Radio Womens Weekly.  It seems to be on-air the equivalent of Twittering!

Has anyone else become aware of this noticeable shift in the quality of broadcasting at 666?

What’s Your opinion?

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666 Radio – is it all just inanities?
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miz 6:29 pm 25 Jan 12

According to the attached (section 30), it appears that ABC journalists/reporters get six weeks paid leave per year – and radio presenters seem to fit the definition of journalist/reporter under section 11, which seems odd . . .

Deref 1:32 pm 25 Jan 12

Waiting For Godot said :

“Interesting discussions”? Like Phillip Adams babbling on endlessly about the situation in Turkmenistan at the same time Kevin Rudd was being knifed and Gillard being installed as PM?

I can do without that kind of irrelevant, esoteric nonsense.

You’d undoubtedly find Alan Jones much more enlightening.

NoImRight 1:26 pm 25 Jan 12

Clear_waters said :

So it is now proved that you also dont make friends talking about salad.


madamcholet 12:06 pm 25 Jan 12

creative_canberran said :

Looks like someone at ABC may have been listening:

They don’t seem to pay that well so maybe that’s why the content is on the downward slide!

dpm 11:27 pm 17 Jan 12

Ello Vera said :

… They mention a topic then immediately ask people to phone, text or email their input. Who cares?

Hmmm, sounds amazingly similar to RA…

Ello Vera said :

…I would much prefer to hear interesting people telling me stuff than to hear some radiographic reproduction of social media…

…except on RA we’re all v. interested to read the posts of other ‘non-interesting’ people…?!? Hahahaha!

I-filed 10:03 pm 17 Jan 12

People who want serious topics can tune to Radio National instead of 666. Speaking of Radio National … does anyone know just where the ABC’s high-handed eight to 12 week shutdown originated? I’ve been back at work since 3 January, and I worked till lunchtime Christmas Eve. The ABC staff, on the other hand, have been on hols variously since November and early December, and don’t go back until next week! ABC radio, other than a “national” version of local radio, has been on summer repeats since early December, and the TV shows like Insiders etc closed down in November. Taxpayers are paying your wages, lazy ABC employees! Don’t expect sympathy when the razers are next wielded!

Overheard 9:48 pm 17 Jan 12

I’d happily cash in a stack of radio stations in favour of ABC DiG music radio. Consistently good music (which admittedly makes the very, very, very occasional dud stand out like dogs’ balls) and very light on the station IDs and other distractions.

Desert island radio.

I’m not a big listener of ABC 666 in the mornings but I was tuned in on Monday and yes, I reached for the dial before the salad discussion cranked up. But Laud love us, we’re all gloriously different and I was confident there would be a selection of the listening public that would be hanging on every syllable and lettuce leaf.

Probably the sort of people who post their evening’s menu on Facebook and have their friends answer, ‘Mmmmm, yummy. Can I have some?!’

Ain’t my glass of tea but happy for others to indulge. Which is why we have channel selector switches and CDs when it’s all too horrendous to our own tastes.

astrojax 2:11 pm 17 Jan 12

well, we’ve heard from our experts. what do you the audience think? write in now to the-riotact dot com and follow the links. but first, here’s the news headlines…

Ello Vera said :

I have switched to Radio National unless the cricket is on. It seems that every time I listen to 666 they are asking the listeners to give them content. Continually.

They mention a topic then immediately ask people to phone, text or email their input. Who cares? I would much prefer to hear interesting people telling me stuff than to hear some radiographic reproduction of social media.

Same here, although I would have to add ‘/football’ after cricket and ‘ABC News Radio’ after radio national.

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